Top 4 Unhealthy Habits that You Should Start Controlling (2020)

When we go for a doctor’s consultation, we are aware that something in our body is not functioning normally. Just like when we feel tired all the time, or we do not have an appetite to eat a proper meal, or we easily catch colds that would take days and days to recover.

Often, the doctor will tell us what went wrong with our body, and then leave us with a prescription of medicine that will help us recover fast. The doctors are absolutely right about the medications and the reason why our bodies reacted abnormally. But there are uncommon factors that trigger the deteriorating of our health, and that is within our lifestyle.

They say that your lifestyle will determine your future, and in other words, our lifestyle today has a direct effect on our health when the body can no longer take it. It is our body’s way to warn us that we are doing too much of something that is not good for us, and we need to control it.

Here are the 4 Unhealthy Habits that we should learn how to control today:

1. It Starts With Our Food Consumption

The increased risk of obesity, depression, stomach disorders, heart disease, and stroke, and even chronic diseases is related to poor quality of food consumption. And, as you might expect, it has a very significant impact on your energy. Bad eating habits such as low intake or high consumption have negative health effects.

When we were young, we were taught of the simple basic human necessity which is the go, grow, and glow foods. We are not just practicing it regularly. The charts available on the internet which we can print out to remind us what these basic necessities are, and when is the best time to take them.

Moreover, there is this we called breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So there is no such thing as brunch or late breakfast or late dinner. We have to have the will to discipline our eating habits.

2. The Underrated 7 To 8 Hours Sleep A Day

A good night’s rest means a good day forward. How we rest our body at night has a direct impact to our performance for the following day. Sleep deficiency is harmful to us and so it disrupts the mood, productivity, and creativity. A known athlete once said that he performs well rested, than being worried all night long.

3. Lack Of Physical Conditioning

In today’s age, any activity that involves physical conditioning helps has something to do with looking good.  It diverts our attention to what it is really meant to be, which is to keep our motor system working properly to keep up with our health as well.

It does not have to be in a gym and take much of our time. Spending 10 to 20 minutes a day is enough to help us get fit and get shape. Also, consider getting home health fitness equipment such as vibration plate, blood pressure monitor, kettlebell, etc. for the best result in your physical conditioning.

4. Peers And Influence

Expert says that the most common causes of diseases are when we feel negatively about ourselves. When you find yourself in an odd situation, unhappy, unappreciated, undervalued, or threatened that is a sign that you are in an environment that has a negative effect in your mental health. That includes when we feel the need to get drunk and different kind of vices.

“Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are.”

It is a quote that we have heard several times already. Magically, our peers influence our behavior and attitude for some reason. But the good news is that we have all the control to be who we want to hang out with.

This is not about abandoning your friends because that is one of the greatest things in life. We simply have to learn to control when to say no when they invite us to their vices or addiction. We have to understand the reason why we are saying yes to them, and if it will make us feel better or worse. The best course of actions here are:

  • Get another hobby such as sports, cooking, painting, music, blogging, etc.
  • Start joining community events such as feeding the poor, triathlon, etc.
  • Consider getting a mentor or a professional consultant that will listen to all your worries in life.

The best insight I have when it comes to alcoholic drinks is that they are to be taken for celebrations and not to feel the worst about life.

Final Take:

A habit is a redundant set of behavior we accumulate over time. We can unlearn and learn new a habit if we devote our self to that commitment. That is the magic of being a human being.

Staying healthy is not the end goal here, but staying longer with your loved ones is the best gift you could ever give to yourself and to them.

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