Best Tea Kettle For Gas Stove

If you’re a fantastic lover of coffee and tea, you’d be interested in receiving the best and best tea pot for gasoline stove available.
From cost range to the advantages and disadvantages accrued into distinct tea kettle to get gasoline stove, it is my hope that this list can help you select the Best Tea Kettle For Gas Stove.

Here’s a quick look at the best tea kettles for gas stove that we’ve reviewed:




Our Rating

Chef’s Secret® 2.75qt Surgical Stainless Steel Tea Kettle with Copper Capsule Bottom



Circulon 2-Quart Circles Teakettle



DEMMEX 2017 Hammered Copper Tea Pot 1.6-Quart



Medelco 12-Cup Glass Whistling Kettle



OXO Good Grips Classic Tea Kettle



The Kettle Calls

For tea lovers, there are a few things as exciting as the sound of a whistling kettle. If you’re looking to replace your old tea kettle or add to your tea kettle collection, you’ve come to the right place! Let me save you the frustration of looking through the myriads of tea kettles. Here, I’ve collected five of the best tea kettles for gas stove, so you’ll know the perfect fit for your kitchen

Descendants of the cooking pot, kettles were originally used by travelers and soldiers to boil and purify their drinking water. When they began adding tea leaves to the boiling water, tea was created! It has since conquered the world along with coffee and beer.

Whether it’s for coffee, tea, or plain boiling water, the tea kettle has become one of the most used items in the kitchen. Hence, a tea kettle should not only be durable, and long-lasting but should also complement the kitchen with great aesthetics and the melody of a good whistle.

Buyer’s Guide

Use this guide to help you choose the best tea kettle for gas stove that fits your needs and your kitchen’s theme. I’ve listed all the factors below that you can consider before purchasing your new tea kettle. If you’re a tea kettle expert, however, then you may skip to the review section.


The first thing to consider, of course, is your budget. A low-end kettle will be a quick and cheap buy that will do its job, at least for a while. On the other hand, if you’re willing to invest in a high-quality kettle, it will not only last longer, but will also add flair to your kitchen. However, tea kettle prices vary depending on the make and design. Remember to prioritize quality, over aesthetics.

I believe that the best tea kettles for gas stove should be reasonably priced and aren’t necessarily very high-end.

Tea Kettle Materials

Most tea kettles made of different materials with varying strengths and weakness. Thus, it’s important to consider the kettle’s material before making your purchase. I’ve listed the most common ones that you’ll likely encounter on the market as well as their individual traits.

  • Stainless steel

Stainless steel is the most common material tea kettles are made of and appears in a variety of design. They’re the best tea kettles for gas stove because of their price, reliability, durability and lightweight .


  • Stainless steel kettles are mass-produced, so they’re usually inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Crack-and warp-resistant


  • Take time to heat up
  • Some kettles have steel handles that will get very hot
  • Heats up slowly compared to other metals
  • Glass

Decidedly, glass kettles are a more modern option. Also, newer models are built with tougher materials that fare well over high temperatures. Glass is very popular among tea enthusiasts who prefer their drink free from the metallic taste caused by regular kettles.

Additionally, glass kettles will allow you display the colors of whole leaf teas, herbal and fruit infusions, and most of all, seeing flowering teas bloom in full view.


  • They’re very attractive, in use and on your shelf
  • Easy to clean
  • Great for hosting and entertaining


  • Prone to stains from tea leaves
  • Fragile
  • ​Most glass kettles can’t be exposed to an open flame, so manufacturers include a metal trivet or heat dispenser with the product
  • Glass has to be heated slowly to avoid cracking or shattering
  • Cast Iron

Despite being on the old-fashioned side, cast iron tea kettles are still widely used because of their even heating and solid construction. A distinct characteristic of cast iron kettles is that they can stay hot long after they’ve been taken off the burner.

Many enamel-coated kettles are made of this material but take caution that the product you get is a kettle and not a teapot, which is designed only as a tea infuser and not for use on stoves.


  • Very durable, usually thick, metal.
  • Keeps heat longer


  • Heats much slower so more gas is used
  • Prone to rusting
  • ​Requires regular maintenance, especially if the product is enamel-coated
  • ​Must be wiped and thoroughly dried to avoid chipping or rusting
  • Heavy
  • Copper

Due to its quick heating and availability, copper cookware was once the most popular choice for pots and kettles. However, because of its relative softness compared to steel, high cleaning maintenance, and the very high possibility of imparting off tastes to water, it has since become a niche among cooks.


  • Conducts heat very fast
  • Less gas consumed
  • Distinct color


  • Can give off a metallic taste
  • Material is malleable and prone to warping
  • ​Surface easily tarnishes
  • Special cleaning is required
  • Aluminum

Aluminum kettles were upgrades from copper as they both conduct heat efficiently while aluminum has the added benefit of being light and stain-resistant.

However, due to its usual price, and the ongoing research and controversies about its safety in cooking, the popularity and availability of this product has since declined.


  • Heats water quickly
  • Stain-/scratch-resistant
  • Lightweight (great for traveling or outdoor use)


  • Expensive
  • Safety issues

Features to Consider

  • Kettle Capacity

Do you usually make 1-4 cups every day? A smaller kettle will do. If you regularly serve guests or if you have a big family, then an 8-cup or 12-cup kettle will be perfect.

  • Lid Size

A kettle with a large lid is easier to clean and maintain than those with smaller ones.

