Best Humidifier For Babies Reviews

Baby’s skin is sensitive. Baby’s respiratory system is even more susceptible. During the winter, skin, nose and lungs of your “little angel” can be irritated by dry air resulting from the low humidity level in the room when the central heaters are activated.

Besides, viruses and harmful bacteria would quickly grow in such condition. So as to solve these problems, the most common solution is using antibiotics to improve the respiratory system and lotions to protect the skin of your babies.

Nevertheless, there is a better solution, which is more stable, cheaper, doesn’t relate to medicines, and be advised by many doctors. That is a small but powerful device called humidifier.

However, not all of the parents have a thorough knowledge of choosing, using and maintaining the humidifiers, and that is the main reason why I wrote this review.

Particularly, I’m going to represent the top 5 best humidifiers for babies, as well as a variety of information which helps you choose the best humidifier for baby. As responsible parents, we need to read more and improve more to bring the best things for our infants.

Top 3 Best Humidifier for baby of 2020:

  1. Honeywell Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier, HCM-350

  • Kill up to 99 of bacteria, germ, mildew and viruses by using UV light technology.
  • Large water tank with the capacity of 1.5 gallons (5.7 liters) allowing 24-hour operation per filling.
  • Protec antimicrobial treated and replaceable filter HAC-504AW.
  • Designed for small and medium rooms (suitable for baby’s room, office, spa, salons, etc..)
  • Easy to use, to fill, to clean, to carry.
  • QuietCare technology reducing 25 of noise during running than average humidifiers.
  • 3-year limited warranty.

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  1. ReMEDies Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

ReMEDies Ultrasonic Humidifier, Cool Mist Humidifier with Aroma Diffuser, 7 Color LED Lights, Auto Shut-off. 2.8 Lt. Tank, Lasts All Night Humidifier

  • Fashion with a built-in seven color LED night light including yellow, orange, red, purple, indigo, blue and green (users can choose one favorite color or cycle all of the seven colors).
  • High-quality stone filter which gives soft and healthy mist.
  • Large water tank with the capacity of 2.8 liters (0.74 gallons) allowing the whole night operation per filling.
  • Automatic shut-off function which helps to save energy when the water tank is empty.
  • Aroma Diffuser provides aromatic smell.
  • Designed for small and medium rooms (suitable for baby’s room, office, spa, salons, etc..)
  • Easy to use, to fill, to clean, to carry.
  • Beautiful drop-shape design.
  • Quiet and relaxed operation.
  • 2-year limited warranty.

  1. Safety 1st Ultrasonic 360 Humidifier

  • Vast and removable water tank with the capacity of 3 liters (0.79 gallons) allowing 12-hour operation per filling.
  • Use Ultrasonic technology, does not require any filter to operate.
  • Variable mist control.
  • Automatic shut-off function which helps to save energy when the water tank is empty.
  • Gently soothes baby with moisture rich air.
  • Two 360-degree mist outlets.
  • Filterless design.
  • Intended for large rooms (suitable for nursery, living room, etc..)
  • Easy to use, to fill, to clean, to carry.
  • Quiet and calm operation.
  • 1-year limited warranty.

How To Choose A Best Humidifier For Baby

What is a Humidifier ?

A humidifier is a domestic device that has the ability of increase the humidity in the air. Due to humidity is the amount of water vapor, a humidifier adds more water vapor to the environment.

There is a tray of water holding oil particles and a nasal decongestant agent inside every humidifier. Depending on what technology uses, a small fan or a sound wave source is responsible for producing tiny stream droplets or mist into the air.

Due to this capability, humidifiers are used to reduce the high temperature on hot days of the summer and increase the moisture extent on dry days of the winter. It is a very suitable machine for a broad range of objects from infants to adults.

Furthermore, the humidifier’s size is quite small, and we can easily suspend it from the walls or place it on a table. Together with the higher requirements from the users, humidifier today has been innovated a lot, for examples, producing vapors with the aromatic smell, energy-saving technology, anti-noise technology, etc.

The best level of humidity for our body (including infants and adults) is in the range from 30 to 50. On the hot days, the falling of humidity level is unavoidable.

On the dry days of the winters, the humidity can also drop to about 10 or less since the activation of central heaters reduces the moisture extent when it enters the house.

With such low-moisture condition, the mucosal membranes of skin become dry and easily have an itch. It is not a big problem with adults, but it’s a very considerable concern for babies.

In addition to the skin, low humidity is one of the main reasons cause the quick growth of viruses, fungus, and harmful bacteria, and therefore, cause many adverse effects on the respiratory system of your babies.

Uncomfortable symptoms like cold, cough could have the chance to attract your “little angel”. A children’s humidifier is born to solve all of these problems by using a very simple principle, and that is keeping the humidity extent always in a comfortable range.

