How To Use Peppermint Oil For Headaches

There’s nothing worse than enduring throbbing pain because of a headache. Even more so when it happens in the middle of your workday and you’re overwhelmed with deadlines. If you’re one to shy away from over-the-counter medicines for pain relief, you’ve probably tried using alternatives to help with your headache. If yes, have you tried using peppermint oil as a remedy?

The Benefits Of Peppermint Oil

Essential oils like peppermint are highly concentrated substances derived from plant elements such as roots, barks, leaves, flowers, and stems. Perhaps among the most popular uses of these oils is in aromatherapy since some believe essential oils help improve circulation and reduce stress. The health benefits of these oils don’t come with alarming side effects that often concern those who prefer not to take the usual medications. (1) (2)

For this reason, people suffering from headaches and migraines turn to peppermint oil for relief. The body’s smell receptors connected to the limbic system can quickly absorb the oil, thus helping in controlling blood pressure, heart rate, stress, and breathing. (1)

Whether taken topically or orally, peppermint can help alleviate the symptoms of different types of headaches, whether migraines or those caused by anxiety, hangovers, hormones, stress, or tension. Other benefits of peppermint oil include helping with conditions such as toothaches, itchiness, allergic rash, cramps, respiratory and sinus infections, coughs, muscle pain, and menstrual problems. (2)

Using Peppermint Oil For Headaches

Pure and organic peppermint oil is the best if you want to make the most out of its benefits, especially for alleviating headaches. You can tell by checking if the oil has been steam-pressed or cold-pressed because that means the product contains pure peppermint. As much as possible, steer clear from solvent-pressed oils because those usually contain added ingredients such as propane, acetone, and alcohol. (3)

To use peppermint oil for headaches, here are some tips and suggestions:

  • Add a few drops to your bath 

Perhaps you already know one trick that could help ease headaches, and that’s to take a cold bath. To make it even more effective, try adding a few drops of peppermint oil to your bath to boost its relaxing and calming benefits. Make sure you dilute the oil first before adding. (3)

If you’re like most people who suffer from terrible migraines and headaches, you probably don’t … Read more

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The Importance of a Gynecologist

Everybody wants to have a long and healthy life. In addition to self-care, the assistance of medical professionals is necessary. A primary care physician and a dentist are the minima you should see regularly. An optometrist is also a good idea and depending on your personal health issues, perhaps a dermatologist or chiropractor would be helpful. For women, reproductive health should never be neglected and for that reason, regular appointments with a gynecologist are essential to good health.

The Job of a Gynecologist

A gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in women’s reproductive health. They can offer helpful advice on issues such as terminating a pregnancy, abortion pill reversal, and birth control.  Women of childbearing years, generally between about 15 and 45, should be making regular gynecological visits, although they can begin as young as 13 in the early years of puberty.

The gynecologist cares for the parts of the female body connected to reproduction and childbearing. These include the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and breasts. They perform examinations, diagnose, and treat problems in these areas.

Regular Checkups

A woman should see her gynecologist for a checkup once a year until the age of 29. From 30 and up, the visits can occur every other year. The gynecologist will check for lumps in the breasts. Along with mammograms, these checkups can find breast cancer early on when it is more treatable.

The doctor will also perform a vaginal examination, looking for signs of cervical or uterine cancer. A pap smear will also be performed. This is a collection of cells from inside the cervix that can be examined for cancer or other problems. The vulva is also carefully examined. Your regular checkups allow your gynecologist to give you a clean bill of reproductive health. Early detection of health problems will allow treatment to begin in the early stages when the chance of full recovery is highest.

Other Reason to See a Gynecologist

In addition to regular checkups, there are other reasons it is recommended that you make an appointment with your gynecologist. These include:

  • You want an STD screening after unprotected casual sex.
  • Your menstrual cycle is unusually heavy or otherwise different than normal.
  • You are experiencing pain in the pelvis, stomach, vagina during menstruation.
  • You have been experiencing unusual discharge from the vagina or detecting unusual
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Tips for Getting the Most Out Of Your Recovery From Addiction

If you are struggling with addiction, whether it be alcohol, prescription drugs or any other type of drug addiction, you need to get help at a rehab facility. Rehab is almost always the best way for someone who has been abusing substances to overcome their addiction and start on the path to recovery from substance abuse.

However, rehabilitation is a process that takes time and commitment. It’s not an easy task to get back on your feet after years of addiction, but with the right steps, it can be done. Here are some tips for getting the most out of rehab:

Go in prepared.

