Factors That Make Weight Loss Harder For Women

Losing weight is the key to a better figure and a healthier life. Hence, many women look for weight loss tips that can bring them the best results. The faster the results, the better. Today, there are several routines that can make this possible. Some practices are standard and tested, while others are new yet yield promising developments.

There are a lot of options to choose from. However, in comparison to their intended outcome, there are cases where these habits bring minimal or no improvement at all. Is it because the routines are non-effective or because of other elements? The following factors are reasons that make weight loss harder for women:

1. Physiological Reasons

Losing weight is way harder for women because, unlike men, they have lesser lean muscle mass. Muscles can help burn more calories. This is why men have a higher metabolic rate due to a higher rate of lean muscle mass. Since women have less of this, they have a harder time metabolizing food—leading to more stored fat.

2. Ineffective Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss programs cannot show the best results overnight. It needs discipline, effort, and consistency to achieve desired outcomes. Many women embark on a weight loss journey without the proper guidance from professionals, which does more harm than good.

Hence, it helps to register with a female weight loss program. This program can help assess physical activities and behavior through counseling and nutritional adjustment. After a mindful evaluation, a health coach can help determine what type of diet and exercise routines are needed to shed off weight.

A professional health coach can assess special considerations, especially for women who just gave birth and are looking to lose baby weight fast. They can also take age and current health status in consideration. Professionals can provide better weight loss tips for women and achieve visible results sooner.

Others may find professional interference an unnecessary source of pressure and just an additional expense. Some women may rely instead on information from the internet and colleagues, but these programs are not reliable. Some weight loss programs may work for others, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it could work for you or everyone else.

3. Age

Women aged 40 years old and above may find losing weight way harder too. As the body gets older, its ability to metabolize becomes weaker. At this age, most women tend to produce lesser amounts of estrogen as well. The body then tries to compromise by storing more fat to help with the production of this hormone.

4. Stress

How a person takes stress may differ from another, but many do perceive it poorly. In a 2016 study, researchers found that women are twice as likely to suffer from severe stress and anxiety.  Daily stressors in life, such as responsibilities from work, home, or school, are the main culprit.

With immense stress, the goal of losing weight may be neglected. Many might indulge in bad habits like drinking alcohol, stress eating, or simply binge-watching shows without doing any physical activities.

To prevent this, it is essential for women to learn healthier ways of coping with stress. A professional coach could help with this. For example, if you are prone to stress-eating, a fitness coach or nutritionist may suggest healthier snack options for you to munch on.

If you have the tendency to binge-watch Netflix shows after a stressful work week, a coach may suggest you hop on a stationary bike while you’re watching shows on your TV or mobile device. This way, you’re not giving up on things that bring you joy. And as a bonus, you can still perform weight loss routines while having fun!

Up For The Challenge?

The idea of achieving a healthy body is a dream of most women. However, just like other goals in life, it may require time and effort to obtain them. Losing weight is no easy feat. Some factors may hinder most women. This includes biological factors, age, and the overall direction of the weight loss program.

Even so, overcoming these hindrances is possible with the proper knowledge, determination, and discipline. It may include some sacrifices, but it’s worth it once the desired outcomes are achieved.

In addition, an effective weight loss program is basically some sort of investment. This means you may have to shell out some money in order to achieve the best results. Hiring a professional fitness coach and nutritionist would require fees. Switching to healthier food options might also affect your monthly budget. And more than anything else, you might need to maintain a gym membership or purchase exercise equipment such as stationary bikes and weights.

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