5 Reasons to Wear Your Birthstone

Wearing birthstones was popular from the 15th century. People have been wearing them as a proud sign of their month of birth, but there are other claims that birthstones can have multiple beneficial properties. So, if you’re someone who loves rich pieces of jewelry that aren’t necessarily tacky, here are a few reasons why you should consider wearing your birthstone.

1. It Is Believed They Have Healing Properties

Since ancient times, stones have been used to release blocked energies and therefore, heal one’s body and mind. Therapists who specialize in gems say that placing a gem on your body, you can connect to the planet and its healing energy. There are so many gems around, and all of them have special characteristics that can help you heal different issues in your life. So for example, ruby is claimed to remove negative energy, while bloodstone can help with strengthening the stomach.

2. They Might Bring Luck And Protection

This one is not proved, but there are legends connected to birthstones throughout history. It has been believed that some birthstones can offer protection from different dangers. Some might wear it to prevent nightmares, while others believe that they might prevent threats related to nature and natural catastrophes. Even though this one has never been proven, wearing something nice as a birthstone will surely make you feel lucky and safe, and sometimes, that is all you really need.

3. They Can Be Very Personal And Intimate

If getting a tattoo seems like too much trouble and risk to you, then it’s better to opt for wearing some jewelry instead. Aside from that, a birthstone is a wonderful way to connect with your own birth, and feel more confident and grounded. Some say that, if you wear a birthstone of a loved one who is not nearby, you can also feel an instant connection to them.

So if you’re a romantic old soul who believes in fate, then wearing a birthstone such as a sapphire or a ruby is a great way to love more and connect on a deeper level.

4. Wearing Them Can Be A Great Fashion Statement

Some people prefer flashy and expensive jewelry to make them feel special and stylish. And no, these people should not be judged because each one of us has different ideas of what’s fashionable and pretty. Still, a birthstone is an amazing way to feel unique and spice up your outfit. So if you feel like experimenting with birthstones, it’s important to find the perfect source of inspiration and ideas. So feel free to browse and try different stones until you find the one that resonates with you and your values. Remember that they’re great because they add a subtle pop of color without drawing too much attention.

5. Birthstones Are Great Meditation Aid

It has been proven that regular meditation has many benefits. If you’re not into it, then feel free to give it a try and see how it feels. And if you do often meditate, then you could include birthstones in your experience. Because they’re so great when it comes to neutralizing one’s negative feelings and deep-rooted internal conflicts, they can be a very useful tool during one’s meditation practice. It is said that holding a birthstone while meditation alleviates stress and anxiety.


Birthstones can be magical and healing, but it’s important to mention that they’re not a substitute for professional treatments. Wearing a birthstone will possibly affect your mood for better, and help with some other symptoms. But most of all, it will act as a wonderful and classy piece of jewelry that will add elegance and poise to your daily looks no matter where you decide to go.

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