How to Add Collagen Powder to Your Diet?

Over the past decade, collagen has gone from a coveted face cream to a famous pantry staple, all in a while. And, for good reasons as well. However, to ensure that I cover everything, I’ve decided to put each and every information within this article in a segmented form. Give it a read and let me know if I have missed out on something or not.

Collagen: What Is It Really?

Collagen, in essence, is a type of structural protein, which can be found throughout our body. In fact, it makes up for more than 70% of the available protein within us.

And, how does it help us?

To begin with, it’s responsible for offering structure to your hair, skin, and nails. In addition to it, the protein can also strengthen our bones and ensure that our joints are mobile enough.

Essentially, it’s literally the glue that keeps everything together!

Why Should You Consume Collagen Powder?

Like anything else, the collagen production and level in our body starts declining after we get into the “old” age. It, in turn, can affect our bone structure and decrease our mobility.Thus, if you want to improve bone health, it’s important to consume collagen powder regularly.

But, before you get too involved with the same, I’ll ask you to talk to your doctor first. With their experience and expertise, they can surely tell if the product is ideal for you or not.

Nevertheless, in case they’re suggesting you not to take collagen powder, do listen to them. There’s no need to risk your life just because you want to have a better bone structure.

How Do You Add Collagen Powder To Your Diet?

When it comes to taking collagen powder, the best time to do so will be the mornings. Hence, it’s always better to have it while you’re eating your breakfast or something as such. Here are a few things that you need to know in this regard.

Option – 1: With Tea Or Coffee.

Whether it’s tea or coffee – no matter what’s your choice of beverage in the morning, add some collagen powder and go wild. Essentially, the powder will get mixed in both cold and hot liquids. And, it won’t add any funky texture or taste at all.

In my opinion, it’s always best to opt for tea when consuming collagen powder. But, you can get it with fruit juice, lemon water, and matcha lattes as well.

Option – 2: Yogurt Or Oatmeal.

Suppose, you don’t drink tea, coffee, or anything else in the morning. So, what should you do then? Well, in that case, you can always include it within your morning yogurt or oatmeal. It can help you inject even more protein and fiber in your body.

And, if you can add some nuts and berries within it as well, your breakfast will be even more nutrient-dense. It’ll improve the taste of the same too.

Option – 3: Smoothies! Smoothies! And, Smoothies!

If you want to make your morning a little more interesting, adding collagen powder instead of your protein supplement can also be helpful. It will make the whole bunch a lot tastier as well as healthier, especially for an aged individual.

Also, unlike some heavy protein powders, collagen doesn’t really add thickness to your daily dose of smoothies. Hence, it’ll aid other flavors and ingredients to shine even more.

Option – 4: Bake It Up.

Do you want to try something unique? Well, then, why don’t you add a little bit of collagen powder into your egg muffin and tell me how it tastes?

When it comes to baking, collagen is probably the best possible supplement for it. Due to its subtle taste and minute thickness, it can add up to almost anything at all. I mean, I have eaten the same with baked oatmeal, quiche, breakfast bars, and muffins.

I hope you’ll find something as such as well!

Aaaaaaand… A Bonus!

If you’re way too busy in the morning and don’t get enough time to get your daily collagen, you can take it to your office. From then onwards, you can drink it with your tea or coffee. If you want to add it to some sort of juice, you can do it too. As the product doesn’t have any drawbacks, there’s no need to worry too much about it at all!

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