How To Thicken Baked Beans: Tips And Tricks In Cooking This Healthy Dish

Baked beans are one of the most versatile meals around. You can modify these beans into how you like them to be.

For example, if you’re looking for a heavy dish that’s a meal on its own, you can cook it with meat like sausages. On the other hand, if you’re thinking of vegetarian cuisines, you can serve it with baked sweet potatoes.

The secret with baked beans is giving it a lot of intense flavors to compensate for its density and blandness.

Beans need a lot of help, so you must also intensify your seasonings by allowing it to thicken. Hence, you’ll need to learn how to thicken baked beans for the best results!

The Principles Of Making Baked Beans

As we previously stated, baked beans need a lot of seasoning. The worst thing to happen is your beans taste nothing but beans.

That scenario is horrific given that beans, as it is, are rubbery and waxy. When seasoning beans, you’ll need to remember three things, and these are texture, intensity, and consistency.

Texture Matters

First, when we’re talking about texture, beans need a lot of other ingredients to go along with them.

It’s unappetizing to eat baked beans were the only ingredients that you’ll munch are the beans. It won’t be different from eating soupy rice. And no, we’re not even referring to porridge, just poorly cooked rice.

To avoid having this problem, you can incorporate your favorite meat or vegetable to the beans. A famous technique is cooking ground beef, broken sausages, or shredded pork to go with your baked beans.

Not only will this give the beans a new texture, but it will also give it a new dimension of flavor.

The silky texture of the beans will go well with the rough and crunchy texture of the meat.

This is why pork and beans are one of the famous combinations in Europe. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a vegetarian approach to this dish, you can use robust vegetables.

Using healthy vegetables will help it resist the temperature of the oven when baking it with the beans. An example of such vegetables are onions, carrots, and potatoes.

These are sturdy crops that can take a beating in the oven. Not to mention, it adds a delicious sweetness to your beans while

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What Does A Prep Cook Do? The Truth About It

To keep up the increasing demand in the dining room, both the Chef and kitchen staffs have to manipulate tasks skillfully. In order to prepare and preserve the food’s quality, prep cook contributes their indispensable performance.

However, what does a prep cook do exactly? Let’s read on to acquire specific duties and requirements of this entry-level kitchen position.

What Does A Prep Cook Do?

Three Expectations You Need To Figure Out

When working in a fast-paced workplace, it requires a prep cook to exploit their expert skills of the culinary field. In fact, you need to peel, cut, chop and slice all kind of food fast and efficiently to catch up customer’s orders and satisfy the chef’s request.

As for your typical day’s duties, you have to prepare salads, strain soups, check the temperature of stored foods, plus fill dish washing and pre-measure ingredient correctly. Overall, you must ensure the cooking process flows smoothly.

Though prep cooks do not ask you to have a previous kitchen experience, employment will highly value you if you get used to cooking.

General Responsibilities

  • Obey the chef’s prep directions.
  • Prepare the components, simple dishes, or put together completed entrees.
  • Preserve the excellent quality of the dish.
  • Measure ingredients and seasoning the dishes up to specification.
  • Label and stock all ingredients on shelves tidily to access them easily.
  • Store food and other items properly.
  • Wash dishes, take out the trash, and sanitize surface areas.
  • Obey the hygiene regulation and nutrition standards.

Typical Duties Of A Prep Cook

You must be capable of preparing ingredient of the recipe and setting up cooking space for the chefs cooking. Here are five foundation skills that necessary for your career path as a prep cook.

Prep basics

You are required to master all the basic skills (etc., slice and dice like a chef). Also, it demands you to practice well the good hygiene to prevent an issue of contamination or spoilage. Besides, you are expected to work fast and neatly to finish work in a minimum of time.

Prep produce

Normally, many prep cooks begin their career with fruit and vegetable preparation. You have to master in handling food practices. Particularly, make sure fruits are washed and peeled properly, plus a vegetable is julienned, steamed or roasted to prepare for cook perfectly.

