Living Healthy: Harmful Ingredients to Avoid in Your Supplements

Do you try your best to live healthy and regularly shop for vitamins and supplements? Here are some harmful ingredients to avoid at all costs.

Using nutritional supplements can help you lose weight, gain muscle, enhance your immune system, and generally create a happy, healthier you.

It is very difficult to get all the micro and macronutrients you need from food alone, which is why over half of Americans are taking supplements.

BUT not all supplements are created equal and some of them contain harmful ingredients that will actually have a negative effect on your health.

If you want to know if your current supplement has the right ingredients or want to know which ingredients to avoid when purchasing a new supplement, look no further.

Here is a guide on which ingredients to avoid when taking supplements.

The Controversy of Supplements

The overall economic impact of the supplement industry in the United States is over $122 billion.

With a growing interest and prioritization of our health Americans want to be sure they are doing everything they can to optimize their health.

Who Can Blame Them?

Supplements provide essential and non-essential nutrients that we are sometimes unable to get from our diet especially if you have dietary restrictions or allergies.

To fill in the gaps of our diet we use supplements in the form of pills, drinks, or powders and for the most part, this is a safe and effective way to achieve the macronutrients and micronutrient levels needed for your age, weight, and health goal.

So, What’s The Issue?

As the supplement industry has grown, more products have been added to the market that are not as safe and effective as they advertise.

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is not required to review the safety and efficacy of nutritional supplements like they are with other traditional medications. Therefore, there is a risk that some of the ingredients in supplements can be harmful.

Using supplements incorrectly or using supplements with certain ingredients can increase your risk of liver and other organ damage, reduced bone strength, and even birth defects.

The bottom line – it is important to know what is in your supplements and what to avoid.

Ingredients to Avoid

The best advice I can give when shopping for supplements is to always check the label.

Keep a lookout … Read more

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3 Fashion Tips on What to Wear to Keep You Cool and Comfortable in Summer

Do you know what type of clothing you should be wearing in summer? Read these fashion tips on what to wear in hot weather to stay cool and comfortable.

It’s that time of year again. Get ready to hang up your winter jacket and bring on the warm, sunny weather.

Whether you’re planning to spend some time outdoors or just enjoying the sun shining through your windows, you’ll still want to dress for the heat.

Wondering what to wear in hot weather? Keep reading for some excellent fashion tips on how to keep cool and comfortable, no matter how warm this summer gets.

Tip #1: Go For Lighter Fabrics

The type of fabric you choose is going to have a dramatic impact on how hot you will be in the warm weather. Lighter materials will make sure you are not sweating and ruining your look.

The go-to material in the hot weather is 100 percent cotton. Cotton is very versatile and still allows air to circulate and keep you feeling fresh.

The cotton is also absorbable and will soak up any sweat. The downside with this is it might show the wet marks such as under the arms or back.

Another good option to wear in the summertime is linen. Linen is very lightweight and breathable, making a great addition to any summer look. It can absorb moisture, avoiding any unwanted wet stains.

There is also another attractive option… Wool. Not your standard winter wool but light and airy tropical wool. This fabric is more lightweight and comfortable than other similar materials, and it’s more effective at absorbing and evaporating moisture than synthetics.

Tip #2: Get Creative With Colors

Wearing brighter colors is a fun and effective option for hot weather fashion. During the winter, your standard black, white, grey will suffice, but summer gives you a reason to get creative.

Darker colors, including black, dark blue, and purple, will absorb the heat from the sun and insulate. Light-colored fabric will help reflect the heat and keep cool.

It is recommended to start small if you haven’t worn many colors in the past. Start with a nice brighter colored shirt and go from there. Keep in mind, very few bright colors match and should be carefully selected.

Tip #3: Choose A Cool Style

It is important to … Read more

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Top 5 Menu Design Ideas for a Memorable Restaurant

A great menu design can really make your restaurant stand out. Here are 5 great menu design ideas that are sure to look great.

Did you know that 63% of customers would choose a unique experience over spending money on a physical purchase?

This goes to show you that restaurants that create a themed and catered dining option will attract and retain more consumers.

A great way to enhance your restaurant’s experience is through creative menu design.

Here are 5 menu design ideas that will get your guests excited about your restaurant.

1. Rustic Wood

The best menus design for their audience. If your guests are looking for a casual blast to the past then try a wooden menu.

This rustic design pairs perfectly with dishes and a theme that includes finger foods and classic meat dishes like ribs and other BBQ. Add letter-pressed text to make the menu look authentically hand-made.

2. Newspaper Bistro

Make your design menu big news by placing dish names as must-try headlines. The layout consists of one-page, using blocked sections to draw the eye to popular items.

Large typography and playful puns bring attention to your laid back atmosphere. Guests will love choosing their favorite dish from literary descriptions of delectable dishes.

