Why London is One of the Best Cities in the World for Eating, Drinking and Socialising

There are plenty of reasons why London is one of the best places in the world for eating, drinking and socialising.

From its thriving nightlife scene to its huge variety of restaurants and bars, there’s something for everyone in London.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet drink with friends or a wild night out on the town, London has you covered.

It literally has it all.

Now don’t get us wrong, there are of course some incredible venues all over the world.

But when it comes to great venues easily accessible in one area, then London is up there with the best.

The Continental Club in Oakland is a seriously cool venue in the Bay Area, but there’s not too much around it that can compare. That’s a similar situation for so many great venues in the world.

The argument here is that London is one of the best places for socialising.

Let’s explore why…

The Coffee Is Great

When it comes to socialising coffee must be included in the discussion.

So many people meet friends over a coffee.

Business meetings are conducted in cafes.

People rely on coffee to get them through the day.

London is home to some of the best coffee roasteries in the world and there are literally thousands of cafés dotted around the city.

It’s Multi-Cultural

London welcomes nationalities from all over the world, which has caused so many different cuisines to open in the city.

Restaurants in Vauxhall for example are home to many Brazilian and Portuguese restaurants.

Chinatown in Soho serves the best dumplings outside of Asia.

The markets go out their way to have different vendors representing flavours from all over the world.

Every Type Of Restaurant Is Covered

From the best restaurants for dating to restaurants with a view, every type of restaurant is covered in London.

Whatever you’re in the mood for you’ll find somewhere that’s absolutely perfect.

There are also many sites like Bloc Nearby that makes is super easy to find the venues you want to attend.

London Has Great Traditions

Eating, drinking and socialising is engrained in the culture in the UK, and especially London.

There are so many incredible traditions like going for an amazing roast on a Sunday, hitting a beer garden in Richmond on a sunny day and post work pints in … Read more

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Quick Buying Guide for Home Bar Furniture

Setting up a nice bar in your home can be challenging albeit exciting. Getting to pick the right furniture pieces and arranging them in the right place can be tough.

While most homes don’t come with an already setup bar, you can transform your dining area into a modern bar with chairs and tables. Instead of just going ahead to shop for wine bar furniture online, we recommend that you read this quick buying guide to know how to set up this bar.

Setting up the Home Bar

When we talk about home bars, we are talking about some set of complementary furniture that is put together. In most cases, it includes a stand, table, and some stools. These pieces usually match in height and materials.

While it is easy to purchase a complete set, doing so will not allow you to be creative. Hence, when setting up, ensure that you consider the size of the bar sets. This is important because they can be very large. You should also give room for walking and allow the windows and doors in the area to open freely.

Start with the Stands

These are pieces of tall furnishing that function as serving stations for entrees and drinks. There should be a bartender space on one of the sides where a storage area for glassware, bottles, and other necessary items will be kept.

Some sets that are more dedicated and bigger can be set up to have a mini-fridge space and sink. Visit https://www.omnitecsystems.com/ to find out the difference between a minibar and a small fridge. If you want a bar to serve primarily as a drinking and eating quick station, you can just set up one stand that has some stools.

Include Tables

If you want a wonderful dining room substitute, you can get a bar table. Compared to dining tables, these are smaller but similar and extend a foot higher or thereabout.

These pieces of furniture were inspired by traditional cafes in Europe. Hence, the stools are perfect for enjoying either a quick meal or comfort in comfort and style.

You should always purchase the table first before you get chairs because getting stools that will match the height of the table is much easier than doing it otherwise.

If you opt for glass-top tables, these can be … Read more

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The Lowdown on Essential Oils and How to Use Them: Embrace the Power of Nature

For many people, natural remedies are the best way to relieve pain and treat some minor health conditions. And when it comes to natural remedies, some of the most popular ones are essential oils. As you may have noticed, it’s impossible to scroll through social media without seeing a video or reading a post about essential oils and their power to cure everything – from headaches to sleep to sore throats. This may have led you to wonder if essential oils really work? The truth is, when used in a safe manner, these concentrate plant-based oils can have a positive impact on your health and well being. 

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are plant-derived extracts that capture the aroma and flavour of the plant, or as the name indicates, its essence. The extract can be obtained whether by distillation (the most common method) or expression. 

With the distillation method, pressured steam circulates through the plant until the aromatic component is freed from it and then carried away by the steam. Once the steam cools, the water and oils separate from each other and the oil is then collected.

With the expression method, the oils are extracted from the skins of citrus fruits. Also called cold pressure, this process is often used to extract citrus oils due to their intolerance to heat. 

Not only have essential oils been used for centuries by ancient civilisations, but they are also now scientifically recognised for their benefits in terms of health, beauty and well-being. By mixing them, it’s possible to create unique aromatic combinations tailored to specific needs, such as increasing immunological defences, relaxation, stimulation, joint and muscular pain alleviation, etc.

