The Round up: Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny

Here is the round up of Amanda Jo and Kate – founders of Organic Bunny, and Living Pretty, Naturally. Let’s discover who they are and how they succeed!

The round up of well-known beauty bloggers of green and organic lifestyle is rated by most beauty customers on the Internet. Amanda Jo and Kate are taking the world by storm with their green lifestyle, so it will be such a shame if you miss their round up.

Keep scrolling down to discover how and why these beauty bloggers make it to the top! 

The Organic Bunny

The creator of the beauty blog The Organic Bunny – Amanda Jo specializes in reviewing organic skincare, makeup, and beauty health products for females. Through professional and honest words, she has spread the green lifestyle to a thousand girls all over the world and become a well-known influencer in her field. 

Gradually, she started her own business by launching a website where she could sell organic products she had researched and recommended for years. 

This admirable woman has contributed to the skincare, makeup, and body care revolution. Thus, she has helped a lot of people who are allergic to toxic chemicals in regular beauty products or finding a green lifestyle.

Her natural lifestyle is portrayed every day through her stories, photos, and tips for everyday Instagram routines. She uses both drugstore and high-end organic products to have a proper review for all skin types. Also, this woman could straightforwardly state which high-end products are overrated and which low-price products are worth the hype. 

All these elements are the reason why a lot of global beauty fans are really into her. Let’s follow her to discover a ton of new ideas for skincare, makeup, and body care routine naturally and organically.

 Living pretty, naturally

Besides Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny, we also have Kate – founder of “Living pretty, naturally blog”. She is a decent reviewer who has tested and recommended cosmetics as well as health care products that she finds qualified and organic. 

Also, she addicts meditation, yoga, wellness information, and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Following her blog, you will find some helpful tips and tricks to improve your everyday life by choosing the right body care products and practicing meditation.

If you want to return to nature and immerse yourself in a relaxed spiritual life, Living pretty, naturally will be all you need and more!


Above is the round up of two well-known beauty bloggers on the Internet who have been the talk among young girls lately. They have been trying to bridge the gap between the green and organic lifestyle and the modern world with the aim to protect the environment and help us live a high-qualified and peaceful life.

So, be thankful that they’re here to bring us the excellent content and information about their lifestyle to help girls and females in particular and the entire society have a green life that does wonders for not only their health but also their mind.

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