Types of Small Room Humidifiers

Now in the market, there are a lot of different kinds of humidifiers. Maybe you will be worried when choosing a suitable product for your children.

In this part, I am going to show you a closer look at the two principal types of humidifiers: cool mist humidifiers and warm mist humidifiers.

Besides, the advantages and disadvantages of each kind will be represented. Since this information is vital, you should read it carefully to determine the best cool mist humidifier or the best warm mist humidifier for your kids.

Cool Mist Humidifiers

Cool mist humidifiers do not have any heater. The moisture they produce is cold, which makes your baby’s room cooler and help to decrease the high temperature on hot days.

The primary advantage of this type of humidifiers is keeping your kids safe because scalded accidents and the risk of fire eliminate.

On the other hand, the main drawback of cool mist humidifiers is noise because they use a small fan to produce the fog. Other disadvantages are that cool mist models require more maintenance time, and ultrasonic humidifiers produce white dust which is harmful to breathing.

Warm Mist Humidifiers

Warm mist humidifiers can kill viruses and germs in the air while the cozy fog creates. Moreover, this type of product makes the moist air that your babies could be easier to breathe.

Many doctors recommend parents use these products for the better respiratory system. The warm mist helps your breathing passage relax and expand the airway coming into your body; as a result, your respiratory system operates in a better way.

However, the main drawback of warm mist humidifiers is that they tend to be more expensive than the cool mist humidifiers due to the addition of the heater. Furthermore, warm mist humidifiers consume more electricity because they burn the heater during operating.

How Humidifiers Work

A cool mist humidifier uses an impeller to function as a panoramic spread generated mist; fog is pervasive throughout the room to reduce the temperature.

The device applies evaporative technology; the evaporative units absorb water by using an internal filter wick, and the air regularly forces through the filter by using a small fan. The mist is created by the accumulated water and dispersed into the room as the excellent collection of invisible particles.

Top rated humidifiers use ultrasonic technology instead of the evaporative technology. Ultrasonic models are quieter than the evaporative ones because they use a vibrating nebulizer instead of a fan.

A warm mist humidifier uses a vaporizer to operate. When the tank fills with water, the heater boils the water to procedure the warm moisture for the room.

Since the water in the reservoir could be empty any time, the automatic shut-off function is necessary to solve this problem, but note that not all of the warm mist humidifier arm with this high technology.

The main disadvantage of warm mist models is that hot water can burn babies, and this is an enormous concern with the majority of parents.

Hygrometers and Humidistats, which were invented by genius Leonardo Da Vinci, are a handheld device for measuring the humidity in the air. Humidistats are a tool for measuring and controlling the humidity in the air. By these definitions, humidistats are obviously more flexible than hygrometers. On the other hand, we can say that a humidistat includes a built-in hygrometer.

When buying a humidifier, it is necessary to concern the device’s humidistat. You can easily measure and control the moisture level in your house with some simple procedures. All of the results display on the device’s monitor.

Note that, the humidity in your house should be in the range from 30 to 50 percent. That is the best moisture condition for optimal health.

Humidifiers for Health & Features for Your Baby’s Humidifier

Though baby’s bodies are the same function as adults mostly, their antibacterial ability, and physiological functions haven’t completely developed yet.

As a result, they still need perfect protection, and humidifiers were invented to do this task.

  • Protect skin from dehydrated: Baby’s skin easily become dry and itchy because their skin is fragile, and the membranes are not tight as those of an adult. They cannot sleep as well when itchiness makes them uncomfortable, of course. Such skin also affects mood and cause infections. A humidifier is born to help your baby’s skin remain moist and supple, as well as absorbed lotions properly.
  • Protect baby’s respiratory system: Viruses usually grow in fresh air, which causes harmful effects on the nose, throat and lungs (the respiratory system). It is a very widespread and dangerous problem, but many parents have hardly noticed this harmful influence from respiratory infections and diseases.
  • Prevents nose bleeds and parched lips:  Nose bleeds, as parched lips, occur when the baby is under the severe dryness in such a long time. Despite not being dangerous, it can make your child feel uncomfortable. And that is another reason why you need a humidifier – the best equipment to get rid of nose bleeds and parched lips.
  • Improve your baby’s sleep: Hot temperature combined with humid air helps both infants and adults have a better sleep. And this fact makes humidifiers helpful during the winter time. On hot days, thanks to sufficient humidity created by humidifiers, the quality of your sleep and your baby will be improved. For better understanding read this article sleep training baby.
  • Retard the growth of viruses: Humidifiers can retard the growth of viruses to protect your child by producing water droplets which contain essential oils and decongestant agents.
  • Prevent static shocks: Dry air is the source causing a static shock. It happens due to charged particles created by the rub of blanket fibers. Although this is not a primary concern, it can cause the uncomfortable sensation for your babies. A humidifier is used to reduce the number of static shocks.

