America’s Favourite Cable Channels

It is no secret that a vast number of people are now shifting towards streaming services rather than watching channels on their televisions. However, some people still choose cable TV over streaming services, especially people who love multitasking. For them, we recommend some solid options with multiple deals and in-the-budget options with Optimum cable enabling better options within cable providers and you can even have enough space in the budget for a single streaming platform.

So, who would avail cable options at this time? People around the age of 65 and above are the ones most inclined to while 15 to 19 years old spent the least amount of time. This also means that the people who can spend on cable TV are the ones that use it more often, while young adults and teens tend to find options online, mainly with streaming platforms. Thus, it is convenient for people above the age of 35 or 40 to have a cable TV option at home. Who knows you could want to watch a sports channel or cooking channel while also reading the morning newspaper or cooking in the kitchen.

Everybody would agree however with the fact that cable channels offer a more convenient way to view our preferred channels with the comfort of remote control. Read on to learn more about what cable TV offers to the customer of today.

American Cable Industry:

No other country can compete with the effect American TV networks have globally. The fact that these networks are still easily generating huge revenues by viewership despite the streaming platforms getting more popular is enough to prove the huge impact it has. A lot of different channels are coming forward resulting in more competition.

Ever since the very first cable channel was introduced in 1928, the originality of TV channels that put in the effort is really admired by the nation. There are different categories when it comes to TV channels. For instance, sports channels, entertainment channels etc. In this article, the channels listed are very much loved by the people of America.

Entertainment Channels:                                                      

After having a long and tiring day, we all need something to relax with. Many people enjoy watching TV shows and movies in their spare time. Some of the most-watched entertainment channels in the US are listed below:

  1. Fox:

Fox Broadcasting Company is usually known as Fox. Fox offers a decent variety of shows for the audience to watch and is one of the most viewed channels in the United States. The channel has been on hair since 1986 and ever since then, it has been bringing us interesting shows to watch.

  1. NBC:

The National Broadcasting Company has been on air since 1926. Commonly known as NBC, this channel is said to be popular among over 90% of the US population. NBC offers a variety of entertainment shows to its viewers. Such as The Voice and took over Brooklyn nine-nine.

  1. Discovery Channel:

Discovery Channel is known for its reality-based programming even before it became popular. Not just in America but this TV channel is famous throughout the whole world. The majority of the shows tend to have some sort of “educational aspect” to them.

News Channels:

The major advantage of not cutting the cable cord is that you can still watch live news channels on your TV. Everyone should be up to date with the happenings around the world and American News Broadcasting stations work hard to bring you the latest news. Some of the most viewed news channels are:

  1. Fox News Channel:

Fox News Channel (FNC) was launched as the fifth-largest media company in the United States. It is one of the highest-rated cable channels and has attracted a huge number of viewers.

  1. MSNBC:

This news channel started being on air in 1996. It was launched as a combined project for NBC and Microsoft. The ratings for this channel were pretty low consistently in the start but eventually, it became one of the highest-watched news channels in the US.

  1. CNN:

Cable News Network commonly known as CNN was launched in 1980. It was said to be the first cable channel whose motive was solely to deliver the news. It gained popularity when it was the only channel communicating from inside Iraq.

Sports Channels:

Sports are widely loved nationwide. There are a lot of popular sports channels that viewers love to watch. Sports channels mostly focus on different sports happening all around the world. Sports channels enable you to watch leagues, tournaments, and even news related to sports. Some of them are:

  1. ESPN:

There is no doubt that ESPN is one of the most famous sports channels in the US and the whole world. It has a safe place as the number one sports channel and is known to broadcast the important and most famous football championships and the best basketball league.

  1. Fox Sports:

It is no secret that Fox Corporation is ahead of everyone and is the ace in every category when it comes to broadcasting channels. Fox Sports broadcasts some of the very popular leagues and keeps the viewers intrigued.


The above-mentioned TV channels are ranked as the most viewed TV channels in the United States. Hundreds of viewers contribute to increasing the ratings of these channels, resulting in them getting on the top list and having a huge impact in every part of the world.

Regardless of their origin, TV channels are one of the major ways people prefer to watch their favorite content. Be it any sports match or any TV show. Although, the competition has become quite severe now as there are many channels in the league. However, some channels stand strong in their position as top channels and have generated a lot of revenue throughout the years.

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