Office Outfit Essentials: 5 Pieces You Can’t Live Without

You’ve likely spent the last few years in and out of the office and working from home thanks to Covid and its lockdowns. While working from home had its perks (wearing sweatpants every day being one of them) more and more people are flooding back to the office for the most part of the week. If you’re out of practice putting together smart but cool work outfits then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together some essential workwear pieces for your weekly rotation to keep you ahead of the sartorial game, so you can focus on bossing your career.

1. Glasses

Over 75% of the world’s adult population requires some form of vision assistance such as glasses. While typically an eye-health choice, glasses are a staple for the smart workwear aesthetic. With the rise of contact lenses, glasses seem to be disappearing as a fashion choice. While people often favor lenses, they can be uncomfortable after long periods of use. Add glasses back into your day-to-day to give your eyes a break. If you struggle with glasses because of your face or nose shape, try low bridge glasses, with frames that will enable them to stay in place better. Even if you don’t need prescription glasses, blue light glasses are amazing if you’re sat at a desk all day.

2. A Blazer

A blazer is the pinnacle of smart dressing but can also be paired with casual pieces for more of a laid-back look. Rather than opt for a boring black blazer, why not add a splash of color to your work wardrobe with a hot pink or pastel blue number? If bright colors aren’t your thing, stand out from the crowd with some interesting tailoring.

3. T-Shirt

A plain tee might not seem like an obvious workwear choice, but when done right it can be the perfect staple item for your 9-5 closet. Pair with pattern wide-leg trousers and some heeled boots, or pop under a sharply tailored blazer for an effortlessly cool look that’s still work appropriate.

4. Dark Jeans

Unless you’re working in a super straight-laced or corporate office, jeans are now acceptable in the workplace which makes day to evening dressing far easier! Pair in the summer with a floaty blouse and heeled sandals, or wear with black leather boots and a chunky knitted jumper in a neutral color.

5. Black Dress

A little black dress is perfect for any work occasion. Look for a dress that’s either midi or maxi in length, that can be paired with any shoes so that it can be worn time and time again for a variety of looks. If you opt for a shorter sleeved dress then it will look great in the summer with a belt to cinch in the waist and some tan sandals. For the colder months, you can add tights and pop a long sleeve tee underneath for a warmer layered look!

Which of these items will you be adding to your work wardrobe? Share in the comments or let us know your own must-haves!

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