5 Healthy Cocktails to Impress Your Guests

Are you having a cocktail night at home with your friends? Everyone loves a cocktail party, but not everyone loves the empty calories associated with the average mixed drink.

If you can find a healthy or low-calorie alternative you can meet the needs of all of your guests (and totally impress them with your hosting and bartending prowess).

But are healthy cocktails a real thing?

We’re using the term “healthy” pretty liberally here, but we can beat the nutrition of the average store-bought margarita mix for sure.

Keep reading for some of our favorite “healthy” drinks for your next party.

  1. Classic: The Vodka Soda (Or Gin And Soda)

You can pair anything with soda water, but vodka and gin have nice and neutral tastes and relatively low calories. This gives you more flexibility with this simple drink.

With the rise of flavored seltzer, you can totally make your vodka soda tastier. Pick your favorite flavored seltzer and use it in place of your soda water. Make sure that you use a neutral or “plain” vodka.

If you want to keep the plain soda, consider filling your room with essential oils. Don’t drink them, but let the smell influence the experience of the drink. After all, smell and taste are connected. This will also give your party a nice atmosphere!

If you have pets at the party, be careful of any oils that might harm them. Opt for pet-safe options. Even if it’s a humans-only event, check out a resource on how much essential oil is good for a diffuser.

  1. Another Classic: The Bloody Mary 

Have you ever had a hand-made Bloody Mary? The mixes are good enough for cheap drinks at the bar, but the real deal is something else.

Making it yourself allows for complete customization, meaning that you can add or omit any ingredients and swap them with substitutes. This means that vegans and vegetarians can now partake in Bloody Marys without fear of hidden Worcestershire sauce.

Start with a good tomato juice. Blend it together with carrot juice, the juice from half of a lemon, and one peeled cucumber. Add salt and pepper to taste. We like to add a secret ingredient: Old Bay. This addition isn’t for everyone, but it adds a zing to your drink. You can also add it to the salt that you’ll be rimming your glass with.

Mix in your vodka and serve.

These are just suggestions. If you prefer other vegetables, see what works for you. Garnish your drink with celery, olives, or our favorite: tiny pickles.

  1. A Natural Daquiri

These sweet drinks aren’t just for those of us who are playing fast and loose with our diets. While the unhealthy versions are great on vacations or special occasions, they’re hardly good for the average dinner or cocktail party.

Why not grab some in-season fruit and make your own?

We’re going to make a classic strawberry daiquiri here, but experiment with the fruits that are available at your local farmers market. Banana and canteloupe work well!

For a thicker and more flavor-dense drink, use frozen fruit. For one that has a lighter taste, use fresh fruit and ice cubes.

For each drink you’re going to put strawberries, ice (if needed), honey to taste, lime juice, and one shot of white rum (if you add extra we won’t tell). Blend until smooth.

If you use a different fruit, try subbing the honey for real maple syrup. We love this mix with bananas and a pinch of nutmeg!

  1. An Icy Watermelon Mix

This doesn’t have a classic name, though it tastes like a slushy. These are perfect for outdoor parties in the sun or by the pool.

Freeze up some seedless watermelon. You’re looking for melons that are naturally sweet and flavorful.

Add your frozen watermelon to a blender. Add in one shot of the juice of your favorite citrus fruit (lime and orange work well) and one shot of rum or a neutral-tasting vodka. This drink is flexible.

Blend until smooth and garnish with a mint leaf.

  1. Boozy Berry Spritzer

Spritzers are often made with champagne as the only alcohol. You can do this if you want, but we choose to add vodka. This is up to you and your dietary needs.

This is a flexible recipe. You’re going to need the juice of your favorite small berry. You can press it yourself or buy some at the grocery store, though watch for added sugars.

Freeze several of the berries that you used in the juice ahead of time.

If you’re making it yourself, you’ll need a lot of berries, but you can mix whichever types you like. A blackberry and blueberry mix is dark and sweet. Red raspberries and huckleberries would make a fun combination as well!

To this juice, you want to add a squeeze of lemon juice and sweetener to taste (stevia is a great choice here). If you’re using vodka, add one shot of it now.

Fill a glass with ice. Pour your juice and vodka mixture until the glass is two-thirds of the way full. Pour champagne over the top if you choose to use it. If you don’t want to mix alcohols, sugar-free Sprite is a great alternative to keep those bubbles.

Bring These Healthy Cocktails to Your Next Cocktail Party!

You don’t need to give up the rare drink with friends just because you’re watching your diet. These healthy cocktails are either low-calorie or full of healthy fruits and veggies (or both!). You don’t have to feel guilty when you’re supposed to be having fun!

For more posts about health, fitness, and even the odd cocktail or two, visit the rest of the site!

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