The Benefits Of Cross Stitch For The Psycho-Emotional State

If you are a modern woman who not only deals with the household needs of the family, but also actively educates herself, reads books, attends seminars (albeit online), then you know for sure that creativity for a representative of the weak half of humanity is not just a pastime, but an integral part of the development of her feminine, divine nature.

The space is huge: knitting, drawing, beading, macrame, clay modeling, sewing, origami, decoupage, embroidery, etc. We will dwell on the latter in more detail and analyze in this article how embroidery is useful.

In the days of our great-grandmothers, the ability to embroider was highly valued. Needlewomen, who perfectly mastered this skill, decorated their houses with paintings, tablecloths, hand-embroidered curtains, and made clothes unique thanks to drawings and patterns. Oddly enough, having passed through the centuries, embroidery has remained relevant for modern women. And all thanks to the fact that embroidery not only pleases the eye with the results of creativity, but has a positive effect on both the mental and physical health of the needlewoman.

The Impact Of Needlework On Physical Health

On the hands of a person there are many reflex points. Chiropractors have long used this knowledge in practice, thanks to which they treat diseases of a different nature, acting on the points of the hands. When a woman embroiders, she also affects these points, thereby influencing the internal organs corresponding to them. Such a massage during embroidery can help overcome many diseases. Doing what you love, your hobby turns into an unwitting doctor. If you have threads, a piece of canvas and a cross stitch pattern, your health is guaranteed.

Scientists say that when embroidering, the needlewoman actively produces female hormones. This has a positive effect on the hormonal background of a woman.

Now there is no doubt about whether cross stitch kits bring health. Of course! When embroidering, you will forget about headaches, sprains, eating disorders, as well as many diseases of the cardiovascular, genitourinary and nervous systems.

How Embroidery Affects Mental Health And Mood

It has long been known that embroidery for mental health is the best helper. It calms the nervous system, relieves stress and neutralizes the negative energy accumulated during the day. People who are fond of this type of creativity are distinguished by perseverance, the ability to concentrate and have a calm character. During monotonous embroidery, the level of adrenaline in the blood of the needlewoman decreases, the heart rate becomes even, the nervous tension goes away. This is how embroidery improves mental health, and it is much more useful than sedatives from a pharmacy.

Undoubtedly, a favorite thing improves mood. And if you do your favorite embroidery after a hard, stressful day, you are guaranteed a charge of positive emotions, relaxation and getting rid of bad thoughts. Many needlewomen notice that embroidery raises self-esteem. It’s so nice to admire your masterpieces with pride, and even more pleasant when others admire your work. And if your creations will receive praise and a positive assessment of others, this will become an additional incentive for you.

Imagination And Self-Expression

As with any DIY activity, embroidery develops the imagination. It is not necessary to unambiguously follow the chosen scheme, you can add your own elements or even create a drawing from the head. This rule is especially true for cross-stitching. After all, you can take an ordinary sheet in a box and draw anything you want there. Then transfer your creation to the canvas.

If we talk about self-expression, then let’s try to draw an analogy with a photographer. It would seem that their darkness is dark and everyone photographs the same thing. But someone makes large-scale exhibitions around the world and deserves public recognition, while someone cannot attract a client for wedding photography. Feel what I’m getting at? Even if you embroider, like many other needlewomen, you can find your own style and method.

For example, embroider only in black and white. Or give preference to embroidering icons, landscapes, cartoon characters, etc. Now there are even special programs where you can create a circuit from scratch according to your preferences.

Choose your style based on how you feel. This will become your self-expression.

Turn On Brain Power To The Maximum

The left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for the mind in the broadest sense of the word. This includes speaking, writing, logic, analytical ability, learning languages, remembering information, etc. The right hemisphere is our intuition, imagination, perception of beauty.

In women, the right hemisphere is much more developed than in men. We feel stronger, we experience, we empathize. Our intuition rarely fails us. But it’s like education. The more we study and read, there we get smarter. And the more we develop the right hemisphere, the more correctly the sixth sense works.

That is, it is important to enjoy nature, walk in the parks, notice the little things (a beautiful leaf on a tree, an unusual color in birds), and also be creative. Embroidery is the best way to develop the right hemisphere of the brain, because when we create a picture stitch by stitch, it’s like reading a new book word by word.

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