10 Surprising Uses for Carbonated Water (a.k.a. Sparkling Water)

Carbonated water is an excellent thirst quencher. The bubbles can really hit the spot on a hot summer day. Even better, mix it with cordials and enjoy a zesty, refreshing beverage.

Of course, carbonated water can do more than just quench your thirst. Also called sparkling or water, it can be used for several other things, be it gardening, cleaning, and even cooking.

Want to know more before you buy bulk from San Pellegrino suppliers? Read on to learn all about sparkling water and the ten most surprising uses it has that you probably didn’t know about.

What is Sparkling Water?

Sparkling water is also called carbonated water because it is infused with pressurized carbon dioxide gas that causes it to produce bubbles. This bubbly drink is also known by many names: soda water, club soda, fizzy water, and seltzer water.

Save for seltzer water, most carbonated waters are typically salted to taste better. In some cases, small amounts of minerals are added.

However, naturally sparkling mineral waters are different. Be it a San Pellegrino or a Perrier; these waters naturally come with mineral and sulfur compounds because they are sourced from mineral springs. From there, these waters are carbonated.

10 Lesser-Known Uses of Carbonated Water

How do you prefer your sparkling water? With ice and a slice? Or perhaps with a dash of lime cordial?

Believe it or not, you can do more with carbonated water than just drinking. It can also serve many purposes, such as:

1.Stain buster

If endless cups of tea (or coffee) help you get through the day, then you’re probably no stranger to cup stains. With constant use, your favorite mug or cup may get stain build-up that can be difficult to remove with just dishwashing soap and regular water.

This is where sparking water comes in. Simply pour it into the stained mug, and leave it for at least 30 minutes. Then, wash the mug as you normally would, and you’d discover that the stains have disappeared.

Of course, sparkling water can lift more than tea stains. It can also help you deal with the mess next time you spill something, be it food, wine, and many others.

Simply rub the affected area with soda water. This way, you can easily handle the spillage even while you’re eating out.

2.Bathroom cleaner

Soda water can also be useful in getting rid of tough bathroom stains. Like removing mug stains, splash a bit of sparkling water onto the affected surface and let it sit for half an hour. Then, clean it off with a cloth and wipe dry afterward to prevent water stain build-up.

3.Jewelry cleaner

Fancy cleaning those fancy jewelry? Fret not, for sparkling water is here to help.

Since professional jewelry cleaning can be a bit expensive, you can bring back the luster of those gems on your earrings, necklaces, and rings using carbonated water.

Start by soaking the jewelry in a bowl with a mixture of soda water and a few drops of washing liquid. After five minutes, remove the accessory from the mixture, and gently scrub with a toothbrush before rinsing.

Carbonated drink loosens dirt and grime that gathered in the gems, therefore making it easy to remove them. It also leaves your accessories sparkling like new.

4.Window or windshield cleaner

Cleaning bird droppings, squashed bugs, and other muck stuck in your window or the windshield can be a headache. Sure, you can grab a hose, a sponge, and a brush to get rid of it, but it would be easier to just use sparkling water.

You see, this kind of water not only removes debris on glass easily but it also gets rid of fingerprints and nasty grease stains. Simply spray it onto the area you want to be cleaned, let it sit, then wipe off using a sponge. The carbonation in the liquid helps lift the sticky mess.

5.Rust remover

Tired of rusty nuts, bolts, and metalware? Use soda water to deal with the problem. Soak the rusty items in the liquid and wait for the carbonation to break down the rust.

6.Weight loss aid

Carbonated water is also a great weight loss aid for those of you who are having a hard time going on a diet. Compared to regular water, this beverage can extend the feeling of fullness when drunk after meals.

Plus, sparkling water has also been found to help food stay in the stomach longer, which also triggers a greater feeling of fullness. According to research, 19 healthy women offered higher fullness scores after drinking 250 ml (about eight ounces) of soda water than they had after drinking still water.

However, further research is necessary to confirm these results.

7.Pancake fluffer

Sick of flat pancakes? Try substituting milk with soda water in the recipe. The carbonation in it can lift and lighten the batter, making pancakes larger and fluffier when cooked.

8.Hair color reviver

If you have artificially colored hair, you probably noticed that frequent showers or a swim in a chlorine-filled pool can mess up your unnatural blonde hairdo (i.e., it looks green after a swim).

To revive your preferred color quickly, rinse your hair with sparkling water.

9.Plant fertilizer

Another thing that makes soda water special besides its fizz is the minerals it contains. From sodium chloride to potassium sulfate and disodium phosphate, these minerals make soda water a great alternative fertilizer for your plants.

So, when it goes flat, don’t throw sparkling water into the sink. Instead, water your plants with it to provide them with more nourishment that regular water can’t possibly provide.

10. Stomach ache solution

If you’ve ever experienced a sore stomach, warm compress using hot water bottles are probably your first aid. However, this solution may not be quite appealing during summer.

To alleviate the pain without making yourself feel too warm, drink soda water. The carbonation encourages the release of gas, which, in turn, helps reduce indigestion. Plus, the sodium bicarbonate in sparkling water also helps neutralize stomach acids, which is one of the potential causes of your stomach ache.

Multi-Purpose Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is a multi-purpose drink. It can be a cleaner, a weight loss aid, a tummy ache remedy, and even a plant fertilizer. Consider all the surprising uses of this fizzy liquid before you buy sparkling water for your different needs.


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