  • Spout

A small thin spout helps avoids spillage and will give you a controlled and gentle pour. On the other hand, short wide spouts will pour much faster but can be prone to spills.

  • Handle

If you’ve poured enough tea, you know how important a comfortable handle is to your daily brewing.

Low end kettles come with a bare steel handle that gets very hot. Look for handles that are coated with rubber or silicone and are ridged for more comfort

  • Whistle

To whistle or not to whistle. If you are a multi-tasker, who enjoys the whistling reminder to take the kettle off the stove, then buying a whistling kettle may be your option.

For those who don’t enjoy the shrill alarm most kettles give off or prefer a quieter kitchen, there are also no-whistle options.

Maintaining your Kettles

Regular kettle maintenance is essential if you want your kettles to last. Here are some tips:

  • Let kettles cool completely before cleaning.
  • Avoid keeping water inside tea kettle when not in use. This will avoid rusting and discoloration.
  • ​Rinse the kettle thoroughly after use.
  • ​Never add tea bags directly into your kettle. Consider a separate teapot.
  • Do not overfill your kettle with water.
  • Avoid strong detergent or soap when cleaning the interior of the kettle.
  • Use salt and vinegar or lime and lemon juice solution to clean your tea kettles.

Best tea kettles for gas stove Reviews

1. Chef’s Secret® 2.75qt Surgical Stainless Steel Tea Kettle with Copper Capsule Bottom

Starting at a soft whistle that gets louder as it boils, this beautiful kettle will call you for your afternoon tea. It is an elegant addition to your kitchen with its sleek mirror finish that’s perfect for entertaining guests. The comfortable rubber handle stays cool even after some time on the stove.

An interesting feature as well is the copper bottom that allows a faster boil!


  • Weight: 3.2lbs
  • ​Capacity: 2.75 quarts
  • ​Handle: rubber coated
  • Whistle: Yes


  • Classy mirror finish
  • Looks very high-end
  • Large capacity
  • Heats quickly with cooper bottom
  • Good heat retention
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Heavy
  • It’s large base may need an equally large stovetop
  • Spout is spring-loaded, so it will not stay open
  • Copper bottom can melt with very high heat

2. Circulon 2-Quart Circles Teakettle

If a splash of color and something vintage are what you’d want in your kitchen, look no further than the Circulon. This kettle is a cross of a retro and modern design which makes it a joy to prepare a warm cup of earl gray. If you’re not the colorful type, you can still avail of its blast-from-the-past design with the plain stainless steel variety.


  • Weight: 3lbs
  • ​Capacity: 2 quarts
  • ​Handle: rubber coated
  • Whistle: Yes


  • One-touch spout
  • Sturdy
  • ​Stain resistant enamel exterior
  • Heats Slowly
  • Comes in different colors
  • ​Very ergonomic
  • ​Lifetime Warranty


  • Heavy
  • Small lid makes it difficult to clean
  • Colored units usually rust
  • Paint chips over time
  • Short spout may cause spillage
  • The spout’s rubber lid can slowly melt through use
  • Bullet Point 2

3. DEMMEX 2017 Hammered Copper Tea Pot 1.6-Quart

Harken back to the olden days with this copper beauty. The DEMMEX copper tea kettle is completely handmade, so no unit is exactly alike. It may take some effort to clean and maintain, but if done properly, the kettle will add a good many cups of tea to your life.


  • Weight: 2lbs
  • ​Capacity: 1.6 quarts
  • ​Handle: Wooden
  • Whistle: No


  • Heats very quickly
  • ​Handmade quality
  • Stylish


  • Pricey
  • Requires extra care and much maintenance
  • Slow pour
  • May impart a metallic taste after some time

4. Medelco 12-Cup Glass Whistling Kettle

The cleanest tasting teas come from a glass tea kettle as it gives off no metallic or plastic taste. Glass tea kettles also makes for an amazing display with flowering teas or colorful tea fusions.


  • Weight: 1.2lbs
  • ​Capacity: 3 quarts
  • ​Handle: Phenolic
  • Whistle: Yes


  • Shock-resistant borosilicate glass
  • Light
  • Large capacity
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Comes with a metal diffuser/trivet
  • Staint resistant
  • Modern minimalist design
  • Imparts no metallic or plastic taste


  • Handle gets warm and may melt if exposed to heat
  • Whistle may be too soft for some
  • ​Lid has to be removed for pouring
  • Has to be boiled over low-medium heat
  • Prone to cracking with sudden temperature changes

5. OXO Good Grips Classic Tea Kettle

The OXO Good Grips gives you more of a classic design. Its seamless construction brings a certain sophistication to a kitchen as OXO is known for making quality tea kettles since 1998.


  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • ​Capacity: 1.7 quarts
  • ​Handle: Silicone-coated, rotates
  • Whistle: Yes


  • Very sturdy
  • Solid one-piece body
  • ​High-quality design
  • Heats quickly
  • ​Loud whistle
  • Easy to clean
  • ​Heat resistant silicone on touch points
  • Large lid opening


  • Spout design easily spills
  • Can rust if not thoroughly dried
  • ​High heat can cause bottom to warp
  • Whistle can become too high pitched


There you go! Those are the 5 best tea kettle for gas stove! Have you one in mind for your next purchase? Personally, I would use the Medelco Glass Kettle. It fits my need for that clean tasting water that is free of the metallic taste present in regular tea kettles. It’s stylish and modern design that will be a great addition to my kitchen.

What do you think of our review for the best tea kettle for gas stove? Did we miss any other good tea kettles? Let us know in the comments!

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