Top 5 Menu Design Ideas for a Memorable Restaurant

A great menu design can really make your restaurant stand out. Here are 5 great menu design ideas that are sure to look great.

Did you know that 63% of customers would choose a unique experience over spending money on a physical purchase?

This goes to show you that restaurants that create a themed and catered dining option will attract and retain more consumers.

A great way to enhance your restaurant’s experience is through creative menu design.

Here are 5 menu design ideas that will get your guests excited about your restaurant.

1. Rustic Wood

The best menus design for their audience. If your guests are looking for a casual blast to the past then try a wooden menu.

This rustic design pairs perfectly with dishes and a theme that includes finger foods and classic meat dishes like ribs and other BBQ. Add letter-pressed text to make the menu look authentically hand-made.

2. Newspaper Bistro

Make your design menu big news by placing dish names as must-try headlines. The layout consists of one-page, using blocked sections to draw the eye to popular items.

Large typography and playful puns bring attention to your laid back atmosphere. Guests will love choosing their favorite dish from literary descriptions of delectable dishes.

A “what’s new” section on the best menu designs will bring attention to upcoming items so guests will want to return for a taste.

3. Modern Illustration

Restaurant menu designs that include art are seen as boutique and classy at the same time. You might offer twists on classic meals with a flare of culinary expression.

Use bright colors or black and white to match the decor of your restaurant so your guests we understand your vision. Highlight a local artist to show your connection to the community.

4. Bound Book

Up-scale menu templates like a bound book are reserved for restaurants that have much to offer their guests. They also want to present it in a conservative and pragmatic fashion.

Use leather or faux leather to create a luxurious feel in texture and weight. However, be aware that while it may look like a book, it shouldn’t read like one. Limit your text so that your diner doesn’t get overwhelmed by too many options at once.

Separate your menu into distinctive sections and include a table of contents with page numbers. Your guests can go to their desired dish without flipping through the whole menu.

5. Popup and Tab Options

Creative menus complement your food options with interactive designs. If you have a menu that allows guests to build their own dish consider using popups and tabs.

Your diner can use the menu to develop their perfect cuisine and recite it to the waiter without forgetting anything. Kids also love this menu so they can make decisions on their own.

Menu Design Ideas Get Your Food Noticed

There is no way to get people to try your food without great menu design ideas. That is because menus make your food enticing and showcase your restaurant’s mission.

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