How To Move Into Your First Home

There is a lot happening when you are moving into your first home. You are likely full of excitement as well as nervous about what to expect when you are the sole person in charge. Unpacking is not the hardest task that you will have to face, and it may not even be the most important. You will need to take some time settling into your new property and get associated with all of its quirks and habits. However, if you need somewhere to start then here is a little advice for you when you are moving into your first home.


If this is your first home, then you may not have any furniture to move in. that is great for the actual practice of moving but it is not ideal for your first night in your new home. If the home is unfurnished, then you should think about getting some basics ready for when you arrive. A bed, a sofa, and some cooking utensils are always a great idea. If you want to get them quickly then you should think about quickship furniture which can make sure that you get any furniture you need as soon as you can so that you don’t end up sitting on the floor on your first night.

Do A Complete Walkthrough

When you first move into a new home, you should make sure to do a full walkthrough to make sure that nothing is wrong. You are keeping an eye out for that the previous owner has made all requested repairs or changes, everything that was included in the sale is actually in the house, and things that should be working are working like outlets, switches, and windows. As well you should look for any warranties and maintenance guides that are left behind and that you have no pests. If you do find something, contact your seller as soon as possible to get it rectified.


This can be easy to forget with the excitement of moving in that you also need to set up your utilities. Otherwise, you will end up being hit with a huge bill for the previous owner and you may get stuck paying three different companies. Make sure that when you move in you verify your electric, gas, and water are all lined up. This is a hassle but will help you in the long run.

Prioritize Your Repairs

When you have a list of all of your problems, you can start by prioritizing what needs to be done and what you can achieve in the soonest amount of time. Some problems will need to be tackled quicker than others so see what you can afford and organize your immediate repairs. Some things will be fine for a while so don’t stress too much.

Moving To Your New Home

This is exciting so enjoy it. You will feel overwhelmed at some point. Just embrace it. The fun will come when you can start decorating and adding your own mark to things.

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