Prep meats, fish,

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Vitamix Almond Milk

Almond milk tastes good but is quite healthy. Routine blenders are simply not up to this undertaking, but which explains the reason we advocate utilizing the Vitamix Professional 750 blender. It is great for producing all sorts of specialty meals, also blends plant foods such as nuts with some liquid or water. After preparing a batch of Vitamix Almond Milk, then all you will need are cakes, water along with your favorite flavoring (cinnamon, vanilla, etc).

Among the greatest things about this mod is its own ability. Kitchen blenders are not in exactly precisely the exact identical league as appliances such as these. Executive chefs at top-ranked restaurants use it.

Earning Vitamix Almond Milk in Minutes

Make sure you boil the almonds for 6 weeks when preparing this drink, but it is easiest to just soak them. Since the Vitamix blender does the remainder of the job That’s truly the most essential step in this recipe!

If you have never created almond milk earlier, there are some”tips of the trade” which can make the task quite simple, and the milk just as yummy as ever.

Immediate (Bite ) Vitamix almond milk

This might be the most easy recipe I regularly create within my Vitamix blender. I have found that to not be mandatory, although almond milk recipes demand straining the pulp out. When drinking it you’re able to observe the fiber (it is somewhat chalky), however, it also does not disturb us.

We use this milk to pour cereal, making the fiber noticeable. It is so quick to prepare although it is frequently made by me once I recognize that we are from milk, but need a bowl of cereal.

Among I have discovered a perception that earning nut milks have to be a significant undertaking. However, it can be simple –water and just nuts, and also you also get nut milk!

Having a potent blender you do not even have to pre-soak the nuts, even though some folks today believe you ought to be grilling all of your nuts anyhow. Therefore, in the event that you are overwhelmed with the notion of earning nut milk, then consider creating an abysmal batch whether you prefer it and see. I imagine the filtration would not be challenging, but it will look like it also make for cleanup … Read more

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21 Of The Most Ingenious Kitchen Cleaning Hacks For Lazy People

A common saying about tidying up is this: “Cleaning house is a full-time job.” Sadly, and with much frustration, our actual jobs would already suffice in tiring us out to the point of neglect. Maybe, even indifference. Besides, not everyone can afford a maid, butler, or, well, house-bound spouse.

So you’re left there, after a long day or night’s work, staring at the dirty dishes, greasy floors, as well as your food-encrusted ovens and pans. You can’t deny that, in the home, your kitchen is one of the most difficult rooms to clean.

Although maybe you’re just lazy, because you’re incredibly hectic work schedule has taken a toll on you. Or you’re lazy and would rather put your feet up to a beautiful song and a cold drink.

On the other hand, you just might be too pressed for time to bother with the cleaning. Fret not. Here are 21 clever kitchen cleaning hacks for lazy people; or busy people. Again, we won’t judge.

Hacks To Cleanness

Let’s start these hacks with the preemptive measures you can take as well as the cleaning hacks with tools or solutions you’d easily find at home without the need to run to your nearest grocery store


You won’t have to clean up what you don’t dirty.

  • Avoid dumping anything down your sink that can clog or build up. These culprits include but are not limited to, meat and fish parts, oils, coffee grounds, tissue paper, left-overs, food scraps, and so on.
  • Cover pots and pans as much as possible to avoid spills and oil splatters.
  • ​Fully utilize your exhaust hoods. You can easily avoid foul kitchen odors by routinely turning up your hoods when cooking.
  • ​Use the takeaway box. Takeaway comes ready to eat in its containers. Hence, avoid the need to wash plates by eating right out of the takeaway boxes or food containers!
  • ​Clean as you go. This mantra is one of the most important things for a chef. However, chef or not, it will go a long way in kitchen maintenance by striving to tidy up one thing at a time as you go around the space. Instead of sitting down while you wait for aldente pasta, wipe a counter, wash the used dishes, or scrub that chopping board. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at all that you
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