Top 6 Ways to Create a Boho Chic Home

It is safe to say that boho style is making a comeback, but not just in the fashion industry. In fact, a lot of interior designers are inspired by the hippy culture where all rules go out the window.

If you wish to invite the spirit of ‘60s and ‘70s into your home and live in a colorful and chic environment, giving your house a Bohemian makeover is the way to go. Maybe renovating your home sounds like a pain, but do not worry. With these clever tips you will be able to enjoy your boho haven in no time. 

Add A Bit Of Warmth

Your art collection and your interesting pieces of furniture should be the focus of your home, so make sure that your wall design isn’t too overwhelming. Stick to neutrals, but avoid white. It will take your space into a modern direction, and you don’t want that.

Instead, to add some warmth and character to the place, stick with cream, pale gray or taupe. With this kind of neutral backdrop, you will be able to get creative with throw pillows, curtains, rugs, and your trinkets without going overboard and making the place seem like your grandma’s attic. Speaking of pillows…

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Patterns And Colors

When it comes to colors, patterns, and textures of your throw pillows, there are usually a bunch of rules you need to follow if you wish to have a room that looks like it has been decorated by a professional.

However, boho style is famous for not obeying any rules, so let your imagination run wild. Feel free to mix florals with tribal prints and geometric patterns. You can opt for bright colors or go in entirely different directions and stick with shades like olive green, cognac, and rusty oranges.

Let Your Souvenirs Shine

Boho is about celebrating wandering artists, so here is a chance to display all those souvenirs you’ve gathered over the years. Trinkets like a Buddha statue, skull lamps like those from, Indian tribal prints and colorful vases can help you give your living room a global look. If your passport doesn’t have any stamps in it, you can find authentic pieces at import stores or retailers, or check out garage sales in your neighborhood and see what treasures you can find. 

Go Green

For instant Boho goodness, bring several plants into your living room. Opt for a couple of large ones for that tropical feel, and several small ones you can place on your coffee table or a cute wooden garden stool. 

Layer Those Rugs

You cannot have a boho-chic space without several colorful rugs. They add texture, pattern and color to the room and make it feel more intimate and inviting.  For a genuine boho feel try overlapping your rugs. For example, if you have a bold rug you would love to display but it simply isn’t big enough to cover the whole seating area, place a large plain rug on the floor, and then this one on top of it.  

Use Natural Materials

The boho look involves an eclectic mix of natural elements, so opt for accessories made from raw materials such as hemp, wood, and rattan. Next to your paintings you can hang woven wall decor, put your greenery in macrame plant hangers, place a leather footstool next to your sofa or even use a wooden ladder as a shelf. 

If you are a fan of boho style, don’t forget to keep it casual. Instead of lining up everything perfectly, randomly throw some floor cushions on the ground, create piles of pillows on your sofa and display your chachkies on your living room table. This way you will create a space ideal for relaxing, reading, and making interesting conversations.

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