How to Choose Essential Oils 

Now that you know what are essential oils, let’s talk about how to choose them. Ask any essential oils expert and they will tell you that only pure essential oils will bring you the benefits you are after. The problem is, essential oils are an unregulated industry, which means their quality and composition can vary greatly. Many brands claim that their oils are “pure”, but considering that these terms aren’t universally defined, this can’t be taken into consideration. 

In order to find the best oils, you need to consider their purity, quality and reputation. Look for oils that contain only aromatic plant compounds and Read more

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Committing To Your Spring Bike Rides In 2022

Spring is the season of new life and sunshine. If you’ve forgotten about your new year’s resolutions, take the opportunity of daylight savings and better weather to get cruiser bikes and enjoy some recreation and relaxation this year.

Cycling is a great way to get exercise and to save money on gas while reducing your carbon footprint. Make this spring the season for getting outdoors on your bike. Explore your community while burning calories.

Blocking Off Time On Your Calendar

If you want to make a commitment to exercise this year, the first step is to make it a priority. It’s easy to overlook things that never make it on the schedule.

Plan your bike rides each day by putting it on your schedule. When you do have to make decisions about your routine, you have the option to reschedule or not.

Your calendar is a good reminder of your priorities. While you’re adding your bike rides to your schedule, remember to plan regular bike maintenance on your women’s single speed cruiser bike. Taking care of your bike increases your overall enjoyment and safety throughout the year.

Embracing Biking As A Morning Routine

If you’re not a morning person, you may be wondering why anyone would want to get out of bed and hit the pavement on a bike, but it’s one of the best times to ride.

Mornings suck less when you do something you love, like riding a bike. You may even be able to kick that morning cup of coffee habit that isn’t good for you. Mornings are a little cooler, so wear layers, but enjoy the freedom of the road when there’s less traffic.

You’ll be less likely to over schedule your mornings, so you can look forward to biking every day.

Biking can help set the tone for the day. Not only do you get to enjoy a beautiful sunrise while you’re riding in the morning, but you can also clear your head to focus on the important things.

When you make good decisions to start the day, it helps you feel like you can conquer the rest of your tasks. Exercise is out of the way, so everything else is easy by comparison. By getting your ride early, you won’t have to save enough energy to exercise after work, when your … Read more

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6 Tips for Decompressing and Lowering Your Stress Levels

Life is stressful. Between work, family and other responsibilities, it’s easy to get bogged down in emails, phone calls, text messages, errands, meetings, your kids’ practices… The list goes on and on. Unfortunately, while chronic stress is a normal part of many people’s lives, it isn’t healthy. Being stressed out all the time jeopardizes your health and increases your risk of heart disease, weight gain, headaches, digestive problems, depression, anxiety and a variety of other potentially serious issues.

While you probably can’t eliminate all of the stressors in your life, you can learn healthy ways of coping with them. Decompressing and lowering your stress levels are crucial steps in maintaining a healthy, well-balanced life. Fortunately, there are a lot of easy ways to do that. From taking up relaxing and rewarding hobbies like landscape diamond painting to making exercise a daily habit, there are lots of options. In this article, we’ll be sharing a few tips for decompressing and lowering your stress levels. Let’s get started!

  1. Take Up a Creative Hobby

Arts and crafts offer numerous mental health benefits. Simply by making something, you can boost your self-esteem and gain a sense of accomplishment. In addition, the repetitive nature of many crafts allows your brain to enter a zen-like meditative state where stress and worry melt away.

If you are new to the crafting world and are unsure where to start, diamond painting is an excellent option. It is appropriate for people of all ages and abilities, even if you have never completed an art or craft project before. All you need to do is place colored resin “diamonds” in the designated spots on a pre-printed, self-adhesive canvas; thus, creating spectacular, display-worthy art. Diamond art project comes in a kit with everything you need to complete a shimmering, three-dimensional, masterpiece that’s ready to display, give as a gift or even sell.

The benefits of diamond painting are numerous. In addition to being easy enough for people of all ages to enjoy doing, it’s a great hobby if you are looking for a way to mentally escape from day-to-day stress. Many diamond painters report entering a relaxed, meditative state while engaged in this hobby. And, due to its simplicity, painting with diamonds can even serve as a way to help kids unwind.

  1. Spend Time with a Furry

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Debunking the Most Common Sneakerhead Myths That Exist Today

Are you an aspiring sneakerhead? Do you dream of having a closet full of sneakers?

If so, you’ve likely heard some crazy sneakerhead myths. You might have heard others mocking this lifestyle and wondering why there’s such a craze to collect sneakers.

But sneakers are valuable assets just as luxury goods are. There are many great reasons to build up a valuable sneaker collection.

