5 Reasons You Should Try Don Julio Tequila

If you enjoy a strong alcoholic drink, you surely have a penchant for quality tequila. While there are many options to choose from, not all can provide the desired effect of a quality drink. From the aroma, you already know you are in for a tasty treat without taking a sip.

And for those who have already had a taste of Don Julio Tequila, they would agree that it could stand against any other popular brands available.

You don’t have to be a Mexican to enjoy a good tequila. And for those who know what a quality shot tastes like, you surely want to get your hand on a bottle. You can check for some Don Julio Tequila reviews to find out more about the brand. If you are shopping for an exotic type of drink for a special occasion, below are some reasons you want to throw in a few bottles of Don Julio’s.

Completely Authentic

Not all the tequila in the market are of good quality. Most are diluted to increase the volume, but with Don Julio’s, you get an entirely authentic tequila. As a genuinely Mexican brand, you can get all the real Mexican appeal anywhere you may be.

The different flavors available are made with 100% agave using the best manufacturing practices which date back ages. There are no added sugars in the mix, so you don’t have to worry about your blood sugar levels like you would with other alcoholic drinks.

Enjoy Variety

You can also find your favorite tequila in a variety of options, and Don Julio’s is available in many tasty flavors. The trio of Blanco, reposado, and anajo, are all trademarks of the Mexican family tequila brand.

·         Blanco

This is the signature drink of the Don Julio’s brand. You can immediately taste the hint of citrus as the drink touches your tongue. While it is common to find others with lemon, lime, in the mix, the addition of grapefruits makes for a different kind of citrus trip. There are more here on the various tequila cocktails you can try with this. You surely need to get a taste of it to get the whole picture. You can enjoy it as an addition in your margarita or on the rocks, depending on how you want.

·         Reposado

This is a cross between the traditional citrus taste of the Blanco, and additional vanilla and chocolate in the spicy flavor. Other ingredients here are stone fruits, cinnamon, caramel apple, and nuts. Again, you can enjoy this as an addition to your cocktail, or dry with ice.

·         Anejo

If you want a pure tequila option and don’t want to make a cocktail, you could find the anejo to be more appealing as a classic drinker. You get a combo of the agave mix with a hint of vanilla and wood. You can immediately sniff it out as you take a sip. It is best to enjoy this alone on the rocks or dry.

Family Owned

Too many businesses are looking to make profits out of the alcohol trade offer tequila that doesn’t meet the true Mexican standards. But with the Don Julio brand, you can be sure to get the real deal when you buy from a Mexican family-owned business. Each bottle is produced following a strict age-old drink making method since 1947. The blue agave used are handpicked from the mountains in Jalisco, Mexico.

You can purchase a bottle from the website and have it delivered to your doorstep. From the ordering to shipping and delivery, everything is handled with customer interest in mind. Plus, you enjoy excellent customer services, and yes, they speak English too.

How to Enjoy your Favorite Tequila?

Most people drink their tequila just like any other alcohol or beverage, but that is not the real Mexican way. To truly get the feel of the agave with its traditional appeal, you want to throw in a fresh approach to your drinking. Include a brush of salt and added lemon for starters to aid with the journey down the throat. There are more ways here https://www.wikihow.com/Drink-Tequila on ways to enjoy your favorite drink.

Yes, you can also enjoy it neatly in a cocktail mix. You want to ensure to use ingredients that are safe for use in an alcoholic combination. It is also important to drink responsibly. I trust you will enjoy Don Julio’s brand, but you want to be healthy in your alcohol consumption. So a few shots a day could be enough to keep the edge away.

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