Portable Humidifier

The value of a portable humidifier in the management of your household air quality is important. Just like any room humidifier, it regulates the moisture content of the air to a healthy 30% or so.

Below that and you can experience problems with throat and skin becoming too dry and irritated. It also affects any natural materials such as wood which can suffer damage if too dry. So what are the pros and cons of a portable humidifier over other types such as a whole house humidifier?

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Portable Humidifier

This sounds a bit obvious, but the clue is in the name. They are all portable, so don’t have to be permanently hooked into the main water supply to work.

Of course this means you can move this small humidifier to the worst affected spot quickly and easily without having to do the whole house whether it needs it or not.

Having said that, the flexibility of the portable humidifier is also it’s weakness in some people’s eyes. It will not do your whole house if that is what is needed.

It will generally only do one room comfortably and efficiently. If you have breathing issues and you travel then a portable humidifier is perfect for your needs.

There are now models which work with a standard off the shelf bottle of water. So there is no need to fill any reservoirs with water from the tap. All you have to do is buy a bottle of drinking water from any store and use that.

A Portable Humidifier Is Easy To Use

This is very true. As there is no installation into the water supply it makes it easy to just plug in and go. It has its own handy water supply in the form of a small water reservoir.

This makes it very controllable in terms of costs of use. But on the other hand you will need to keep an eye on the water tank and refill it frequently.

But if you need the portable and handy aspect of a portable humidifier it really is the best choice. Not everyone needs or wants a major installation project in their house. A small mini humidifier like these is perfect. It fills the gap between personal humidifier and whole house version perfectly.

Portable Humidifiers Are Good Value

Now don’t get me wrong, for its size and power, a portable humidifier is pound for pound a little bit more expensive than a whole house humidifier.

This is the dilemma for many people. They want the portability that they need for fire fighting humidity levels, but are afraid of spending the cash to get it.

Think of it like this for a moment. If you need a home humidifier, then you need to buy one. If a personal humidifier won’t cut it then you need to go larger.

If you don’t want or can’t have a large installation, then you can’t. If you don’t want the expense of running a whole house humidifier all the time or don’t need to, then don’t buy one.

This means that the solution that will do exactly what you want and when you want, for a very reasonable price is a portable humidifier. That makes it excellent value for money in these situations.

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