Furnace and AC Repair Seminole TX – Troubleshooting Your HVAC Ventilation Issues

No matter what seasons we are in, an air conditioner can help when nothing else will. It helps us stay cool when it’s hot and in times like these when the majority of us around the world are required to work from home, having an air conditioner especially when you live in a hot country is a lifesaver.

But what happens when it stops working and you can’t get hold of a repair service to help sort it out for you? The below information can help you troubleshoot your HVAC ventilation issues without any hassles.

Common HVAC Issues Home Owners Deal With

Technology is temperamental, one day it works perfectly fine and the next it stops and you have no idea what went wrong. Some of the most common air con issues are listed below:

  • Air not coming out of the registers or at all
  • The aircon is not cooling down
  • The Thermostat setting is not working
  • Blocked or Dirty Registers
  • Refrigerant is low
  • The Unit is leaking
  • The Compressor won’t run
  • It doesn’t turn off or on
  • The fan is not working or vibrating too much
  • It turns off itself
  • A frozen coil

Let’s look at a few of the main ones that you can sort out yourself when help is nowhere to be found.

The AC Won’t Turn On

If the system cannot turn on or you can’t get it to activate you would most probably have a blown fuse or circuit breaker. Sometimes it could be due to it being improperly placed or maybe the internal switch is off. A few possible things to check include checking that it is plugged in and the power socket is working.

If this isn’t the issue then move on to checking the thermostat setting to check if it’s set on the ‘cool’ function as opposed to the hot or off option. You can also check your condensate overflow tray, which is the overflow drain pan that is always located underneath the evaporator coils.

If you’re not sure where this is located or how to remove it, follow ckheatingac.com to find out more. This section can sometimes have access water collected in it and needs to be drained and cleaned. In which case you need to empty it and replace it in position and try if it makes any difference.

Lastly, if the blower door is not secured properly it could also cause the mechanisms to not work.

The AC Will Turn On but won’t Cool The Room

When it’s working fine, but there is no cool air coming out it could be a thermostat issue more so than anything else. Other things to keep an eye out on are the condensers which could be dirty and thus blocking clean cool air from circulating. Your filter could also be causing the issue, and if it has not been replaced in years, maybe now is the time.

Filters are some of the most common parts of the machinery that tend to get dirty very quickly and very often, due to the dirt and dust from outside being trapped inside of them, and this could be causing a hindrance to the cool air.

Poor Airflow Circulation

As mentioned, above the filters can cause several issues and another common one is a weak or poor circulation of airflow throughout your house. When there is no strength in the airflow reaching the ends of the home, it could be this very simple thing.

All you need to do is purchase a new one and replace it or clean out the existing filter with a damp cloth, gently and put it back in place making sure all the wiring and screws are replaced as you found them.

There you have it, we hope the above quick fixes and checks help get your unit back up and running in no time so you can enjoy clean cool air once again.

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