Don’t Miss the Top 15 Restaurants in Vienna

Vienna has some amazing food. From Austrian dumplings to wiener schnitzels, you will surely find something you love while you are in town. Being the capital as well as the largest city in Austria, most of the best eateries are packed into this major metropolis. You will find all kinds of foods no matter what you like. 

Whether you want traditional Viennese cuisine or something from home like pizza or burgers, you can get it all in Vienna. You just have to know where to look. We found the best spots for you to try but leave your bags at a luggage storage facility in Vienna first, so you do not have to drag them along.

Local Viennese Cuisine

  • Bauernbraeu

From schnitzel to strudel and beer to wine, you can get just about anything basic at Bauernbraeu. It is a very casual place with friendly and fun people. Besides Viennese food, you can also get a burger with fries, fish, and they even have a small vegetarian selection. Be sure to try the strudel or sachertorte

  • Brau Bar

The Brau Bar is casual as well as a little fancy with decent prices for everything. Some of the items they are known for include their ribs, cheese dumplings, pork schnitzel, and even burgers. The pork cordon bleu with pumpkin and potato salad is delicious and the goulash is outstanding. Try the Kaiserschmarrn for dessert.

  • Melker Stiftskeller 

Melker Stiftskeller is a nice little place in a cellar of an old building, giving it charm as well as delicious food. They are famous for their pork knuckle with cabbage and garlic soup as well as the apple strudel. They also have great wiener schnitzel in pork or veal. Desserts include strudel, ice cream, or cake.

Breakfast Food

  • Café Benedikt

This cute little café has big breakfasts! Enjoy the French breakfast with omelets and pancakes to soft boiled eggs benedict and then some. Sample ham and cheese platters with baguettes and honey, scrambled eggs with pumpkin seed oil, or just have handmade rolls with butter and herbs. Everything here is good. 

  • Mr. and Mrs. Feelgood

For a healthy breakfast, stop at Mr. and Mrs. Feelgood’s. They believe that if you eat well you feel good and it seems to be working, by the size of crowds. They focus on fresh ingredients high in vitamins and low in preservatives. Some items on the menu include omelets, ham and eggs, yogurt, granola, and more. 

  • Ramasuri

Try some casual, friendly, and good food. Those are the three things you need in a breakfast café. Have a sweet or savory meal from a cheesy egg sandwich to a stack of light and fluffy pancakes with syrup. Each plate is a work of art, so take some pics to share on your favorite social media pages.

Fine Dining

  • Restaurant Rote Bar

Get the finest food and drinks in style at the Michelin starred Restaurant Rote Bar in the Hotel Sacher. Their wiener schnitzel is famous as are their boiled and braised beef dishes. The gold trout with pumpkin and celery is also fantastic. Try the chocolate mousse with raspberry for dessert. 

  • At Eight

Have a delightful tasting session at this stunning establishment. At Eight offers pork croquette, salmon with cucumber, lamb with eggplant, and beef with corn pudding and artichokes. For dessert, try the caramelized chocolate sorrel, cherry or elderberry curd dumplings, or cheesecake. 

  • Silvio Nickol

At Silvio Nickol, you can start with duck liver Thai with coconut or the artichoke with lime. Then have boa pork with pumpkin and mushroom or luma beef with corn and plums. The catch of the day is always a good choice, or you can get a five, six, or seven course tasting menu and be delightfully surprised.

Kids’ Cuisine

  • Vienna Sausage

If the kids like hot dogs, Vienna Sausage is a great place to take them in Vienna. From the New York dog with sauerkraut to the extra spicy Dog of Doom, these delicious dogs are ridiculously good. The shop is cozy and quaint with decorations including comic books and American superhero posters.

  • Rado’s Gastwirtschaft

The house specialty is spare ribs so if your kid likes to get their hands dirty, Rado’s is a fun place to go. Their schnitzel is fantastic as well and they also have goulash, sausages, and big stuffed baked potatoes. Try one of the local favorites of pancakes, strudel, or Kaiserschmarrn.

  • KitchA Sticks & Rolls

The kids will love the number of choices on the menu at KitchA Sticks & Rolls. Try one of the 13 flavors of kebabs or 14 flavors of spring rolls. Try tapas in 11 flavors, four kinds of ramen, and 11 main courses. 

savor chili, fried rice, or noodles. And the favorites for dessert include ice cream, Japanese pancakes, and tiramisu.

Desserts Only

  • Vanillas

Whether you want Schokoladenkuchen, Kaiserschmarrn, handmade ice cream, or mousse, Vanillas will serve it to you in style. They also have croissants, pies, cupcakes, petit fours, and delicious strudel. And you have to try the coffee made with Arabica beans. 

  • The Cake Tree

You can get cake any way you want it at the Cake Tree. Seriously, they have so many flavors, it is difficult to choose. And not only are they delicious, but they are beautiful, too. From the tiny Hello Kitty cupcake to the giant rainbow cake, you will be amazed. They also have pancakes, French toast, and eggs. 

  • Eis Greissler

Beware. Once you try the ice cream at Eis Greissler, other ice creams will never taste the same. Their cream comes from their own well-fed cows and they have over 100 flavors. Choose from elderflower to asparagus and goat cheese to pumpkin seed oil. Orange lavender and semolina pancake flavors are amazing, too. 

Vienna is a beautiful city, and you will find so much to do and see, you may be too busy to eat right. But make sure you slow down enough to try one of these fine eateries because they are worth it. Do not miss out on the schnitzel, Kaiserschmarrn, or Schokoladenkuchen while you are in town. 


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