3 Fashion Tips on What to Wear to Keep You Cool and Comfortable in Summer

Do you know what type of clothing you should be wearing in summer? Read these fashion tips on what to wear in hot weather to stay cool and comfortable.

It’s that time of year again. Get ready to hang up your winter jacket and bring on the warm, sunny weather.

Whether you’re planning to spend some time outdoors or just enjoying the sun shining through your windows, you’ll still want to dress for the heat.

Wondering what to wear in hot weather? Keep reading for some excellent fashion tips on how to keep cool and comfortable, no matter how warm this summer gets.

Tip #1: Go For Lighter Fabrics

The type of fabric you choose is going to have a dramatic impact on how hot you will be in the warm weather. Lighter materials will make sure you are not sweating and ruining your look.

The go-to material in the hot weather is 100 percent cotton. Cotton is very versatile and still allows air to circulate and keep you feeling fresh.

The cotton is also absorbable and will soak up any sweat. The downside with this is it might show the wet marks such as under the arms or back.

Another good option to wear in the summertime is linen. Linen is very lightweight and breathable, making a great addition to any summer look. It can absorb moisture, avoiding any unwanted wet stains.

There is also another attractive option… Wool. Not your standard winter wool but light and airy tropical wool. This fabric is more lightweight and comfortable than other similar materials, and it’s more effective at absorbing and evaporating moisture than synthetics.

Tip #2: Get Creative With Colors

Wearing brighter colors is a fun and effective option for hot weather fashion. During the winter, your standard black, white, grey will suffice, but summer gives you a reason to get creative.

Darker colors, including black, dark blue, and purple, will absorb the heat from the sun and insulate. Light-colored fabric will help reflect the heat and keep cool.

It is recommended to start small if you haven’t worn many colors in the past. Start with a nice brighter colored shirt and go from there. Keep in mind, very few bright colors match and should be carefully selected.

Tip #3: Choose A Cool Style

It is important to remember the style of your clothing will also have a significant impact on how cool it will keep you.

A good piece of advice to remember is looser clothing items will keep you cooler in hot weather. Skintight clothing will trap heat and make you feel warmer.

Sundresses with an A-line cut are an excellent option for giving you a breathable and stylish choice. When looking for shorts and skirts, look for looser fitting items.

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For More Information on What to Wear in Hot Weather

During the summertime, it is crucial to keep in mind what you are wearing to stay cool and comfortable and avoid any discomfort. Remember to opt for lighter weight fabrics, bright and reflective colors, and looser fitting clothing.

If you would like more information on what to wear in hot weather and other fashion trends, check out our blog!


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