Buying Loose Diamonds? Read These important Tips 

As cliche as it may get, but diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend. The shiny, glittery, and elegant diamonds when worn make you look bold, beautiful, and classy. Diamonds are also known to be a symbol of love, durability, and strength. If you own a diamond, you own a lot of value in your palm.

You can shop for a diamond in many forms – a beautiful pair of diamond studs, a classic ring, or even diamond-engraved watches. But do you know the simplest way to buy this natural resource in its loose form?

A loose diamond is a diamond that is not set into a piece of jewelry. Thus, if you want to customize your diamonds into a particular type of jewelry, buying a loose diamond makes the best choice. If not, you can resale it any time and get a good amount of cash in return.

A loose stone lets you create a more customized and personalized piece of jewelry for yourself. You can add an element of your own style and let the accessory define you. You can also buy loose diamonds and then create a unique ring to present to the love of your life.

Shopping for loose diamonds is not so difficult. All you need to do is to be wary about the below-listed tips:

Always Buy A Certified Loose Diamond:

Before you set out to buy loose diamonds and customize your jewelry, it is necessary to understand the concept of certification. If you are shopping for a certified diamond, know that it has undergone the process of being evaluated by a third-party laboratory of gems. This scientific test of the diamonds provides a certificate about their quality and authenticity.

A certified loose diamond is a proof that the product you are buying is real and good in quality. Do not buy a diamond without certification. GIA-certified loose diamonds are touted as the top in quality. Other laboratories that carry out its examination are EGL, IGI, AGS, and HRD.

Check The Exact Carat Weight:

Now that you are buying loose diamonds, it is necessary to inspect the exact carat weight of the stone. Carat is used to measure the weight or mass of the diamond. It is necessary to mention that diamond carat doesn’t particularly define the quality of the diamond. However, it is an indicator of the price that you are paying to buy the stone.

In many cases, the store-owners round up the carat weight. Do not forget to ask about their weight. After all, you are paying a high price in buying the loose diamonds.

Take Care Of All The Cs:

If you want to determine the true value of a diamond in a deeper sense, learn about the 4 Cs that define a piece of diamond. These 4 Cs include color, clarity, carat, and cut.

Color refers to the appearance of the diamond, and it may range from colorless (D) to light yellow (Z). Clarity denotes the little imperfections that the stone possesses. The fewer the clarity, the higher is the quality of the diamond. Carat, as stated, is the representation of the weight of the diamond. Lastly, Cut determines the symmetry, shape, as well as light reflection of the stone.

Budget Remains An Important Consideration:

Last but not least, you cannot ignore your budget while shopping for loose diamonds. We suggest you decide how much you want to pay before choosing the best loose diamonds. Planning your budget beforehand makes your shopping experience easier.


Buying loose diamonds is a great idea. Once you have bought the best diamonds you are looking for, take proper care of them. Follow all the instructions imparted by the jeweler to maintain the shine and sparkle of your diamonds in the long run.

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