When you enter rehab, be prepared to work hard. This is not a vacation; it’s a time for you to focus on getting better. You will have to attend therapy sessions, group meetings, and classes, all while adhering to the rules of the facility. While you will probably be allowed certain freedoms, there will also be set requirements that you will have to abide by.

Be honest with yourself and your therapist.

One of the most important things you can do in rehab is be honest with yourself and your therapist. If you are not truthful, then you will not be able to get the most out of rehab. You need to be completely open and willing to talk about your addiction and why you started using substances in the first place.

Have an open mind.

You will be in a facility with others who are also struggling with addiction. This can be a difficult thing to face, but it’s important to have an open mind and be willing to learn from them as they are all at different points in their own journey towards recovery. You may find that you can help others as they help you.

Make a commitment to recovery.

Recovery from addiction is something that requires a very heavy and dedicated commitment. It’s not something that you focus on for a few weeks or months and then find complete success with. You must make a commitment to recovery and be willing to work hard every day to stay sober.

Get involved in outside support groups.

One of the best things about rehab is that it provides a supportive environment where you can focus on your recovery. However, after you … Read more

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Looking For Mental Health Rehab in Rhode Island

The smallest state in the U.S., Rhode Island is one state that has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic. In February 2021 alone, over 41% of the population reported having symptoms of anxiety and depression. If you are struggling with your mental health, Rhode Island offers a number of great mental health rehab options. The state has both inpatient and outpatient facilities, as well as many private practices. However, finding the right rehab can be daunting. Here are some tips to help you find the best option for you:

Don’t Try To Do It Alone

It can be really difficult to admit that you need help and even harder to ask for it. But don’t try to do it alone. Talk to your friends and family, or reach out to a mental health professional for help.

Determine Your Budget

The first step is to determine what you can afford. The price can vary widely based on what type of treatment you need. There are a variety of inpatient facilities that are relatively affordable, but they will still cost you an average of $14,000 or more for a 30-day stay. If you don’t need the level of care that inpatient rehabs offer, there are also a number of outpatient facilities that are much more affordable.

Also, keep in mind that luxury treatment facilities offer upgraded amenities, more holistic treatment options, and a better staff-to-patient ratio, but they also cost a lot more money. They may, however, be advantageous if you can establish a connection with the activities and therapies that can ease the process of rehabilitation.

Decide What You Need

When looking for rehab in Rhode Island, one of the most important things to do is set clear treatment goals for yourself. What do you want to accomplish in rehab? Do you need help with addiction, mental health issues, or both?

Once you know what you need, it will be easier to find a facility that can meet your needs. There are a number of facilities that offer dual diagnosis treatment for people who struggle with addiction and mental health issues.

Check The Licensing Of Facilities

Before you choose a rehab facility, it is important to check the licensing of the providers. In Rhode Island, all mental health professionals and facilities are licensed by the Department of … Read more

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Benefits Of Using Blue Light Blocking Glasses

With the current technological advancements, people spend most of their time using different digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, or television. According to reports, adults spend about six hours in front of digital screens while children, especially teens, spend an average of seven hours a day. Blue light can have a negative impact on your eye health and can also bring about musculoskeletal and physiological issues. Below are some of the top benefits of using blue light blocking devices.

Spending Less Time on Your Screen

The cheapest way to avoid exposure to blue light is by rescheduling the time you spend on your screen. This means you avoid staying on blue light screens as far as you can as it will lower the chances of you coming into contact with blue light. Instead of being on your computer, you can try reading a book which is a healthy alternative. If the work you do can’t give yourself time away from the computer screen, try using blue-light-blocking glasses every time you are in front of the screen. These glasses come in a variety of types, such as the standard blue light blocking glasses and the blue light filter reading glasses that are specifically designed to filter out potentially harmful blue light from all digital devices screens.

Less Eye Strain

Looking at the blue light screen all day can negatively affect your brain, especially making you feel stressed, or you may end up experiencing eye and muscle strain. Medics have come with ways of rectifying this using ergonomic adjustments, which can help reduce the muscle issues associated with sitting and looking at the screen all day long. Additionally, blue-light-blocking glasses significantly help reduce eye strain.

Exceeding amounts of blue light consumption are likely to make it difficult to focus completely on the screen by straining your eyes. On the contrary, blue light glasses help increase contrast on your screen, making it easier to focus and reduce eye strain.

Improved Quality of Sleep

Researchers have found a connection of lack of sleep to most people who spend the last minutes of their day on digital devices screen before they go to bed. Digital devices like sunrays contain some shortwaves, which delay the release of melatonin, a hormone associated with assisting you to sleep when they come into contact with your … Read more

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7 Reasons to Get Invisalign Today

Invisalign is an exceptional procedure that assists patients in straightening their crooked teeth. This is the point at which you will be required to use clear aligners. These are not metal braces and have a far more attractive look.

