Energy Efficient Windows Lowering Your Cooling Bill

If your home does not have Energy efficient windows Baton Rouge, your expenditure on energy will be higher than it needs to be. Windows that are poorly insulated, or ones that have no insulation, allow up to 40% of the heat in your home escape when your heating system is running.

They also let a substantial amount of heat into your home when your cooling system is running. The system has to work longer and harder to keep the internal air at the required temperature, and that will push up your energy bills.

Modern energy-efficient windows are much better at preventing unwanted heat getting into your house. If the windows you have are quite old, it is almost guaranteed that you will cut down on energy bills by replacing them with modern ones.

Windows meeting Energy Star standards are the best option. Energy Star estimates that the average homeowner will save up to $465 on energy costs per annum by replacing single-pane windows, and up to $111 per annum by replacing old, double-pane windows.

How do energy-efficient windows work?

Double- or triple-pane windows have far superior insulating properties than single-pane windows. They are made with glass that has low emissivity.

One of the panes will be coated with a special metal oxide to improve insulation. This layer of metal oxide is invisible. The panes are separated by a small, air-tight gap, which may be filled with an inert gas. Argon, xenon or krypton may be used, as these gases are poor conductors of heat.

Are they expensive?

How much you have to pay will depend on various factors. These include the number of windows you need, and the size of each window. Unless you are going to do the replacement work yourself, you will also have labor costs. You may be able to avail of federal incentives to reduce your total outlay.

Ask local window suppliers for written quotes.
Is replacing windows disruptive?

Provided you stick with a reputable window replacement company, disruption will be kept to a minimum. The new windows will be installed as soon as each old one is removed, so you do not have to worry about having great holes in your walls overnight if the job is going to take more than one day.

How long does it take to recoup costs?

That will depend on your local climate and window orientation. Modern windows will last for decades, constantly saving you money. They also increase the value of your home should you decide to sell.

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