Don’t Ruin Your New Laptop! 6 Laptop Protection Methods to Prevent Damage

Did you get a brand new laptop? The last thing you want is to damage it. Here are 6 effective laptop protection methods to keep your laptop running for years.

Did you know that in 2017 over $100 billion was spent on laptop computers globally? A laptop could be the basis for an entrepreneur’s business. The laboratory for a photographer’s pictures. It is the basis for many people’s daily secular work.

Since laptops are used so extensively, laptop protection is crucial. Falls, theft, or a lack of maintenance could spell serious trouble.

What are the best ways to protect your laptop computer? Why not check out our in-depth guide.

  1. Laptop Casing

The first step in protecting your laptop is to get a bag or case that will protect it. Frequently, laptops are damaged because a person is carrying them incorrectly. This could be in a bag that is not fit for purpose or they simply carry it under their arm. This is a recipe for disaster.

Laptop and MacBook cases are available with so many different designs nowadays. This means that your laptop case does not have to be a fashion nightmare. There are even designs that resemble a large book or another item. This prevents a potential thief from recognizing it as a computer.

Or you may want a good old fashioned laptop bag with padding, pockets and a locking mechanism. The choice is yours. However, every laptop owner should have a laptop bag or case.

  1. Laptop Coverings

Protect the screen and external surfaces of your laptop with a screen protector and tight-fitting cover. A bag or case will prevent the laptop from damage when dropped. A cover will prevent scratches and damage from water entry.

Covering your laptop is especially important if you are concerned about the longevity of your laptop or you are considering its resale value. It not only protects the casing of the laptop from damage but will help to prevent dust from entering vents.

This can over time cause clogging in any moving parts, such as your laptops fan. Eventually, this can lead to a rising temperatures. This can spell disaster for a laptop. Prevent this by covering your laptop from the beginning.

  1. Avoid Consuming Food or Drinks while using Your Laptop

Your laptop is useful for so many things. You use it to run your business. You play music on it.  You chill out with a glass of wine and Netflix using your laptop in the evening. However, this can spell disaster if you are not careful.

Avoid drinking and eating whilst using your laptop. Spilling even a small amount of your drink on your laptop can render it useless in seconds. Crumbs from your meal may inadvertently enter the gaps in your keyboard and build up inside. Avoid this from the beginning and lengthen the life of your laptop.

  1. Protect your Laptop with Accessories

If you are using your laptop on a daily basis for your business you may be to protect it by setting up a professional workstation. Simple accessories can help protect your laptop from commonly seen damage

Laptop Stand

Heat is a major killer of computers. Vents that are obstructed are inefficient at removing heat. Using a laptop stand will ensure that the laptop vents are raised up and away from the surface of the desk.

External Hard Drive

Businesses require an increasing amount of media files. Filling your computers internal hard drive to maximum can mean that it struggles to function efficiently. Replacing your internal hard drive with a larger capacity drive or using external hard drives will reduce the pressure.

  1. Insurance

Other people’s actions, theft, natural disasters. Despite your best efforts, it is never 100% possible to prevent accidents. Insuring your laptop will give you the ultimate peace of mind.

Why not research companies that specifically ensure devices such as laptops or tablets. Or you may want to specify that it be covered in your home or business contents insurance. If your laptop is a business laptop, it may be a tax-deductible expense.

Just a small monthly premium may be enough to save you and your laptop if the worst should happen. This peace of mind is worth the premium itself.

  1. Cleaning and Maintenance

Take a few minutes every week and lengthen the life of your laptop by cleaning it thoroughly. Just a few household products can help you to clean the screen and other regularly used parts.

Make sure that you turn off the laptop first. For the external casing, you can use a simple microfiber cloth and clean water. This should remove dust and dirt. Pay special attention to vents and USB port openings. Depending on your screen type, you may need a special technique or solution. However, removing fingerprints and other marks should not be difficult.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will help you to spot potential problems or damage to your laptop. Correct these early and extend the life of your laptop computer.

Laptop Protection and Much More

A laptop could be your main method of running your business and maintaining communication with your clients. Keeping it safe and sound is an absolute priority.

If so laptop protection should be one of your priority tasks. It takes just a small amount of money and time each week. However, it can add significantly to the lifespan of your laptop.

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