An introduction to Different Kinds of Wines & What Food Complements Them

Are you a beer person or a wine person? If the latter is your answer, you must as well know that wine is not restricted to a particular formation. Wine has different styles. It comes in different types that are further paired with different food items to enhance your experience of tasting it. 

When you pair your wine with the right kind of food, its taste enhances. Today, wine-tasting has become one of the most popular hobbies among the youth as well as adults. Wine is one classic and healthy beverage. Whether you are hosting a party or setting up the dinner table for yourself and your partner, a glass of wine always sets the right mood. 

Here is everything to know about different styles of wine and their food-pairing: 

White Wine: 

A glass of white wine looks fresh and scintillating. You might not be aware of it, but do you know white wine is not made of white grapes alone? The composition of white wine includes some varieties of red or black grapes as well. 

The red pigments from these grapes are extracted, and the grape juice is used to turn them into a flavorful wine. Eventually, what you get on the glass is a bright, creamy, and savory drink – best for all kinds of parties and celebrations. 

Pair your white wine with the food items such as creamy cheese, fish, salads, white bread, or seafood for the best taste. 

Red Wine: 

Red wine is the most romantic drink that you would want to have with your partner on your date night. The production of this wine is very similar to white wine. The only difference here is that grape skin, pip, and seeds are also added during fermentation. 

This wine is fermented at a very high temperature due to which it becomes beautiful in appearance and highly aromatic. You can pair your red wine with food items such as white meat, chicken, and even vegetables. Red wine tastes the best when paired with Asian platters. 


Call it mead or honey wine – it’s the same. This wine is prepared by fermenting honey and water with yeast. What makes this wine popular is that it can also be flavored with various spices, fruits, grains, and even hops. Mead has its own distinct style and category. Hidden Legend Winery is where you will spot some of the finest meads, and you can even make your own using mead kits.

The taste of mead falls somewhere between beer and wine. Thus, if you are both a beer person and a wine person, you will call mead your favorite. Considering the popularity of this wine, many online platforms, too, have started selling it like hotcakes. 

Pairing this wine is the easiest as it goes well with all kinds of salads, chickens, and meats. 

Rose Wine: 

Another popular style of wine on this list is rose wine. The beautiful pink appearance of this wine will tempt you to sip it to your heart’s content. This wine is prepared from black or red grape, and unlike others, it has a short fermentation time. In some cases, a rose wine may be a product of a combination of white wine and red wine. 

A glass of rose wine may taste dry to sweet. It tastes best when you pair it with the food items such as fruits, fish, poultry, and other light-flavored dishes. 

Sparkling Wine: 

Sparkling wine is all about the glittering and sparkling bubbles formed because of carbon dioxide or naturally during the fermentation process. Add this wine to the menu of any celebration, and your guests will love it. 

Pair your glass of sparkling wine with cheese, salads, fish, and bread. All these food items enhance the flavor of this wine by manifold. 


Now that you have learned about different wines, it’s time to pick your favorite and relish it with its complementing food. 

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