A Guide to Buying The Best Egg Crate Mattress Topper

Sleeping on a comfortable mattress is the least one can ask for after a long and tiring day. If you don’t want to change your existing bed pads, here’s an idea to convert it into a snug design. An egg crate mattress topper has evolved as an effective option to help improve the feel of an old mattress. This way you don’t have to invest in a brand new one.

As the name suggests, an egg crate mattress topper features a surface that closely resembles an egg crate. Such a design ensures ventilation, thereby, providing enhanced firmness to the body in its sleeping posture.

It is great for relieving pressure on the back and prevents the development of any pain while you sleep. Now you can order the top-rated egg crate foam mattress topper for your home online. The authentic reviews at such reliable sites enable customers to make a comprehensive choice.

What Are The Advantages Of An Egg Crate Mattress?

These bed pads form a layer of cushion to support the lying down posture. It is the design and material of the mattress that adds firmness to the contour of your body. A good posture enables better sleep as it reduces the chances of tossing and turning when in a sleeping position.

It is the crated surface that works to reduce the contact point between the mattress surface and your body. This, in turn, facilitates in distributing the bodyweight evenly on the surface. Any pressure originating at a point is controlled and prevented from developing.

Even if you sleep for longer hours, you would not feel the discomfort. Some spots like the shoulders, ankles, and hips are prone to pressure build-up as these are relatively more sensitive. The peaks and vales on these mattress surfaces make sure that your body doesn’t brush too harshly against it.

The convoluted design provides respite to anyone suffering from a back injury. Also, for elderly individuals, this topper design offers much more comfort compared to a regular bed pad. For those who are unable to move, this can work well in preventing bedsores.

Enhanced Air Circulation 

Some mattresses trap air making it uncomfortable to lie for long but this bed topper allows air to pass freely, ensuring that no heat is trapped inside it. This way despite any temperature spike at night, you won’t be facing discomfort. Check out this post to find out how sleeping on the bed increases your body temperature.

The modern-day and cramped spaces call for space-saving and storage-friendly designs. An egg crate bed cushion that can be simply rolled up has its perks. A portable topper that can be laid out anywhere to provide the same comfort regardless of where it is placed is one to look out for. Whether you go camping or simply roll it out on the floor in any room, the egg crate design is the best you can think of in terms of portability and weight.

If you head to the market for a survey, you are likely to find three kinds of foam that are used to craft these bed pads. The denser variety usually used the memory foam and offers a softer feel to the bed toppers. The foam supports the contour of your body well but the closed structure of the cell becomes warmer with the body’s friction. This could make it uncomfortable to lie for a long time.

The other form of foam used is the polyurethane foam that has an open cell structure which creates a cooler feel instead of locking in the air within the mattress. This foam type is suited for people with bigger built.

Sometimes, memory foam and polyurethane foam are used in combination with other materials to improve the feel and function of the mattress. From essential oil-infused mattresses to gel-beads ones, every make has its unique set of characteristics.

It would be best to check the quality of your bed pads before buying. High-quality bed toppers should have these features to render its worth.

The Material, Thickness, And Size

Pick a design that is at least 2” thick. You can opt for thicker ones as they would provide enhanced support to your body’s pressure-sensitive areas. Lying down in one position for long would not be a problem when you use a thick egg crate bed topper.

Not just the thickness but the size also plays a prominent role in determining the comfort level your bed topper would provide. Smaller or bigger toppers can move when you move in your sleep could interfere with your sleep, especially for individuals who toss and turn much on the bed. A befitting topper for your bed is what you must look for when purchasing a new one.

You won’t change a topper too often. Durability is a factor you can’t overlook. Make sure you invest in a design provisioned with a higher density as it is expected to last for long. Check for quality-guarantee certifications, a warranty from the manufacturer, and care label for enhanced longevity of the topper. Clean your mattresses regularly to maintain hygiene factors. Find DIY tricks at https://www.doityourself.com/stry/how-to-clean-an-egg-crate-mattress-pad

Never compromise on the quality of material when buying the egg crate topper. Select one that offers firmness, comfort as well as durability.

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