Before And After Plastic Surgery: Ways Of Retaining Your Skin From The Effects Of Ageing And Sunrays

People are always concerned about their appearance. This is because they know the value of looking great. People will always address you based on your appearance.

The skin is very imperative when it comes to shaping the looks of an individual. Ageing causes the skin to develop wrinkles and spots. Retaining a youthful skin will require the services and the advice of a good dermatologist.

Effects Of Fats

While people are ageing, fats start accumulating on their faces. This definitely changes the looks of that person. The most affected parts are the cheeks and the chin. It is possible for the physicians plastic surgery to re-contour the face.

However, they will have to harvest the chin fat. This procedure is very complicated and it ought to be done by a professional that is highly experienced and knowledgeable.

Before And After Plastic Surgery


For the excess fats on the face and on the body to be harvested, an individual must undergo surgery. The doctors must conduct some procedures before he begins the surgery.

First, he/she will start by checking the ability of the patient to survive the surgery. The medical history will be checked and the general health will be examined. Only healthy individuals are allowed to undergo this procedure.

After surgery

After the surgery for the removal of the chin fat, the patient will be having minimal pains. This is normal because part of the body was removed.

Oral medication will be used to control the pain. To prevent any chances of infection, the physician might encourage his/her clients to take antibiotics. Vigorous activities ought to be avoided at this point until the medical expert ensures you are okay.

Exposure to UV rays

Although the skin plays a critical role in the protection of the body, it is exposed to the ultra violet rays of the sun, which are very dangerous.

These rays contribute to the ageing of the skin and result to ageing spots and wrinkles. It is unfortunate that no one has the ability of evading these rays. However, the skin’s rate of ageing can be controlled. Below are ways of controlling the side effects of ageing.

Laser Beam

The use of the laser beams in treating the skin from ageing is a new technology method. The photo facial of the patients tend to change as time goes.

Hence, to prevent further damages, it is good to start early in removing any ageing spots or wrinkles that are forming around your face. The erbium laser beam stimulates the extraction of collagens that tighten the skin.

Visits To Dermatologists

Regular visits to the dermatologists are a perfect idea in maintaining great skin. The dermatologists know more regarding the skin and they can offer the best advice in preventing damages from the UV rays.

They can also detect developing problems early and help in suppressing them. Only visit reputable dermatologists.

Adopt Common Practices

According to the advice of the dermatologists, it is good to take more water. This helps in preventing drying of skin. Applying sunscreen is another way of minimizing the effects of ultra violet sunrays. Adopting these strategies will minimize the rate of photo facial changes despite your age.

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