Do CBD Pain Creams Really Work?

CBD or cannabidiol is an ingredient extracted from hemp plants. Unlike THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is another byproduct of the cannabis plant, CBD doesn’t cause any high. Instead, it offers a plethora of health benefits. CBD’s ability to offer pain relief is possibly the most prominent one among them.

Indeed, you can experience amazing results if you opt for CBD products like CBD cigarettes, pens, capsules, and gummies. However, to get rid of the pain completely, you must also use a topical product simultaneously. To be more precise, you should apply a CBD pain cream on your sore body parts every day before you go to bed. If you have severe pain, you can also use the cream during the daytime.

Read on to know how pain cream can help you.

Your Chronic Pain Will Go Away

Individuals with chronic pain cannot expect to get rid of the problem overnight. They need all-round support to defeat the health issue they have for years. If you seek advice from an herbalist, he will recommend several CBD products to offer you complete pain relief.

For example, you will need to consume edibles like gummies or capsules to enjoy long term benefits. CBD vape juice, on the other hand, will offer you instant relief from sudden pain attacks. However, if you want to get rid of pain in a targeted area, you will need to apply a CBD cream.

These creams boast analgesic properties and thus will offer pain relief to the body part you will apply it on. For example, if you have pain in your knee joint, you will need to apply the cream only onto the painful area and within just a few minutes your pain will go away.

This action of the cream will also come in handy if you have acute pain, which is mostly caused by a sprain, fall, or hit.

Are you wondering how CBD creams eliminate pain? Researchers have not yet found the exact factors that make cannabidiol such an amazing remedy for pain relief. However, according to some, CBD’s ability to breakdown the Endocannabinoid anandamide or AEA is the main reason why it is such a powerful pain remedy.

Your Inflammation Will Also Be Gone

Pain in your joints and muscles will typically occur along with some level of inflammation. There are times when the pain goes away but the inflammation stays. You will also face situations when you will find it difficult to get rid of both inflammation and pain. One product that can be your savior in these circumstances is a CBD cream formulated for pain relief. These creams possess the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD and can thus reduce inflammation very quickly.

The CBD Cream Triggers Muscle Relaxation

Do keep a CBD cream handy if you are into an intense workout. When we perform high impact exercises, we often develop minor muscle tears. These injuries might not be serious but often results in excruciating pain. Applying the cream on the painful area can solve the problem within just a couple of days. You will, however, experience pain relief right away.


There are two things you must keep in mind when you buy this pain relief cream. First, you should check the level of THC in the product, and then you will have to check the cream’s potency.

You should not opt for a CBD cream if it contains more than 0.3% of THC. Products that contain excess THC might cause intoxication and eventually trigger health issues instead of health benefits. When it comes to potency, you will get the cream in two potencies, 250mg, and 500mg. You should pick the option with higher potency only if the pain is too severe.

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