5 Wellness Methods To Get Clean and Sober Quickly

America is suffering with a terrible curse called addiction. One out of every seven Americans suffer with some form of substance abuse problem. This has spread to so many people that it is more than cancer, diabetes, and heart disease patients.

Addiction is a problem that many people understand because they go through it every day, however, not many people understand how to kick their habit.

Herein lies the problem because there are many people who are slipping into addiction lifestyles every day with no hope of return.

If you, or someone you care about, is struggling with addiction, our experts have developed five wellness methods in which you can get clean and sober very quickly.

The struggle is real and addiction is clearly a disease that we can eliminate if we use the correct tools and resources at our disposal. Many Americans face addiction every day, but have no idea how to get clean. Here’s how to live an addiction free lifestyle on your terms.

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#1 – Make A Commitment

There are literally hundreds of strategies and routines one can use to help them live a habit free lifestyle. However, all of the go-to products, herbs, remedies, and other resources will not mean anything unless the person living in addiction decides to make a commitment to change the way they live their life.

This is the first and most important step from our experts to alleviate an addiction free lifestyle. It doesn’t matter how many products one purchases, the first step is to determine in your mind that you are sick and tired of living your life like this.

Making up one’s mind helps them realize success early in their addiction lifestyle and it allows them to defeat all of the difficult times which are about to come upon them. If you or someone you love is wanting to change, this is a great sign to  allow them to make the first step in their recovery process.

#2 – Stick With Your Friends

Researchers have discovered that 77% of every addict who has successfully kicked their habits did so by ensuring they stuck around their friends.

Warning, the friends you select here should not be your old friends from the past who are enablers. These are the friends who want to see you clean and sober and will do anything to help you get that way.

It’s crucial to understand that there is a difference in these two types of friends, one will do whatever they can to help you, the other will do what they can to get you back to your old ways. Know the difference.

Once you have determined your group of friends it’s time to stick with them. You see, not only are you kicking the old habits of substance abuse, you are also eliminating the old habits that came with your substance abuse, one is solitude.

Addicts love to be alone during their high and it’s essential to understand that you’re not just kicking the substance abuse habit, you’re kicking all of the other bad habits that came along with it.

You do this by keeping with a group of people who will be there to help you when times get tough. Don’t be alone the first three weeks of your addiction recovery, these will be the toughest.

#3 – Try Kratom Powder

Currently, Kratom powder is being discovered by a lot of Americans who are dealing with different issues in their life. Some people use Kratom to help alleviate pain, while others drink kratom to help with depression, PTSD, and more.

More importantly, the majority of Kratom tea drinkers are consuming Kratom to help aid in withdrawal symptoms from opioid abuse or other substance abuse habits.

Kratom is a tree leaf which is indegineous to southeastern Asia where it is grown, cultivated, and harvested. After this, the leaves are dried and ground into a fine powder where the user then consumes it into a tea of sorts.

The natives have been consuming Kratom powder for thousands of years and currently Kratom is popular among people who want to live a clean and sober life. Kratom is a great bridge builder on the road to sobriety and if you want to know more check out Kratom from Kats Botanicals. Kratom truly is one of nature’s wellness options we can use to aid in a lot of symptoms the body brings us, including withdrawals. Many people have learned about the magical properties of Kratom and are using it responsibly every day.

#4 – Sleeping Is Helpful

During the first several days of your sobriety, your body is flushing all of the toxins out of your body. During this process, the body becomes exhausted as well during the withdrawal process and, after the first two or three days, you will begin to feel terrible. Make sure you are getting enough sleep to help alleviate these symptoms.

Your body is able to repair itself through the use of sleep and during this crucial process, sleep can aid you more than you know.

Try keeping some melatonin on your bedside and make sure you keep your sleeping routine on track in order to allow your body to do what it is required to do.

Through this process, you will be needing a little more sleep than usual. You may even find that sleeping is difficult during this time which is why you will need natural sleep boosters like lavender to help you through this tough time. If you can allow your body the rest it needs, you will be able to see faster results with your journey to become addiction free.

#5 – Keep A Diary

One of the most important aspects about living an addiction free life is through keeping a diary. Write down your daily stresses, choices, and results. Tell the diary everything about your day and at the end of each input, make sure you write something positive down which will help you to think about the change that is happening in your life.

For some people, change is a difficult thing that can seem impossible. However, when you have certain goals in your diary that you can reach, it helps you to understand what you need to do to keep that change consistent in your life.

You Can Do It

If you or someone you love is in the middle of an addiction crisis it is important to understand that change needs to occur. The most crucial element to all of this success to live clean and sober is to make sure you are consistent with your daily goals. Live life one day at a time and stop thinking about tomorrow.

We’ll get to that when it comes, in the meantime, stay positive and think about the life you will live when you finally arrive at your sobriety stop.

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