5 Ways to Get Healthy While Living in Vermont

Did you know that Vermont is the best place to live in America?

Well, that’s not purely our opinion.

A 2018 CNBC report gave Vermont the first spot as the best state to live in America. The study gauged various states across different metrics, and the Green Mountain State came out on top.

Here’s the thing, Vermont topping that list wasn’t a fluke. It’s truly a fantastic destination and one of the best places to settle down.

Aside from the best place to live accolade, Vermont was also named the healthiest state by America’s Health Rankings annual report. The state has a solid commitment to improving its health sector and growing its economy.

The Green Mountain State can be the place that motivates you to lead a good, healthy lifestyle.

Check out these five ways to get healthy while living in Vermont:

1.    Explore the Natural World

Vermont is a beautiful state with a unique outdoor experience. The northern region boasts the sprawling Lake Champlain, ski sites, and rich woods.

The rest of the state is filled with sightseeing nooks, mountain vistas, and unique small towns. If you’re a nature lover or an outdoor person, you’ll be in your element.

The state is one of the least populated, with a beautiful natural landscape. And considering nature is therapeutic, exploring the Green Mountain State can be what you need to boost your physical and mental health.

2.    Engage With People

Different regions of Vermont have different approaches to life, especially if you compare the cities and the towns. However, most Vermonters share many values, including hard work, peace, and live-and-let-live attitudes.

The sense of community among Vermonters and the desire to reach out and offer one another a hand is a blessing. It’s also good for mental health since positive interaction with people lowers stress levels.

While living in Vermont, you may want to take advantage of the inclusivity and small-town ethics to build relationships and improve your mental health.

3.    Enjoy the Good Weather

Vermont is a mountainous state with vast stretches of forests. It has a wet continental climate with moderate temperatures.

The seasons are a sight to see, and the overall good weather is great — except for the cold, which can really settle in during winter.

With over 70% forest cover, the air quality is amazing. Knowing that you don’t have to worry about pollution and the health issues it causes can be a huge relief.

In addition, the seasons bring different forms of activities that can always keep you active.

In the spring and summer, you could enjoy trekking, hunting, camping, and kayaking. There are also a number of snow activities in winter that’d help you stay away from a sedentary life.

4.    Take Advantage of the Health System

As we mentioned earlier, Vermont is a pretty healthy state and has been ranking high for decades.

The state has made leaps in reducing health disparities and has over a dozen non-profit hospitals. Access to medical care is good as there’s a network of healthcare systems all over the state.

The state healthcare policy also provided for alternative medications such as medical marijuana.

In Vermont, marijuana is legal both for medicinal and recreational purposes.

However, adult-use sales aren’t yet available. For medical use, the state has dispensaries in various regions. You can find that here.

5.    Improve Your Financial Health

The economy of Vermont is driven by many sectors such as the manufacturing, tourism, agricultural, and mining sectors. If you’re looking for a place with reliable job opportunities, the Green Mountain State should be at the top of your bucket list.

Here’s the thing, while the state grapples with unemployment like other parts of the country, it still enjoys a low unemployment rate compared to other states.

These opportunities can help you sort out your financial well-being and lead a much healthier lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

Living healthy is all about taking actions that affect your life positively. This concerns all aspects of your life, including your physical and mental well-being and financial situation.

When all areas of your life are balanced, it becomes easier to be content. And your environment plays a significant role in getting you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Vermont is one of those places where you have a good chance of balancing different areas of your life.

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