A “what’s new” section on the best menu designs will bring attention to upcoming items so guests will want to return for a taste.

3. Modern Illustration

Restaurant menu designs that include art are seen as boutique and classy at the same time. You might offer twists on classic meals with a flare of culinary expression.

Use bright colors or black and white to match the decor of your restaurant so your guests we understand your vision. Highlight a local artist to show your connection to the community.

4. Bound Book

Up-scale menu templates like a bound book are reserved for restaurants that have much to offer their guests. They also want to present it in a conservative and pragmatic fashion.

Use leather or faux leather to create a luxurious feel in texture and weight. However, be aware that while it may look like a book, it shouldn’t read like one. Limit your text so that your diner doesn’t get overwhelmed by too many options at once.

Separate your menu into distinctive sections and include a table of contents with … Read more

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The Ultimate Guide To Mesothelioma Statistics, Treatment And Diagnosis Facts

Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos. Here is the ultimate guide to mesothelioma facts statistics, treatment and diagnosis.

1.8 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in 2020. 3000 of these cases will be mesothelioma, a rare cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.

It’s important to find accurate mesothelioma facts and statistics. The disease and its diagnosis rates constantly change. You need accurate information to avoid catching and/or spreading it.

Read our guide to learn all about mesothelioma.

What Is Mesothelioma?

Patients contract mesothelioma from exposure to asbestos. This harmful insulation material used to be common before doctors discovered the negative impact it had on workers’ health.

There are four types of mesothelioma infections. Knowing the difference between them is the best way to protect yourself.

Pleural mesothelioma affects the lining of the lungs. Peritoneal mesothelioma affects the lining of the stomach.

Pericardial mesothelioma affects the lining of the heart. Testicular mesothelioma affects the lining of the testicles.

Mesothelioma is difficult to diagnose because it can go unnoticed in the body for decades. If you’re wondering what are the symptoms of mesothelioma, check here for more on how each type affects the body.

Mesothelioma Facts and Statistics

Arm yourself with accurate mesothelioma statistics and facts to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Mesothelioma is a rare disease, with approximately 1 in 100,000 Americans getting a diagnosis. This is partially because of its ability to hide in the body without causing symptoms.

75% of mesothelioma cases are pleural mesothelioma, making it the most common type.

How long a person lives after being diagnosed with mesothelioma depends on several factors.

The type of mesothelioma affects how likely a person is to recover. Peritoneal mesothelioma has one of the best survival rates as the tumors grow slowly.

The survival rate is 10% when mesothelioma spreads to nearby parts of the body. It decreases to 8% if the cancer spreads further.

10% of people diagnosed with mesothelioma survive for 5 years. This is mainly due to age-related complications when the disease isn’t discovered until late in life. The survival rate jumps to 20% with early detection and surgery.

Mesothelioma rates in the US are decreasing slightly due to stricter regulations on the use of asbestos. Despite this, 20 million people are still at risk … Read more

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Sugar Bear Hair Reviews: Does Sugar Bear Hair Really Work

Sugar bear hair vitamins have become more and more popular. Here are reviews of sugar bear hair: does sugar bear hair really work?

You’ve seen them before. The countless claims from beautiful-haired women that their candy-shaped vitamins completely transformed the look of their hair.

You’ve been skeptical, but you can’t help but be curious. Does Sugar Bear Hair really work?

The short answer is… yes! But don’t just take it from us. Here are some reviews from real people that were curious about these women’s vitamins, too.

Does Sugar Bear Hair Really Work?

Sugar Bear Hair offers everything from women’s multis to sleep vitamins, but the company is best known for its yummy hair vitamins! They’re popular, so they must work, right? These reviews will turn you into a believer.


“After seeing so many of my favorite influencers rave about Sugar Bear Hair vitamins, I decided to try them out for myself. I’m so glad I did! First things first, these little gummies smell and taste exactly like candy. They’re fruity and sweet, and now I actually enjoy taking my hair vitamins (say goodbye to bitter pills)! Not only do they taste great, but I saw promising results after just 30 days!” -Elissa

“When I made my order, I had high hopes and I wasn’t disappointed! My hair is naturally extremely thin and brittle, but after trying Sugar Bear Hair gummies, my hair started feeling thicker and stronger. I’m so happy I decided to try these out!” -Camryn

“I got Sugar Bear Hair vitamins as a birthday gift. I started taking them, not really sure if I’d see a change in my hair, and about a month later I was getting compliments on my hair’s healthy shine. I also noticed that my hair was growing twice as fast with these gummies, which was insane! If you’re trying to grow out your hair, you need these in your life.” -Katy

“I care a lot about what I put in my body. Luckily, Sugar Bear Hair vitamins not only made my hair grow more than an inch within a month, but they’re also packed with other essential vitamins for overall health. I also appreciate that they’re made from real berries and they’re cruelty-free.” -Mary Claire

“Because I use heat on my hair daily, it’s important to me … Read more

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Don’t Ruin Your New Laptop! 6 Laptop Protection Methods to Prevent Damage

Did you get a brand new laptop? The last thing you want is to damage it. Here are 6 effective laptop protection methods to keep your laptop running for years.

