Avoid Doing These 3 Things To Help Your Knives Last Longer

Your kitchen tools are essential to be able to cook effectively and easily. When you have everything you need, cooking is a pleasant activity that you look forward to. When your tools don’t work the way they should then it becomes a chore. A dull knife is one of the worst offenders. It makes preparing your meal a chore since it takes more effort.

One kitchen tip you should never ignore is how to keep your knives sharp so that you aren’t faced with a dull knife. They will get dull over time naturally and it will take using a whetstone sharpening stone to get them sharp again. But if you avoid doing certain things then they won’t need as frequent sharpening and this saves you time. In this article, we will go over the things to avoid so they stay sharp for longer.

1 – Washing Them In A Dishwasher

In an effort to make cleaning up easier, many people put their knives in the dishwasher. This is a really bad idea because it ruins the knives in general and will wear down the edge very quickly and make them dull.

The reason is that the heat of the water plus the harsh chemicals in the soap are not suited for the material your knife is made out of. You will notice a steep decline in the sharpness very quickly after washing them in the dishwasher.

It is also possible that you will be ruining the handle and even rusting the metal underneath it. If you have a wooden handle knife then it is only a matter of time before it cracks. It will also allow water underneath which will cause it to rust on the inside.

2 – Improper Storage

Most professional chefs keep their knives in a leather bag with slots inside so they can be kept protected when rolled up. This is because they can’t be banging into each other otherwise they will nick the edge of the blade and cause it to cut poorly.

The same idea should hold true at home. Avoid putting the knives into a drawer with other utensils. Instead, put them on a magnet strip on the wall so they stay away from other knives. Or, you can get a type of sheath for them so they stay separated.

3 – Not Using A Cutting Board

Every kitchen needs a good cutting board. It’s not just to protect your countertop, it will also protect the knives themselves. If you were to use a plate or even a linoleum countertop to cut vegetables or meat then you are wearing down the edge very quickly. Make sure to always use a plastic or wooden cutting board so your knife edge doesn’t wear down quickly.

You should also avoid using a glass or stone cutting board as it will also cause the knife to get dull quickly. Those are supposedly luxury items that are not worth the money.

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