The Complete Guide to Marketing Art Online in 2021

In 2016, art dealer Brett Gorvy sold a painting for $24 million. And no, he didn’t find this ridiculously wealthy buyer through an art auction or a gallery. He landed this multimillion deal through Instagram.

There are plenty of different types of art that you could sell online. You could create watercolor animal paintings, or go more in the direction of abstract art.

Wondering how to get your share of the multimillion-dollar pie? Not sure how to turn internet users and social media followers into buyers? Keep reading to learn how you can level up your art sales through the power of the internet.

1. Create a Website That Appeals to Buyers

If there’s a place where the phrase “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” rings especially true, that place would be the art industry. And with so many types of artwork available online, it’s important to have the type of online presence that makes your dream buyers sit up, stop scrolling, and say, “I’ve gotta get one of those paintings.”.

Does your art appeal to lovers of photorealism? Would it make sense for you to sell an acrylic paint kit to your students along with the rest of your work? Whatever options you choose, you need to make sure that your website takes no prisoners.

2. Choose Your Advertising Methods

You’ve got your site up and running. You’ve crafted the type of design that makes people say, “I love it.”. And now your next step is to figure out how you’re going to be marketing your art website.

Some people use ads. Others spend a lot of time blogging about art and establishing themselves as experts within the art world. And if you happen to find that vlogging about everything except for art is your ticket to sales … the beauty of the internet is that you can keep doing what works for you.

3. Find Your Marketing Platforms

Whether your digital marketing strategy involves PPC ads or social media marketing, you’ll feel better and likely do better if you master a few platforms instead of spreading yourself thin. But along with your general capacity for day-to-day marketing, you’ll also want to consider your personal strengths.

If you’re a long-winded type of person who likes to elucidate and tell witty jokes, you may not want to restrict yourself to a few tweets. And if you’re the type of introverted artist who just wants to paint and get out of the way, maybe Google AdWords is exactly what the doctor ordered.

4. Optimize and Refine Your Process

The thing about marketing is that it never stops. You always have to see what’s working and get ahead of the trends.

After a few months, you might find that Facebook is generating way more sales for you than Instagram. Or maybe you’ll eventually decide to start exploring NFTs and online auctions. No matter what you choose, the sky is the limit.

Get More Sales by Learning Marketing Art Online

If you’ve ever wondered how some artists are making a killing in 2021 while others are borderline starving, many of the most successful folks have one thing in common:

They’re all ridiculously good at marketing art online. Once you know how to dazzle buyers and get people’s attention, you’ll never have to wonder where your next paycheck’s coming from.

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