Emergency Solutions while Waiting for a Plumber

Sydney – the largest city of Australia – is home to both international and local clientele, with its central business district as a hub for corporations and small businesses alike. Yet away from the hustle and bustle, the North Shore area remains picturesque and family-friendly. Also known as the Northern Suburbs, North Shore houses families and professionals who want to experience business and pleasure.

So if you live here and you sprung a plumbing leak, your stress levels may likely go through the roof. An emergency plumber North Shore can take care of all your worries. But you can lessen some of the damage while waiting for them. If you have no intention of replicating Shell Cove Falls in your house, make the job of your plumber in North Shore easier and quicker by doing a couple of things.

Turn Off Your Water Source

Your problem is an uncontrollable flow of water. Time is of the essence, so the most logical thing to do is to turn off its primary source. You need to do this, so no additional water leaks out on to your floors and furniture. To be sure, try to turn off all the faucets as well. There is a turn-off valve under a sink or the water closet of a toilet bowl. If water comes out of it, shut it down.

Remove Excess Water

After turning off the water valves, no water will come out of your leaky pipes anymore. But there would typically be an overflow of water on the floors and the surrounding areas of the leak. Any liquid on unwanted parts of the house can destroy furniture, the carpet, and your flooring. If left unchecked, mould can develop in those areas. An infestation can lead to a weakened structure; it destroys floors and walls as well.

So while waiting for the plumber, make sure to wipe your floors dry as quickly as possible. Place towels around it to help stop the drips. A bucket can also help. If you see the problem and you have durable tape on hand, you can wrap it around the affected area. When the plumber gets in, he can do the job quickly because you helped him pinpoint some of the obstacles.

Assess Your Home Environment

An aging house can have a host of problems. But there are no such things as plumbing accidents. These do not happen in an instant unless you unintentionally hit a pipe and punctured it with a hard object. The water problem may have been festering under your roof for a while, but you did not notice.

So if your main water valve is off, try to check your surroundings. Did the leak occur near electrical outlets? Is your ceiling discoloured? If you feel that there are tell-tale signs that you previously ignored, take note of it. You can write them down while waiting for the plumber so he can have a clearer idea of what leak to look for and where to find it.

Coming home to a mini-Lilly Pilly is the nightmare of every homeowner. But you should keep calm and focused on lessening the water damages. And above all, do not be ashamed to ask for help from anyone. Your emergency plumbing experts will appreciate any information you can give them for a quicker resolution to your water problem.

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