9 Thoughtful Gifts For A Friend Who’s Having A Hard Time

It can be hard to see a friend go through a rough time.

Whether they’ve just been dumped or they’re dealing with a hard time at work, it can be tough to know how to help. Flowers may seem cheesy, and a card can feel a little too impersonal. How can you reach out to your friend and let them know that you care?

Thoughtful gifts are the answer- and that’s exactly what we’ll be looking at today.

In this blog post, we’ve collected our top 9 gift ideas to give to a friend who’s suffering. No matter whether you’re shopping for a makeup guru, a health and fitness lover or an astrology fan, we’ve got you covered.

Self Care Gift Set

To start off with, a self care kit is a great way to encourage your friend to look after themselves. Caring for yourself can be hard when you’re going through a rough time, so this is a thoughtful gift to give. Products like this Burt’s Bees set are bound to be popular nowadays.

Premium Water Bottle

If your friend is sporty and enjoys the outdoors, why not get them something in this vein to make their day even easier? A high quality water bottle that can withstand being used all day is a great present to receive. We’re big fans of this stainless steel water bottle from Kool 8, as it looks to be durable yet stylish.


Is your friend spending a lot of time indoors? Have they lost a lot of interest in things that they once enjoyed? Getting them a DIY kit could be a great way to gently encourage them to be productive, and to help them improve their mental health overall. Gardening can be a peaceful hobby to pick up, so we’d suggest this DIY Rainbow Veg kit.

Consider giving a DIY portable touch-up pen kit to a friend who enjoys cars. This kind gift will enable them to repair any minor dings or scrapes on their car without having to consult a mechanic. They will undoubtedly appreciate the useful and original gift you gave them.

Gift Hamper

If you’re struggling to find specific gift ideas that you think your friend will enjoy, a themed gift hamper or treat box will do the trick nicely. You could buy one online, or put together your own. Take a look at this Positive ‘Focus On You’ Gift Box to get some ideas on how to do this.

Quirky Planter

If you know that your friend is dealing with a lot of stress or anxiety, getting them a plant could be a great move. Plants are wonderfully calming, and can help to freshen up a room as well. This Llama Planter is absolutely adorable, and would make a wonderful gift.

If you really want to make their day, you could add in some seeds or bulbs and a tiny packet of compost. Why not add seeds for their favorite flower into the mix?

Inspirational Printables

Self-care does not have to be all about physical wellness, though. It can also be emotional and spiritual. You can gift your friend something you made yourself, like a personalized compilation of uplifting verses from the Bible. You can find beautifully designed inspirational printables online and frame them. When you give this to your friend, you can reflect on their meaning together.

Personalized Wall Art

Getting someone a gift that they can hang up and admire daily can be very fulfilling. Why not get your friend a personalized piece of wall art to let them know that they are valued? This Walk of Stars Print is a brilliant idea, as it’s comedic yet thoughtful all at once.

Star Map

Following on from the previous point, getting your friend a present that marks a special time in your relationship would be a very thoughtful gift. We love the star maps from Twinkle In Time- they’re absolutely magical to look at.https://www.twinkleintime.com/

Sweet Treats

A guaranteed way to get a smile on your loved one’s face is to buy them a goodie bag or box full of their favorite sweet treats. This Retro Sweet Box from I Want One Of Those is packed full of old school goodies that your friend is sure to love. You could even bring this gift with you as a snack option for a movie night.

Fun Board Game

Board games may seem old school, but they can actually be a lot of fun. If you want to cheer your friend up with a unique present, why not find them a board game that you can play together? This classic Jumanji set would be great fun.


Giving gifts is a great way to let somebody know that you’re thinking of them. It doesn’t matter how big or expensive it is, it really is the thought that counts- as cliche as that might sound. Your friend will surely be happy to know that somebody was thinking of them.

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