Did you know that in 2017 over $100 billion was spent on laptop computers globally? A laptop could be the basis for an entrepreneur’s business. The laboratory for a photographer’s pictures. It is the basis for many people’s daily secular work.

Since laptops are used so extensively, laptop protection is crucial. Falls, theft, or a lack of maintenance could spell serious trouble.

What are the best ways to protect your laptop computer? Why not check out our in-depth guide.

  1. Laptop Casing

The first step in protecting your laptop is to get a bag or case that will protect it. Frequently, laptops are damaged because a person is carrying them incorrectly. This could be in a bag that is not fit for purpose or they simply carry it under their arm. This is a recipe for disaster.

Laptop and MacBook cases are available with so many different designs nowadays. This means that your laptop case does not have to be a fashion nightmare. There are even designs that resemble a large book or another item. This prevents a potential thief from recognizing it as a computer.

Or you may want a good old fashioned laptop bag with padding, pockets and a locking mechanism. The choice is yours. However, every laptop owner should have a laptop bag or case.

  1. Laptop Coverings

Protect the screen and external surfaces of your laptop with a screen protector and tight-fitting cover. A bag or case will prevent the laptop from damage when dropped. A cover will prevent scratches and damage from water entry.

Covering your laptop is especially important if you are concerned about the longevity of your laptop or you are considering its resale value. It not only protects the casing of the laptop from damage but will help to prevent dust from entering vents.

This can over time cause clogging in any moving parts, such as your laptops fan. Eventually, this can lead to a rising temperatures. This can spell disaster for a laptop. Prevent this by covering your laptop from the beginning.

  1. Avoid Consuming Food or Drinks while using Your Laptop

Your laptop is useful for so many things. You use … Read more

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Prevent Financial Mistakes By Implementing Hornet Partners

They don’t know any boundaries If it comes right down to finding the most effective financial adviser. Well, it’s inevitable that Finance runs the planet. Thus, it’s extremely important to get a whole reputable financial adviser from the side to offer you sufficient financial information.

Cash and health are the two facets of a individual’s life. These two play a significant part. There are men and women who get muddled on the notion of paying other people for accepting choices. This occurs due to the kind of thinking:

  • I will do it while creating complicated financial decisions.
  • Along with also the simple fact there are lots of consultants that aren’t able to offer you sensible guidance.

Mistakes That May Be Avoided with the Assistance of all Hornet Partners

In reality, the term adviser itself is a game that is extensive that people take under account. This term includes terms such as’riches supervisors’, and’planners’. Or you can state you will find many others that are advisers and there are. It is tricky to pick the one that is best . Hornet Partners are just one of these, qualified and reputable.

Here are the errors which people make while selecting financial advisors with this keeping in mind.

Confusing Agents With Fiscal planners

Don’t mistake agents as the advisors. Yes, it’s correct that agents are responsible for a component of your budget (just the investment component ), however they’re not responsible of the entire fiscal plan. A specialist advisor has the ability to do so.

Neglecting The Desktop Test

Most people neglect to do a background check to the individuals they employ. Bear in mind that’s the reason you’re currently choosing a professional advisor and you have a great deal at stake. Don’t allow your work go by employing an adviser.

Not Draining The Stipulations

It is important that you understand the terms and conditions Prior to finalizing the agreement with. This will offer a crystal very good idea about exactly what work is going to be finished and for what function you’re likely to pay him to you.

Thinking His Words

Whether there are individuals claiming they are consultants and asserting how great they can be and how they’ve helped their customers to produce the gain. It is much better to steer clear of that sort of individual. Means of … Read more

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5 Private Finance Mistakes Young Professionals Must Avoid: A Expert Evaluation From Ladder Advisors

Managing finances is harder than it seems. While individuals are currently getting more, they’re also raising. We take a look at the 5 private finance errors, from not having sufficient savings.

Why Young Professionals wind up making Private Finance Mistakes?

Imagine you’ve just completed your College. You’ve been put using a multinational company. Each month You’re earning a great deal of money. You feel the need to spend on items and purchase things, that you didn’t have become.

We’re speaking exotic vacations PlayStation, Michelin celebrity dinners and a great deal more. Within each week, you discover you’ve exhausted your paycheck. What exactly are you going to perform?

Many men and women make the mistake of out them and using credit cards. The outcome?

You begin a cycle of money . It’s necessary that everybody ought to have a grasp on how they’re tackling their private financing . You need to avoid debt.

In another segment, we will look at five errors regarding debt and finance, which professionals create.