Let’s look into some of the most common sneakerhead myths that you’ve probably come across.

Sneakers Don’t Hold Long-Term Value

This is perhaps the most absurd myth that causes aspiring sneakerheads to give up before they begin!

Take a moment to think about the Air Force 1, one of the most in-demand sneakers among sneakerheads and the average consumer. It’s a sneaker that transcends age groups and subcultures.

But do you know how long the Air Force 1 has been around? It was released in 1982 and has been consistently in production since 1986. This is a testament to its long-term value.

The truth is, many luxury brands will lose their luster. Tom Ford has surpassed Yves Saint Laurent. One can argue that Dolce & Gabbana holds more weight than Gucci or Louis Vuitton ever had.

But the Air Force 1 or Air Jordans remain popular to this day. You can invest in an affordable sneaker such as the Puma Future Rider and you might get a great ROI in a few years.

Sneakerheads Won’t Pay Top Dollar

Have you considered buying sneakers to re-sell at a later stage? You’re likely wondering whether you’ll be able to make a great profit.

For example, if you buy a sneaker worth $100 today, how much will it be worth a year from now? You don’t want to invest in sneakers if they don’t promise a great profit margin.

Luckily, many sneakers are worth top dollar and sneakerheads are more than willing to pay for them. There are limited-edition sneakers that range from $2,000 to $10,000!

Many re-sellers managed to turn a great profit upon the release of Kanye West’s Yeezy sneaker collection.

You’ll also find that there’s a great proportion of buyers willing to pay top dollar for sneakers than there are buyers for luxury goods.

Mainstream Sneakers Don’t Use Leather

Whenever you’re investing in fashion products, you want to ensure that you’re buying quality … Read more

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The 5 Most Serious Effects Of Drugs Addiction On Family Members

Drug addiction is something that affects the individual or the person who is consuming, but it affects the whole family and friends. Drug addiction makes a person worse in the sense of both mentally and physically and seeing a person getting worse day by day is not easy.

Drug addiction ruins the peace and love in the family’s relationship and negatively impacts the family. The only solution to get rid of drug addiction is Orange county rehab centers; it helps the addict to get the best advanced and specialized drug treatment programs.

Five Most Severe Effects Of Drug Addiction On Family Members

  1. Serious impact on children: If a person is going through any drug addiction, the effects and disorders are going to have a harmful impact on the children. Sometimes, in the case of single-parent households, the children don’t have anyone to turn to.When the parents are involved in the addiction, they will be too busy consuming drugs and other substances. So they get distracted from the parental responsibilities. This type of irresponsibility leads to a lack of children’s education and not providing proper meals.
  2. Lost of trust: In a relationship, trust plays a major role; it helps the association keep going. Drug addiction leads the person to end the trust by lying to their loved ones, making unfulfilled promises, and making excuses. This can cause frustration and distrust in the relationship. Frustration leads to anger, and it brings to the ending of a relationship with family and friends.
  3. Physical and emotional abuse occurs: when the person is in addiction, the drug takes every control of the body and mind. This leads to changes in behavior and actions. Simple arguments or disagreements may lead to a big fight. Sometimes a situation may arise where physical abuse may begin. Most of the time, the drug addicts make wrong decisions that lead the whole family to the problem, and that causes emotional damage to the family. The addict loses the love and affection from the children. Due to this, the addict goes into depression and gets emotionally broken.
  4. Financial problems: This is the most common problem seen in drug addicts’ families. Drugs addiction is very costly and requires money as well as time. Due to drug addiction, the drug addict often loses their jobs, and that causes financial problems. A
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Mermaid Painting Examples That Will Take Your Breath Away

It would not be wrong to say that most of us were introduced to the world of mermaids by Disney’s Ariel. The extremely beautiful redhead is the innocent heroine of the story, who overcomes every obstacle to finally meet the love of her life.

Mermaids are mythical creatures with a human upper body and lower half of a fish, with fins. They are often portrayed as innocent and beautiful beings. However, according to myths, they are the vixens of the sea and symbolize the danger of destruction. In the legends, mermaids are painted as monsters under the shroud of innocence, luring the sailors to their death.

Painters and artists have always been fascinated by such mythical creatures. Throughout decades, artists from around the globe have played with their colours and brushes to craft amazing mermaid paintings. Let’s look into five mind-blowingly beautiful mermaid paintings that will take your breath away.

The Mermaid – Howard Pyle

Howard Pyle was one of America’s most famous illustrators and storytellers. Painted with the style of romanticism, “The Mermaid” is not only Howard Pyle’s most famous artwork, but it is also equally mysterious. Pyle left the U.S. without completing the painting to travel to Europe. Unfortunately, Howard Pyle never returned and passed away in Florence, Italy. The painting was later finished by Pyle’s student, who added Fish and crab to the scene.

