What To Do When You Lose A Tooth: What Are Your Options

It’s possible that at some point in your life, whether you’re 18, 50 or 90, you will have a tooth fall out of your mouth. That means you should have as much knowledge as possible about how you deal with it.

Knocked-Out Teeth Can Sometimes Be Saved

A tooth could fall out for many reasons, from being knocked out or being put loose when eating food or falling over. Every second counts when a tooth falls out, so you should ensure you approach the situation calmly and know what to do.

Keep calm and find the tooth that has come out; you will then be able to pick it up by the crown and rinse if dirty before putting the tooth back in place into the socket in line with the other teeth, then hold it down to stabilise. This instruction applies to adult teeth only; according to this paediatric dentist, knocked-out primary teeth (baby teeth) should not be put back into the socket.

Dental Implants Offer A Like-For-Like Substitution

One of the more modern ways to replace a tooth that cannot be saved is to replace it with a dental implant. A dental implant comes in three different parts. Firstly, the post will be implanted into the gum in the space where the original root connection was for the old tooth. This post helps to stimulate the root of the tooth, which goes into the jaw bone, creating a natural feeling for the senses.

Once the post has been accepted and there are no issues, the connector will go onto it. The connector acts as a shock absorber for eating food and other potential mouth shocks. The connector will also be the equipment that takes in the artificial tooth, known as the crown.

A dental crown goes on top of the other parts and helps to complete the look. The dental crown that will be used aims to look exactly like your other healthy teeth to help recreate your natural style. It is also why many choose to use implants for damaged and cracked teeth, as they can create the type of their dreams.

The best way to recreate your original smile is to work with a highly experienced dentist that goes beyond simple check-ups. One such organisation is Pure Dentistry, which offers dental implants … Read more

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What Is CEREC, and What Are Its Benefits?

Several dental treatments and procedures require time for entire completion. This means patients will need to go back for visits and additional treatments.

Also, this translates to patients having temporary fixes for their specific dental concern. Once the initial process is done, especially when there is a need for material fabrication, then that is the only time the treatment or procedure may proceed for completion.

But, with the help of technology, innovative solutions are now available, making treatments and procedures happen in an instant. One of them is CEREC.

How CEREC Works?

CEREC is short for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Others link the name to CEramic REConstruction.

It is a method of creating dental restorations at an instant, during the first and initial visit to your dentist’s office. This is because the process utilizes CAD/CAM technology. It simply refers to Computer-Aided Design or Computer-Aided Manufacturing.

With the help of this technology, it takes impressions of your teeth quickly and creates a design that is accurate and fit for your teeth. Using computer software, the design of the material happens in a minute or two. Consequently, the technology passes the design to a unit included in the equipment to fabricate and generate the actual material for the dental procedure and treatment.

CEREC is utilized by dental experts to fabricate various materials for different treatments and procedures. These include inlays and onlays, crowns, veneers, dental implants, dentures, fixed bridges, and other orthodontic appliances.

How Can CEREC Help You?

So, how exactly CEREC can help you with your dental procedure or treatment? Here are some of the points that you may want to ponder:

  • It Saves Cost, Money, and Resources

The main advantage of CEREC is that it allows patients and dentists to save lots of resources. On the patient’s part, they can save costs because the process only requires one complete visit at the dentist’s office. So, all of the accompanying costs of multiple visits can be eliminated.

Time and effort are also some of the resources that the patient and dentist can save when going for the CEREC option. This is because the designing and fabricating will only take a few minutes to be completed. Also, all of the processes will be done by the computer and software.

  • More Comfortable and Accurate

Because of the software, Read more

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Why You Should See a Family Cosmetic Dentist?

When you look in the mirror at your smile, how do you feel? If you’re like many people, you might not be happy with what you see.

Studies have shown that as many as 33% of people are unhappy with the way their smiles look. On top of that, around half of people have untagged themselves from a photo where they didn’t like their smiles.

Luckily, no one needs to resign themselves to having a smile that makes them feel uncomfortable. The right family cosmetic dentist can sort out any dental problem.

To help you better understand why you should schedule a cosmetic dentist appointment, we’ve put together this guide. By the time you finish reading it, you’ll know exactly how a cosmetic dentist can help.

Read on to learn about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry and so much more.

Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

As mentioned, there are many great benefits of cosmetic surgery that make it well worth the investment. Let’s take a look at a few of the biggest ones.

Better Oral Health

Most people think that cosmetic surgery only provides people with aesthetic benefits. The truth is that it can improve your oral health as well.

Cosmetic dentists help you cut back on habits that may be harming your teeth. This can be anything from consuming excess amounts of sugar to grinding your teeth at night.

