Decorating Your Home The Scandinavian Way

Whether you have your own house or are staying in an apartment or condominium unit, it is important to make your home special.  This is particularly true when guests are invited over.  Aside from making them feel welcome, something within us wants visitors to approve of the kind of home we have.

Decorating The Home The Scandinavian Way

One way of achieving warmth and personal pride about our home is to decorate it according to our liking.  Although there are many possible ways of doing so, one particular interior design that can liven up your place is the Scandinavian design.

This home design began in the 1950s.  It is simple yet functional, something that many people today appreciate seeing. The following are 6 things you can do to achieve the look, crafted by professional research paper writers.

1. Incorporate Nature

Nature is everywhere in Scandinavia, so it should be a part of your home design. It is best to use fresh flowers and plants so that your home is filled with life.  Many streets in Scandinavia have flowers of various colors, so try to brighten your home with multiple flower colors as well.

2. Get The Right Furniture

Scandinavian homes use a lot of wood, so aim for wooden fixtures and furniture.  The more modern Scandinavian look, however, includes touches of metal.  These could be metallic legs for the table and chairs or metal lighting fixtures that complement the rest of the home.

3. Avoid Clutter

To achieve the Scandinavian minimalist look, you need to avoid clutter.  Thus, there should be enough cabinet and closet space to keep things out of sight. If possible, these storage spaces should blend in with the house and not attract attention to themselves. And should there be decorations, these should be few.

4. Use Warm Textiles

Since Scandinavia is a very cold region, homes there have rugs, throw blankets, and throw pillows that are made from sheepskin or wool.  These not only help beautify your rooms, but they also keep you warm in the winter or if you love using the air-conditioner a lot.

5. Aim For Neutral Colors And Simple Designs

The Scandinavian color scheme is mainly browns, grays, whites, and black.  So your décor and furniture should generally use these.  It is okay to have some color accents, such as blues or greens, but these should be few.  The wall should also generally be white (or a shade of it) so that the home looks bright.

Patterns in the home should not be too flashy.  Simple geometric shapes should be seen on vases, carpets, throw blankets, and pillows.

6. Ensure There Is A Lot Of Light

The Scandinavian home tries to have a lot of natural light.  This means big, clear windows.  However, if this is not possible in your home, then make sure there is adequate lighting in all parts of your home.


A Scandinavian design makes the homeowner and visitors feel warm, at peace, and alive.  If you would like your apartment, condominium unit, or house to have the same feel, then try the tips above to achieve a Scandinavian home.

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