The majority of individuals choose transparent aligners since they are almost unnoticeable. Your aligners will be designed to fit your teeth perfectly. The top orthodontist will next correct your teeth using these plastic aligners.

1. It’s Subtle

You are never technically too old for Invisalign or braces. However, some people may be hesitant to have conventional metal braces out of fear of self-consciousness. If discretion is a priority, Invisalign is the solution.

Although they are not invisible, they would need a detailed examination of your mouth to be seen. Most patients indicate that they wear their aligners to work or school without anybody noticing.

2. You’ll Obtain Outstanding Results

Another reason some individuals are hesitant to utilize Invisalign is concern about the quality of the results. Since metal braces have been the industry norm for decades, can transparent plastic aligners provide the same function?

Yes! Invisalign braces offer moderate pressure to the teeth to trigger a natural process known as bone remodeling. This process enables the bone and soft tissues that support the teeth to migrate and rebuild gradually. Your teeth are locked into their new, straight alignment after the procedure. This is the same method as with conventional metal braces.

Indeed, when comparing before and after photographs, it’s hard to discern who had metal braces and who wore Invisalign.

3. You Will Not Be Required to Alter Your Diet

Another significant advantage of Invisalign is that you do not need to adjust your diet. Metal braces require you to give up a variety of foods you like. Gum, sticky sweets, popcorn, crunchy veggies, and chewy meats all fall within this category.

Essentially, you should abstain from anything that is very crunchy, chewy, sticky, or hard until your braces are removed. Due to the removable nature of Invisalign braces, you may continue to eat all of your favorite meals and snacks. Simply take out your aligners before each meal and reinstall them afterward.

4. Invisalign Is Less Expensive

Let’s address the last impediment that may be holding you back: the expense of Invisalign. Are you afraid that having your … Read more

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5 Ways to Get Healthy While Living in Vermont

Did you know that Vermont is the best place to live in America?

Well, that’s not purely our opinion.

A 2018 CNBC report gave Vermont the first spot as the best state to live in America. The study gauged various states across different metrics, and the Green Mountain State came out on top.

Here’s the thing, Vermont topping that list wasn’t a fluke. It’s truly a fantastic destination and one of the best places to settle down.

Aside from the best place to live accolade, Vermont was also named the healthiest state by America’s Health Rankings annual report. The state has a solid commitment to improving its health sector and growing its economy.

The Green Mountain State can be the place that motivates you to lead a good, healthy lifestyle.

Check out these five ways to get healthy while living in Vermont:

1.    Explore the Natural World

Vermont is a beautiful state with a unique outdoor experience. The northern region boasts the sprawling Lake Champlain, ski sites, and rich woods.

The rest of the state is filled with sightseeing nooks, mountain vistas, and unique small towns. If you’re a nature lover or an outdoor person, you’ll be in your element.

The state is one of the least populated, with a beautiful natural landscape. And considering nature is therapeutic, exploring the Green Mountain State can be what you need to boost your physical and mental health.

2.    Engage With People

Different regions of Vermont have different approaches to life, especially if you compare the cities and the towns. However, most Vermonters share many values, including hard work, peace, and live-and-let-live attitudes.

The sense of community among Vermonters and the desire to reach out and offer one another a hand is a blessing. It’s also good for mental health since positive interaction with people lowers stress levels.

While living in Vermont, you may want to take advantage of the inclusivity and small-town ethics to build relationships and improve your mental health.

3.    Enjoy the Good Weather

Vermont is a mountainous state with vast stretches of forests. It has a wet continental climate with moderate temperatures.

The seasons are a sight to see, and the overall good weather is great — except for the cold, which can really settle in during winter.

With over 70% forest cover, the air quality … Read more

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What To Do When You Lose A Tooth: What Are Your Options

It’s possible that at some point in your life, whether you’re 18, 50 or 90, you will have a tooth fall out of your mouth. That means you should have as much knowledge as possible about how you deal with it.

Knocked-Out Teeth Can Sometimes Be Saved

A tooth could fall out for many reasons, from being knocked out or being put loose when eating food or falling over. Every second counts when a tooth falls out, so you should ensure you approach the situation calmly and know what to do.

Keep calm and find the tooth that has come out; you will then be able to pick it up by the crown and rinse if dirty before putting the tooth back in place into the socket in line with the other teeth, then hold it down to stabilise. This instruction applies to adult teeth only; according to this paediatric dentist, knocked-out primary teeth (baby teeth) should not be put back into the socket.