Ladder Advisors List of the Best 5 Private Finance Mistakes to Prevent

!1. Not creating a Monthly Budget to your expenses

Organizing a budget does not enable plan spending but also contributes to discipline. Building a invoice provides you a sense about what’s a vital spending place, and everything, is a luxury.

By way of instance, rent, transportation, grocery store could possibly be a part of your spends. While eating in that recently eating or purchasing a boy, opened restaurant down the road may be a luxury.

!2. Misusing your Charge Card

Folks should think as an avenue of a charge card. In current times, it becomes number one visit paying spree. It’s essential to prevent turning our charge card use.

You ought to avoid frequent flyer points, additional points, cash backs, lounge access along with reductions, which charge card businesses use as bait.

!3. Not Purchasing Little Savings

However much we make we’ll begin saving. It doesn’t make any difference just exactly how much you’ll save. The aim must be to inculcate a habit of preserving. This may assist you in life in addition to act as a way to obtain taxation advantages.

Every saving ought to have a objective. It may be the automobile that was the fantasy, or even the you are eyeing. Start small in … Read more

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9 Thoughtful Gifts For A Friend Who’s Having A Hard Time

It can be hard to see a friend go through a rough time.

Whether they’ve just been dumped or they’re dealing with a hard time at work, it can be tough to know how to help. Flowers may seem cheesy, and a card can feel a little too impersonal. How can you reach out to your friend and let them know that you care?

Thoughtful gifts are the answer- and that’s exactly what we’ll be looking at today.

In this blog post, we’ve collected our top 9 gift ideas to give to a friend who’s suffering. No matter whether you’re shopping for a makeup guru, a health and fitness lover or an astrology fan, we’ve got you covered.

Self Care Gift Set

To start off with, a self care kit is a great way to encourage your friend to look after themselves. Caring for yourself can be hard when you’re going through a rough time, so this is a thoughtful gift to give. Products like this Burt’s Bees set are bound to be popular nowadays.

Premium Water Bottle

If your friend is sporty and enjoys the outdoors, why not get them something in this vein to make their day even easier? A high quality water bottle that can withstand being used all day is a great present to receive. We’re big fans of this stainless steel water bottle from Kool 8, as it looks to be durable yet stylish.


Is your friend spending a lot of time indoors? Have they lost a lot of interest in things that they once enjoyed? Getting them a DIY kit could be a great way to gently encourage them to be productive, and to help them improve their mental health overall. Gardening can be a peaceful hobby to pick up, so we’d suggest this DIY Rainbow Veg kit.

Gift Hamper

If you’re struggling to find specific gift ideas that you think your friend will enjoy, a themed gift hamper or treat box will do the trick nicely. You could buy one online, or put together your own. Take a look at this Positive ‘Focus On You’ Gift Box to get some ideas on how to do this.

Quirky Planter

If you know that your friend is dealing with a lot of stress or anxiety, getting them a plant could … Read more

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Everything You Need To Know About CBD Infused Lubricant

Just when you think the CBD popularity explosion couldn’t get any wilder, you find out that CBD infused sex lube is a real thing that exists.

We’re using oils, creams, vape pens, gummies bears, and even lattes, so why not? As it turns out, there are some very specific benefits to putting CBD in lubricants that can enhance sexy time for both partners. 

CBD oil has been said to alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and even chronic pain, among other things. According to Forbes Magazine, a large part of why CBD became so popular is the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which essentially legalized the production of industrial hemp which took it from taboo to agricultural.

Now scientists in the US have more freedom to test CBD and find out once and for all if all the health claims are valid. As legal CBD is finding its way into more and more every-day products, it’s easy to see how it made the leap into our bedrooms. 

Why Would We Want To Infuse Lubricant With CBD? 

CBD stands for cannabidiol, an organic compound found in hemp and cannabis plants. While hemp-derived CBD contains trace amounts of THC, its legal status has been shaky due to its association with marijuana.

As laws loosen around the world, scientists have been able to explore the medical benefits of this compound that acts upon the human body’s own endocannabinoid system that regulates movement, mood, sex drive, pain, inflammation, and more.

According to the BBC, CBD is now legal in both the UK and in the US. Now that you know a little about CBD, let’s go over some basic reasons that CBD and lubricant might make a great pair. 

  • CBD can help balance your mood, helping you to relax. When you are more relaxed, your body becomes more receptive to sexual feelings. It could help one or both partners get “in the mood” for love and make it easier to climax. 
  • Adding CBD to lube might increase sensitivity leading to stronger orgasms. 
  • CBD is a natural pain reliever. Sad but true, many people experience some level of pain with sex. This can be caused by things like vaginismus, PCOS, or general irritation. Add CBD to lubricant can help ease some of this discomfort.
  • CBD acts as a vasodilator, which
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