Talking about the painting, it looks like a scene from a fantasy tale – the mermaid emerges from the depths of the sea to save the shipwrecked man. The American illustrator completely justified the moment between the two subjects of the painting, as their pale bodies locked in an embrace under the moonlit sky.

The real mystery of the painting lies in the relationship between the mermaid and the sailor. Is it an affectionate goodbye as the mermaid saved the sailor from the wreck? Or is the sailor unconscious, and the mermaid is trying to place him on the rock? With all the mysteries involved, the painting is surely one of the famous mermaid paintings of all time.

A Mermaid – John William Waterhouse

A setting of fantastic eroticism and striking beauty, “A Mermaid” by John William Waterhouse had to be on the list. The painting takes inspiration from Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem, “The Mermaid.” Especially the lines: “Who Read more

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Hair Loss? Here’s How You Manage It

People have been facing hair thinning issues globally, irrespective of their ages. It has already become a severe concern that you’re in dire need of getting back your previous hair volume! So, how to manage your hair loss issue? From consuming galore of water to de-stressing and exercising, here are the best-in-class tips to control hair thinning problems. Let’s check out the top 5 ways!

1.    Wash And Condition Your Hair Strands And Follicles Without Disturbing It

Your fragile and damaged hair is prone to fall out. Now, you can protect your hair density by maintaining an ideal hair washing routine. However, as per the dermatologist’s recommendation, finding the best shampoo for hair loss helps strengthen the hair strands and retain the moisturizer. After shampooing your hair, apply a mild conditioner that minimizes split ends and breakage issues.

2.    Apply Coconut Oil For Fragile Hair

Extra virgin coconut oil or any standard coconut oil might help reduce hair loss symptoms that happen due to the UV light penetration. Therefore, take a certain amount of coconut oil into your palm and gently massage your scalp.

Doing this 2-3 times a week will help reinforce hair, and you will gradually see the effect that it prevents hair damage.

3.    Consume Protein

Our hair follicles are built with a protein named Keratin. Therefore, the shortage of Keratin in our hair strand leads to excessive hair loss. The 2017th study has demonstrated that 100 people with severe hair fall issues are found enormous nutritional scarcity, including amino acids, known as the protein’s building blocks.

Hence, consuming a diet loaded with protein might help prevent hair loss. Some of the most extensive healthy choices include eating nuts, peas, fish, turkey, eggs, beans, and chicken.

4.    Apply Onion Juice To The Scalp

Onion juice has been used as the oldest yet most efficient home remedy for managing hair fall. Therefore, applying onion juice to scalp positively impacts both men and women as it contains sulfur. It’s a top-notch beauty mineral found in the onion juice that promotes hair growth.

Moreover, it provides vital micronutrients, such as folate, potassium, vitamin-C, B6. A research confirmed that 80% of the participants applying onion juice for 6 weeks saw drastic hair improvements.

5.    Stop Hair Perming, Coloring, And Chemical Straightening

Do you love to color your hair? Don’t … Read more

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How To Achieve Youthful Skin?

Who wouldn’t like to have glowing, youthful skin at all times, no matter what their age? But aging is inevitable, and at some point in our life, old age will start showing in the way we look and, most importantly, in our skin. And it is not just the skin of your face that you should be worried about but also your hands, arms, feet, and neck.

However, the good news is that we can still hold on to that youthful, beautiful skin with proper care and keep away those signs of aging for a much longer time. Your skin needs pampering from inside and outside to prevent damage due to a range of factors such as exposure to the sun, stress, and a bad diet.

Thankfully, there are some ways to slow the aging process. Here are some useful tips on how to keep that youthful-looking skin for a much longer time and let everyone keep guessing your age.

Follow a daily skincare routine– Use quality products when following a good skincare routine and make it your daily habit. Use a gentle cleanser and exfoliant and apply lather body butter and serums based on your skin type and needs. Daily care and moisturizing increase the skin’s elasticity and youthfulness.

Protect your skin – Stay out of the sun as much as you can and if your profession demands you to be outside, then use a strong SPF-based cream. Use an SPF of at least 30 to block both UVA and UVB rays, and make sure you wear sunscreen every day.

Drink lots of waterHydrate your skin, and it means drinking 1.5 liters of water or six to eight glasses every day to keep the skin refreshed and healthy. As dehydration can cause the skin to look dry and encourage wrinkles, keeping it well hydrated to prevent wrinkles and aging is a must.

A healthy diet – Your skin needs nourishment both from outside and inside, and that is possible only if you follow a healthy lifestyle. So, get moving, eat healthily, and stay away from alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Consume foods rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, and it means eating loads of green vegetables and seasonal fruits.

Regular exercise– Exercising is a great way to improve the quality of your kin. … Read more

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