Dental Implants Offer A Like-For-Like Substitution

One of the more modern ways to replace a tooth that cannot be saved is to replace it with a dental implant. A dental implant comes in three different parts. Firstly, the post will be implanted into the gum in the space where the original root connection was for the old tooth. This post helps to stimulate the root of the tooth, which goes into the jaw bone, creating a natural feeling for the senses.

Once the post has been accepted and there are no issues, the connector will go onto it. The connector acts as a shock absorber for eating food and other potential mouth shocks. The connector will also be the equipment that takes in the artificial tooth, known as the crown.

A dental crown goes on top of the other parts and helps to complete the look. The dental crown that will be used aims to look exactly like your other healthy teeth to help recreate your natural style. It is also why many choose to use implants for damaged and cracked teeth, as they can create the type of their dreams.

The best way to recreate your original smile is to work with a highly experienced dentist that goes beyond simple check-ups. One such organisation is Pure Dentistry, which offers dental implants … Read more

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What Is CEREC, and What Are Its Benefits?

Several dental treatments and procedures require time for entire completion. This means patients will need to go back for visits and additional treatments.

Also, this translates to patients having temporary fixes for their specific dental concern. Once the initial process is done, especially when there is a need for material fabrication, then that is the only time the treatment or procedure may proceed for completion.

But, with the help of technology, innovative solutions are now available, making treatments and procedures happen in an instant. One of them is CEREC.

How CEREC Works?

CEREC is short for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Others link the name to CEramic REConstruction.

It is a method of creating dental restorations at an instant, during the first and initial visit to your dentist’s office. This is because the process utilizes CAD/CAM technology. It simply refers to Computer-Aided Design or Computer-Aided Manufacturing.

With the help of this technology, it takes impressions of your teeth quickly and creates a design that is accurate and fit for your teeth. Using computer software, the design of the material happens in a minute or two. Consequently, the technology passes the design to a unit included in the equipment to fabricate and generate the actual material for the dental procedure and treatment.

CEREC is utilized by dental experts to fabricate various materials for different treatments and procedures. These include inlays and onlays, crowns, veneers, dental implants, dentures, fixed bridges, and other orthodontic appliances.

How Can CEREC Help You?

So, how exactly CEREC can help you with your dental procedure or treatment? Here are some of the points that you may want to ponder:

  • It Saves Cost, Money, and Resources

The main advantage of CEREC is that it allows patients and dentists to save lots of resources. On the patient’s part, they can save costs because the process only requires one complete visit at the dentist’s office. So, all of the accompanying costs of multiple visits can be eliminated.

Time and effort are also some of the resources that the patient and dentist can save when going for the CEREC option. This is because the designing and fabricating will only take a few minutes to be completed. Also, all of the processes will be done by the computer and software.

  • More Comfortable and Accurate

Because of the software, Read more

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Why You Should See a Family Cosmetic Dentist?

When you look in the mirror at your smile, how do you feel? If you’re like many people, you might not be happy with what you see.

Studies have shown that as many as 33% of people are unhappy with the way their smiles look. On top of that, around half of people have untagged themselves from a photo where they didn’t like their smiles.

Luckily, no one needs to resign themselves to having a smile that makes them feel uncomfortable. The right family cosmetic dentist can sort out any dental problem.

To help you better understand why you should schedule a cosmetic dentist appointment, we’ve put together this guide. By the time you finish reading it, you’ll know exactly how a cosmetic dentist can help.

Read on to learn about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry and so much more.

Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

As mentioned, there are many great benefits of cosmetic surgery that make it well worth the investment. Let’s take a look at a few of the biggest ones.

Better Oral Health

Most people think that cosmetic surgery only provides people with aesthetic benefits. The truth is that it can improve your oral health as well.

Cosmetic dentists help you cut back on habits that may be harming your teeth. This can be anything from consuming excess amounts of sugar to grinding your teeth at night.

All of this can help you take control of not only your oral health but also your overall health.

Improved Self-Esteem

Poor dental hygiene and low self-esteem go hand in hand. These negative feelings can impact the way you behave in social and professional situations. You might feel self-conscious about smiling, or in some cases, avoid doing it altogether.

Seeing a cosmetic dentist helps you take control of your life again. It allows you to boost your self-esteem and eliminate any inhibitors that are holding you back.

Having a better smile will help boost your mental health, and because of that, your physical health as well.

Protection Against Oral Diseases

Gum disease and tooth decay are some of the most common oral diseases that people suffer from. Cosmetic dentists can help protect you against these conditions.

The first thing that any cosmetic dentist will do is clean your teeth. They’ll work to remove plaque, tartar, and anything else that’s … Read more

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