What To Look For In A Humidifier

There are many design features in a humidifier that you should consider before you decide to purchase a suitable device.

  • Humidistat

As I mention before in the comparison part of hygrometers and humidistats, they are useful tools for measuring the humidity level in the room. However, not all of the humidifiers have this great feature; in this case, an extra hygrometer can be a solution. But, from my point of view, it is terrible because the money you spend to buy a separate hygrometer and the money you spend to pay for a built-in humidistat which already include in the humidifier is not much different.

  • Automatic Shut-Off Function

For both types of humidifiers, the auto shut-off function is necessary for saving energy because it automatically stops the machine when the water in the tank is empty.

Another type of shut-off function relates to the humidistat in the humidifier. Particularly, the system will automatically turn off when the preset humidity level reaches.

  • Anti-Bacterial Technology

Many humidifiers have the ability to kill bacteria, germ, mildew and viruses inside the unit by using UV light. As a result, these humidifiers help us save time in cleaning and maintaining.

  • Timer

The timer is another useful characteristic, especially for humidifiers with low-capacity battery, or when you use the device during the night. By simple steps, you can set the time to turn on and shut down the whole system. However, there is a problem due to this convenience, and that is water staying in the tank for an extended period can breed microbes if the device isn’t dried carefully between uses.

  • Replaceable Filters

Filters or wicks in a humidifier play a significant role, but theyare fragile and easily get damaged. Therefore, buying a humidifier which has replaceable filters or wicks is advisable although the cost is a little bit more than a humidifier with permanent built-in filters or wicks.

  • Ultrasonic or Impeller

Ultrasonic technology uses sound wave at high frequency to produce mist, while evaporative technology uses a small fan (also called as an impeller) at high frequency to produce mist. Of the two, humidifiers with the large models are preferred due to quieter feature and more top quality.

Safety Information For Humidifiers

  • A cool mist humidifier is a safer choice for your baby in comparison with a warm mist humidifier since they do not have any heating element.
  • The position of placing humidifiers must be concerned. A flat and dry surface on a high table is the most ideal, never put your machine on the floor where your infants and pets can get hold of it.
  • Humidifiers must be cut off from power when they’re not in use or when you clean them.

Tip When Using a Humidifier for Baby

  • Always read the manufacturer’s instruction manual carefully before starting using any electronic device, and humidifier is not an exception.
  • A humidifier has to place on the flat and dry surface which can not reach by your babies (table for example). Some devices also have pinches for suspending from the walls; you don’t need to hesitate to use this great feature.
  • Always cut off the power when the device is free of operation, when you clean it and when you refill the water.
  • Never immerse your device in water when cleaning because the electrical circuits inside will be damaged.
  • Usually, take a look to make sure that the humidity level is in the range from 30 to 50 percent.
  • Always clean the water tank after each time of refilling to get rid of bacteria, fungus, and mineral deposits.
  • If you use detergent, make sure that the ratio of water to soap is 9:1. Too much detergent could melt the plastic.
  • Do not use essential oils if the manufacturer does not state in the product’s manual.
  • All humidifiers acclimate at the indoor air temperature, so make sure you receive them whether hot days or cold days.

Maintenance and Cleaning

All of the humidifiers need support. Usually, a cool mist model requires less cleaning time and easier cleaning process than the warm mist one. But whether which types you use, it is necessary to know how to clean your humidifier. There are many methods to clean a humidifier, but I just want to introduce one way that I think the simplest.

The first step is cleaning the filter. To do that, you first need to remove the filter from the device. Then, you hold it under the faucet and use one hand to wash all of the impurities. Then, you use a dry towel to wipe the filter before cleaning other remaining parts.

Note that; you do not use any cleaning solution like soap or detergent because its chemical stuff can damage the screen. Another note, if your humidifier has the replaceable filter, you can change a new filter if you want, but make sure you read the instruction manual before any modification.

In the second step, water tank will be washed. Firstly, you remove the tank and pour out the old water. Then, a cup of white vinegar is required to clean the tank. Making sure the solution spread throughout the four sides and the bottom of the reservoir, a soft and small brush should use for rubbing. You should repeat the procedure for about half of an hour.

In the final step, you need to wipe the frame. A soft sponge absorbed water, and white vinegar will be used to remove all of the dust and stain sticking outside the frame. After all, procedures, do not forget to dry the structure with the soft towel.


Wow! After a long baby humidifier review, now you know what you should do and what you should not do to protect your kids. I believe that the above information is the point of departure for defining which is the best humidifier for baby. Hope you enjoy this guide and good bye!!!

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