Steamboats: A Culinary Adventure Down The River

“It isn’t that life ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better.”

Sir Francis Drake

The land is never fearful for a traveler, and the sky is the limit, but it is the river that speaks to their wandering spirit. So, while being true to their essence, river cruises allow you to appreciate the natural charm and beauty of the area while enjoying the most sumptuous meals.

River cruises allow an explorer to experience the beauty and charm of various cities in a single journey, as well as making the stay on a luxurious cruise liner as comfortable and pleasurable as possible by serving a variety of cuisines from around the world to suit everyone’s palate. At the same time, organizing onboard theme-based events.

Before leaving New Orleans on a cruise, a lovely city famed for its town-like cemeteries, rich jazz culture, exciting festivals, and old architecture mixed with a vibrant nightlife, you must enjoy the gastronomic experience that the city has to offer to satisfy your taste buds.

So, let me walk you through the streets of this mesmerizing city and give you a taste of their flavors that will fill your appetite with mouth-watering old and new delicacies.

Food On The Wheels And The Around The Streets

* Food Drunk – Known for its alcohol-based recipes, giving you a taste of a blend between the spices and the spirit. This innovative eatery will never disappoint you, whether it’s their juicy and tangy king cake burgers made of seasoned cheddar or king cake, a sugary and traditional dessert.

* Fat Falafel – This one is on the list of vegetarians offering crispy falafel dishes served with pickles, hummus, Lebanese toum, and French fries. All the dishes on the menu are cooked with fresh produce and local spices.

* The Little kitchen – Famously known as La Cocinita and true to its Mexican name, serves Latin American cuisine, namely tacos, patacones, and arepas. It spoils the foodie in you while allowing you to customize your meal by offering a spread of sauces and other accompaniments.

* The cluck truck – An Italian owner choosing to serve south American cuisine, known for its delicious juicy fried chicken seasoned with homemade DiSomma. The customers have the choice to add their favorite sauces during the preparation.

* Foodie Call – Straight from the farm serving gourmet seasonal meals on the streets for those who don’t wish to experience it in the expensive dining restaurants. Their staple dish is the beef burger made of freshly grounded beef. However, the menu keeps on changing according to the products available on the farm.

* St.Clair Wood fired pizza – Freshly baked pizza in the clay oven cooked over the wooden flame served with different toppings and herbs to scintillate your tastebuds. They also serve homemade Italian sandwiches.

* Taceaux Loceaux – They experimented with the innovative fillings in their tacos and the colorful appearance of their trucks, serving traditional tacos from the Mexican kitchen.

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