Korean Dating Sites And Things To Know About Koreans

Many are already aware that Koreans are romantic, and their country is the place where lovers thrive. There are White Day and Valentine’s Day celebrations that allow the couples to acknowledge their love for each other.

While you may consider yourself lucky in finding a Korean mate, the overall dating theme adheres to some of the unwritten rules that must be followed. You can check out Korean dating sites to start your journey of marrying a Korean man or woman or spend your time chatting with one. Other things to know about to help you navigate the tricky waters include the following:

1. Matching Outfits

Matching is considered fun and cool in countries like South Korea. You may notice this with every other couple that you meet on the road. It’s becoming a norm where everything matches, including the phone cases, t-shirts, and pants. In these countries where pop stars are coming from, know that the people take style and appearance seriously. Besides, it’s the best time to show everyone who the love of your life is in a crowded street of people.

2. There’s A Need For A Ring

There’s no need to rush into marriage the first time you’re chatting with a pop star or a gorgeous Korean girl. However, as the song says, if you like it, you should put a ring on it, and this is true with many couples in Korea. Wearing matching rings tells everybody that one is in a relationship. A flashy band made of silver and gold tells everyone that the pair has reached a point where they become “official,” Everyone is happy to let the world know about this.

3. Looking Forward To Anniversaries

You’re not just going to look forward to your 100th anniversary. You can read more about this on the thread here. You can expect to celebrate each month or during the 100th-day increments. Start counting from the first day that you two became official, then expect to prepare some cakes, balloons, stuffed toys, and confetti to remember the first days when you confessed your love.

4. Cute Doesn’t Just Describe Girls

You can use many popular emoticons when chatting with both girls and guys. If you meet a Korean man for the first time, know that they are also fond of using carton tattoos and cute smileys. Some even get tattoos because they are not afraid of showing the world their cuter side. They can buy you your favorite candies and pies, eat the popular and delicious food streets with you, invite you to luxurious restaurants with a pink theme, and no one is questioning their manliness.

5. Sharing Is Prevalent

It’s always a good idea to go Dutch, especially if this is your second or third date. If you go out to dine a delicious risotto or lamb, expect that the restaurants are often made with two people in mind. This is why many singles do take-outs and avoid diners as much as possible.

You may have a chance to meet a Korean native, and you can have a taste of the popular bingsu made from bananas, kiwifruits, strawberries, condensed milk, topped with ice cream. You can make bingsu in your home through this recipe: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Bingsu. Some may invite you over a cup of Frappuccino or milkshakes that can make a date all the sweeter.

6. Flowers Are Important

With the right dating website or app, you may be able to find the Korean girl of your dreams. Appreciate their flawless skin, beauty, and sweet smile with bouquets of roses or lilies. Many girls may expect to be given a gift even if there’s no occasion. This is why some of the corner shops with florists on them are thriving in their businesses. Adding chocolate or jewelry in the middle of the bouquets of small posies can be a great idea when you want to add something special.

7. Celebrations Of White Day

White Day is celebrated a month after the popular Valentine’s Day. Koreans celebrate this special day similar to those of Japan and very different from Westerners. Valentine’s Day is where many women give tokens of affection like chocolates to men and receiving it can mean that you’re someone special to the other person. A month after, many men can return the favor by giving small gifts and candies to the lady who has caught their interests.

8. Not A Lot Of Pdas

Even if the couples show their love to others with matching outfits from their heads to their toes, signs of public display of affection can still be frowned upon. Many of them are still reserved with PDAs, and you don’t see a lot of them kissing on the lips. Even if you’re from a country where open affection is usually accepted, it’s still best if you can save it inside your home.

9. They Stay In Touch

If you’re dating a Korean, expect that they will want to keep in touch with you most of the time. They have a connection with Wi-Fi and data everywhere they go, and most of the companies are offering unlimited packages. Don’t be surprised to receive love checks every hour throughout the day as this says that they care about you a lot.

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