Quick Buying Guide for Home Bar Furniture

Setting up a nice bar in your home can be challenging albeit exciting. Getting to pick the right furniture pieces and arranging them in the right place can be tough.

While most homes don’t come with an already setup bar, you can transform your dining area into a modern bar with chairs and tables. Instead of just going ahead to shop for wine bar furniture online, we recommend that you read this quick buying guide to know how to set up this bar.

Setting up the Home Bar

When we talk about home bars, we are talking about some set of complementary furniture that is put together. In most cases, it includes a stand, table, and some stools. These pieces usually match in height and materials.

While it is easy to purchase a complete set, doing so will not allow you to be creative. Hence, when setting up, ensure that you consider the size of the bar sets. This is important because they can be very large. You should also give room for walking and allow the windows and doors in the area to open freely.

Start with the Stands

These are pieces of tall furnishing that function as serving stations for entrees and drinks. There should be a bartender space on one of the sides where a storage area for glassware, bottles, and other necessary items will be kept.

Some sets that are more dedicated and bigger can be set up to have a mini-fridge space and sink. Visit https://www.omnitecsystems.com/ to find out the difference between a minibar and a small fridge. If you want a bar to serve primarily as a drinking and eating quick station, you can just set up one stand that has some stools.

Include Tables

If you want a wonderful dining room substitute, you can get a bar table. Compared to dining tables, these are smaller but similar and extend a foot higher or thereabout.

These pieces of furniture were inspired by traditional cafes in Europe. Hence, the stools are perfect for enjoying either a quick meal or comfort in comfort and style.

You should always purchase the table first before you get chairs because getting stools that will match the height of the table is much easier than doing it otherwise.

If you opt for glass-top tables, these can be quite durable; however, they are susceptible to fingerprint stains. Stone-top tables are usually high-end and are spillproof but won’t attract fingerprints.

Some of these items have either brushed metal or chrome frames. Nevertheless, certain companies still produce wooden pub tabletops. Any of the above materials is good since wood has warping susceptibility.

The main height categories of this fitting are tall (45 inches and above), medium (around 42 inches), and short (36 inches).

Getting Stools

The stools you get should be one foot shorter than the selected bar table. The three kinds of stools are counter, bar, and extra tall. Let’s discuss them quickly:

Counter Height

These pieces of furniture are usually about 23 inches to 29 inches tall. Despite their height, they are the shortest sizes of the lot and are the best for shorter tables. The inspiration for these chairs comes from regular dining chairs although this lot has frames that are somewhat taller and bases that are narrower.

Regular Height

The regular stools are usually about 29 inches to 32 inches and are regarded as the most widespread of the lot. They usually consist of a mixture of normal chairs and regular stools that has a tall but skinny supporting frame.

 Extra Tall

From their names, you can deduce that these are the tallest of the lot. They have a height range of 29 inches to 32 inches and can only be used with tall tables.

Hence, you need to ensure that the table you want to use these chairs with is tall. As we said already, you should buy the table first before you get the stools.

When setting up the stools, maintain a space of about 30 inches between the middle of each item. This will enable the person who sits on the chair to easily rotate on the chair as well as gain easy access when coming in or going out.

You should also consider stools that have arms, although they are quite larger which means you should only opt for these types if you have enough space.

Stools have different styles which include modern and classic or retro European. Modern chairs are designed with lighter colors, brushed metals, and fabric materials. Classic stools are inspired by classic bar chairs that have one leg with leather seats and a chrome finish.

Although leather has better durability and is resistant to spill, fabric, on the other hand, is scratch-proof and more comfortable. Click here to check out this comparison between leather and fabric.


Setting up a home bar can be only challenging if you don’t know the right pieces of furniture to use. Hence, in the buying guide above, we have discussed the various furniture pieces that are essential for your home bar.

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