All of this can help you take control of not only your oral health but also your overall health.

Improved Self-Esteem

Poor dental hygiene and low self-esteem go hand in hand. These negative feelings can impact the way you behave in social and professional situations. You might feel self-conscious about smiling, or in some cases, avoid doing it altogether.

Seeing a cosmetic dentist helps you take control of your life again. It allows you to boost your self-esteem and eliminate any inhibitors that are holding you back.

Having a better smile will help boost your mental health, and because of that, your physical health as well.

Protection Against Oral Diseases

Gum disease and tooth decay are some of the most common oral diseases that people suffer from. Cosmetic dentists can help protect you against these conditions.

The first thing that any cosmetic dentist will do is clean your teeth. They’ll work to remove plaque, tartar, and anything else that’s … Read more

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5 Vitamins and Supplements for Preventing Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is a common chronic condition that can develop with age. It is caused by inflammation of the joints and can make simple tasks more difficult. Larger motions, like walking or lifting objects, and fine motor skills, like typing and writing, can be challenging for someone with arthritis. While there is no definitive cure for arthritis, the symptoms are treatable to make life more comfortable.

As an inflammation disorder at its core, standard anti-inflammatory drugs are often prescribed. But many arthritis patients find relief in other natural supplements based around healthy compounds that can alleviate symptoms and improve joint health.

  1. Vitamin A

This naturally-occurring vitamin is essential for good health. It is found in many fruits and vegetables, including carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, and melons, eggs, dairy, and fish oil. As an antioxidant, it can boost the immune system and support bone growth.

When taken regularly, this vitamin has shown to improve bone strength and reduce inflammation, making it a helpful supplement for reducing arthritis symptoms. It’s possible to receive sufficient recommended vitamin A from everyday foods, but you can consult with your doctor to find out if supplementation could benefit you.

  1. Collagen

Collagen, a building block of the body, is a protein that naturally occurs to create our connective tissue. It is found in various tissues around the body including, cartilage, bones, and skin.

But as you age, collagen production slows down, which can wear out the joints’ cartilage and connective tissue and contribute to arthritis and other joint pain. This makes it important to supplement natural collagen production as you age.

Collagen is found in many foods, including bone broth and fish. Some foods like garlic also stimulate the natural production of collagen. But if you’re worried about not getting enough in your diet, studies show that taking collagen protein peptide supplements may improve muscle integrity and increase cartilage health.

  1. Calcium

Calcium is an essential mineral connected to bone health. It is naturally found in dairy products and some vegetables, including leafy greens like kale. Studies show those who lack calcium consumption can be more susceptible to bone fractures. Doctors recommend taking supplements to those with dairy allergies that make it harder to consume calcium naturally.

For those dealing with arthritis symptoms, increasing calcium content may strengthen bones. This can alleviate arthritis symptoms, especially when paired … Read more

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How To Use Teeth Whitening App?

There is a new craze in the dental care industry, and everyone is about how they help improve your looks. If you are not sure what I am blabbing about, I am actually talking about the teeth whitening apps that have become popular. And if you are looking for the best option, you should know there are many for you to choose from.

Giving your teeth the right treatment will start by taking your dental hygiene seriously. This includes brushing with fluoride twice daily and using floss often, but that is not the critical thing you should take seriously when looking for healthy white teeth. The link here http://healthinfousa.com/five-secrets-to-a-healthier-smile/ has more on all the secrets to a healthy dentition.

And if it does happen that you are specifically out for teeth whitening, you surely want to invest in the right product. But before we get started on using teeth whitening apps and how you can benefit from them, let us first talk about why you suffer from dental problems in the first place.

Do you Need Teeth Whitening?

Most people do not see the need to do more than brush twice daily when it comes to taking care of their dental hygiene, and this is a wrong approach to take. While you want to wash the mouth regularly, there are other habits that can ruin your efforts at teeth whitening. The most common is tobacco smoking and coffee drinking.

The tobacco from cigarettes leaves behind patchy stains at the top of the enamel, which could change the natural appearance of your dentition. Taking coffee regularly will also put you at risk of dental discoloration. And if it happens that you already have tough stains on your teeth, you surely want to consider some of the natural dental whitening apparatus for sale.

Best Teeth Whitening System

When it comes to sparkling white dentition, there is only one way to go. and that is the natural method. You can find many dental procedures that can help give you snow-white teeth, but most of them involve the use of chemicals that can harm your health. When in the market for the best apparatus, you want to consider how safe it is for your dentition. And when it comes to the issue of the safety of teeth whitening apps, there is one … Read more

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